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Lara Bingle hits motorcyclist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Lara Bingle's bungle ends in court after she allegedly hits a motorcyclist
    • JUNE 03, 2012 12:00AM
    It was like this officer ... A photographer snaps model Lara Bingle being pulled over by police on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, in March this year - an earlier, unconnected incident. Picture: Szilvasi Attila

    LARA Bingle is due to appear in court next month after allegedly hitting a motorcyclist and driving on a suspended licence in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

    The model has been ordered to appear at Waverly Local Court on July 3 on four charges - not giving way to a vehicle, driving while suspended, failure to give notice of change of address and not providing particulars to the other driver - following an incident in Bondi Beach on May 14.

    Speaking from Mumbai yesterday - where she is filming for her Network Ten reality series Being Lara Bingle - the 24-year-old declined to comment on the incident, stating it was "with her lawyers".

    Lara Bingle posed for a photograph in Mumbai, India on Saturday, 2 June 2012. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh

    But her new agent, Chrissy Biasotto, told The Sunday Telegraph Bingle, who lost her licence last year for speeding, would be fighting the charges.

    It is understood that motorcyclist Niki Vinnicombe suffered minor shoulder injuries as a result of the alleged accident.

    Channel 10 said that while this was not part of its new reality series, they were aware of Bingle's pending court appearance.

    "We are aware Lara was (allegedly) involved in a traffic incident. The matter is before the court and we are not in a position to make any further comment," a spokesman said.

    "We were not filming at the time."

    Bingle, the former fiance of cricketer Michael Clarke, is expected back in Sydney today - along with former manager Hermione Underwood.

    "I was working over in Los Angeles and it seemed the perfect opportunity to stop past on the way home. Hermione's never been here so it was the perfect opportunity to take her," she said of their time in India.

    "It's indescribable. There's no in between, it's either very poor or very wealthy."

    It was last week revealed that Bingle had ended her professional relationship with Underwood, but the model maintained they had remained good friends

    "Our friendship comes first and foremost. I guess with Hermione she wants to do lots of things other than be involved in my life and continually talk about me and my life. She wants to pursue her own things," she said.

    "She was there for me during the hardest time, and over the last eight months she's been so supportive."

    No Cookies | dailytelegraph.com.au

    I wonder if it was Alexanderino ?- chicks are always knocking him off his bike

    nope wasnt him
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  2. I'd cut in front, just to exchange numbers!:-w
  3. happy timing of this report, just as her {reality :roll:} TV show goes to air...
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  4. Hey, she's young, attractive, famous and rich. I'd let her off with just a warning. That's the way the law works right??
    Had she been a fat, ugly, poor nobody she be doing six months by now.
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  5. They'll focus on the licence rather then the fact she hit a motorcyclist.
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  6. very true
  7. She looks like a stoner snow boarding dude.
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  8. She looks like a pig in makeup.
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  9. and the makeup only improves what's underneath.....
  10. Ahahaha, oh shit, I know the person she allegedly hit!
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  11. Lara Bingle was quoted as saying" how the **** was I supposed to see that bike, he was doing 68 in a 60"
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  12. And then everything went weird as some strange "physics" decided.....

    Oh - wait......what?
  13. Now come on guys, play nice....

    She was too busy talking on her mobile to even consider taking the time to look for the bike.
  14. Soooo, a Bingle bingle then?
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  15. That seems to be the standard charge for hitting someone on a bike and injuring them.
  16. I'd like to know the outcome of her court case. If she doesn't get at least 12 months suspension and a hefty fine, I won't be surprised, but very angry. I guarantee if it was an unknown bike rider who did this the headlines wouldn't read "allegedly". I think Michael Clarke made the best decision in his entire life getting rid of that trash.
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  17. she is facing 4 charges ...1 not giving way to a vehicle mmmmmm will be interesting to see which charge is thrown out first .

    if she was in Victoria the TAC would send her flowers
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  18. I can't stand that mole! How the **** did she end with a show about her life? surely it'll only las one episode...
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  19. You could only hope this trash of a show only lasts 1 week.

    This incident will be the third time in three months that she has been charged whilst suspended.
  20. Third time?!! Any of us nobodys would already be in jail!