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Laptop carrying

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Birdy, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    At least to Page 12 of search couldn't give me an answer to this..

    I carry a laptop daily (13" macbook in crumpler case) in my backpack but i'm finding carrying a backpack annoying and limiting my movement on the bike especially since I'm learning an 07 blade...

    I'm not keen on using a rack on the blade mainly for cosmetic reasons. Does anyone else carry a laptop daily on their bike? How? Has anybody ever come across a tail type bag that would fit a laptop and relatively easy to use? Looked at A Bagz at Andy Strapz but they seem a bit of overkill..

    Maybe just gotta persist with backpack.

  2. ANY means of carrying a laptop on a bike has risks, mostly for the laptop. A rack would also subject the computer to excessive vibration, so a backpack would be the best idea, still.
  3. I carried my laptop in my tank bag for the most part (until the laptop died, but that was cause it was a compaq...)
  4. I can't bring myself to put a laptop in a tank bag. All I can think is HDD + Magnets = FAIL.
    I just use a backpack, My old laptop just fitted in the small expandable ventura tailbag.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts...

    I too have one of those Ventura tail bags but pity my laptop dun fit in it...

    Oh well, backpack it is.

    Thanks again
  6. My tank bag wasn't magnetic... and even then, it takes a strong (electro)magnet (with an oscillating field) to actually wipe a HDD.

    Keep in mind that in the drive itself are two rare earth magnets (neodymium or similar...) that are used to control the head (along with a coil that produces another magnetic field to move it back and forth), and those magnets don't wipe it.
  7. I'm looking at commuting to work and face a similar issue. I was considering getting one of these. Unfortunately, my laptop is a 15" and won't fit. The general principle is good, though. The bag is small, lightweight, water resistant and has a hard shell for added protection. The hard shell also means the bag won't "flop" around as you turn corners (assuming you have the straps nice and tight).

    The axio website has a whole swag of models, some of which are quite aerodynamic and would be well suited on a bike.
  8. No matter what bag you get make sure you make a bubble wrap sleeve for your laptop, i use three layers of bubble and have not had a problem in 3 years, including one off (effin' gravel), this was in just a standard backpack though i would have preffered the axio hardcase bag but is out of my price range.
  9. I use a standard backpack(with laptop or without)... I actually find I feel a bit naked without it now. Kinda like driving a car without a seatbelt on.
  10. It's a mac... throw it at a car that annoys you :p
    I personally would stick with a backpack, I think you just need to find a different one.
    Maybe more padding.
  11. +1 I carry mine in a tank bag about one day a week.
  12. I'm looking for a clip on tankbag that's minimalist so it fits my 12.1 laptop, phone, and that's about it. Other stuff goes in the tail.

    Problem with bag makers seems to be that they think you want huge capacity when mostly you carry hardly anything. I can't find a messenger bag or backpack that suits either.

    A clear waterproof map bag from a camping shop might be about right and usually they have clips on at least two corners. Making some custom straps up is easy enough.

    EDIT: found that Paddy Palin have 'Seal Line' map cases that can hold a 12-13' laptop. Has corner loops for strapping it to the tank. If you have a neoprene cover, etc for anti-shock then I don't see why it wouldn't do the job.
  13. Hallo Fellow Mac Nerd!!! I currently carry my 13" Macbook in an STM "Evolution" backpack, designed for laptops, which has rather long extendable straps, so when i ride i loosen them off on the shoulders and tighten the waist strap. Then i dnt have it bunching up my neck and jumping around my back, or cutting circulation off to my arms for that matter,

    I bought the backpack in an Apple shop called Next Byte in Perth. I think they are all over Australia.

    If u cannot find an alternative means of schlapping ur laptop, i hope this helps :p
  14. I have the same issue, I carry a 15" daily, and a laptop :grin:

    Looked at tail bags, tank bags and ventura racks, and while the rack would make sense, i to don't like the cosmetics, so decided to stick with the back pack, went and brought myself an Ogio No Drag backpack, and its been a great investment. Super comfory, Laptop is safe and secure, and enough room in it for lunch, slacks and workshoes
  15. I carry a Macbook 10, mostly in a large backpack, but sometimes in an Oxford brand soft tailpack. Only just big enough for mine, but there are larger models available. Good kit.
  16. I was carrying my old laptop in a backpack no padding no problems at all. i smashed the screen on that dropping it off my lap on the couch onto the floor :( got my new 15.4 HP carry that with my almost everywhere in my Venture bag. I just I have it in a small notebook bag I put it in before putting it into the Venture bag. Have had on it in there on extremely long trips no problems. I face my Venture pack back on to the seat think it should take some of the shock out rather than sitting it on the hard metal rack.
  17. Ventura rack + aero bag. Just have a jumper or something in the bottom to give it a bit of extra shock absorber action and you'll be fine.

    Cosmetics? Just get the grab rail to put on when you're not commuting if you're that worried about it.
  18. just a thought... a ssd laptop will go in a tank bag no worries. ssd kicks hdd arse for durability.

    so really theres nothing wrong with your transport, the problem is your computer ;)
  19. HDD's wouldn't be my main worry - they are pretty cheap and easily available. I'd be worried about messing up the motherboard. Shaking up some dry joints etc.

    I usually have my laptop (12" xps m1210) in a backpack with my textbooks, which I either have on my back or tied to the bike with ocky straps. I much prefer having the bag tied to the bike, and have ordered a ventura rack to make this easier. I keep the laptop in a sleeve made of a thicker neoprene-like fabric.