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Lara bingles favourable police treatment.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Seems being a celebrity and being in the paper can be helpful if you need police assistance. Her car was stolen and since recovered, but a minor contreversy is happening about the amount of police resources thrown in to solve the case.
    The story of the cars going missing and being found is here
    This is what is rubbing people the wrong way though,
    how many non celebrities get a 1/2hr police visit, garages dusted for fingerprints and nieghbours door knocked for a stolen car.
    Usually you are told to ring a hotline and they will call you if its found

  2. Rightly or wrongly it's arguably a more significant crime than when my car worth 5% is stolen.
  3. So where the bloody hell was it?
  4. Probably forgot where she parked it. :cheeky:
  5. yep, you've got to be a celeb to have the Police get stuck in your foyer :LOL:.
  6. We had some surfboards stolen from our garage and the forensic dude turned up and dusted the place for prints and cops visited for a chat and took our statements. Maybe it's also luck of the draw.
  7. I think Hawthorn might be your explanation. :wink:
  8. The type of car might also be an influence. It's not everyday somebody steals an Aston. And if you get to spend half an hour staring at one of australia's hottest boddies im guessing most guys would do the same. Honestly, if that is the grossest of corruption in the NSW Police Dept, we've got it pretty good.
  9. she went to port hacking high.... I remember when she used to cruise around in that gay bloody beatle thing.... "omg boys look at me i'm so rich and talented, la di da"
  10. Maybe because high-profile cars like that are sometimes used later for ram raids or more violent crime?
  11. That has been the standard police response whenever I've been broken into etc.
  12. Actually I realised after I posted that that that was in NSW, so that might be your explanation!

    [Seriously, three "that"s in a row and I think it's fairly grammatically correct. Not pretty, but correct enough. :woot: ]
  13. I think we need to start a new forum section, something like "Envy-driven whinges".....
  14. When someone stole our work van 3 police came, they dusted for fingerprints and spent almost an hour talking to us.

    I don't see why people think that is a non-standard response?

    Have some people not gotten that response?
  15. Hmmm, maybe .... "I realised after I posted that, that it was in NSW, so that might be your explanation" ?

    So ........ question:
    Can we assume that if one has a vehicle stolen from one's premises or place of work, it's SOP to get a slightly longer than usual visit from the local constabulary and dusting for fingerprints?
  16. +1000000000

    (sorry, but 1000 was too short)
  17. they are meant to be thief proof but on the news they said she informed them the spare keys might have been taken from their other car, the range rover, where michael "hairstyle" clarke put them in the glove box.

    way to win over your insurer if there is any damage.....lol
  18. not surprised it turned up, having heard how it was stolen
    thieves weren't professional car-thieves, they were just some smash-and-grab glovebox raiders who got lucky and found some keys. would have been an amazing joyride for them, after failing to find a fence on the blackmarket for the Aston. It's a gorgeous car, and I doubt Bingle does it's engineering any justice, but the thieve's hesitation to torch it will be their undoing when genetic evidence is found inside
  19. I had already assumed this was SOP, the few people I know (other than us) that have had a vehicle stolen have all received this type of response.
  20. We had that kind of response when someone siPhoned the fuel out of a VW Beetle. That fingerprint dust gets into everything.

    We never did get our fuel back though. Or the fuel cap. It's a shame 'cos I was really attached to that fuel. :(