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Laps of Broadford

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Roost, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I have em so I may as well post em!

    Here's two full sessions shot of me (white R1 that passes into shot after a couple of laps) from a friends bike at Broadford. They are both long vids (15 - 20mins) but it's in the fast group :twisted: there's plenty of traffic :roll: some good battles :mad: a few sweet passes :p one almost off track :shock:



  2. looks like hes all over you roost :p
    nice block pass in 2nd vid.

    looks like high 2s from here? mabe 3s?

    nice work, i wonder if there is many other netriders that do track days?
  3. your an emoticon slut roost
  4. You two blokes suck :LOL:
  5. Wait until tomorrow and I'll give you an even better reason to say that :wink:
  6. You boys be at the Island tomorrow? Me and about 35 others will be there.
  7. Did you get those bags in?
  8. Sure did, 5 front, 5 rear :grin:
  9. Whats that roost my mate, another video to show me up again :roll: Thats alright. I don't mind being the slow old guy in the bunch. And what about you loz? Was that a question or something a little more sinister?
  10. Genuine question. I'll be in medium fast on a munted up green kawasaki ZX9 with no fairings. If you're gonna be at PI, come say g'day. Be good to meet ya. :)
  11. I haven't been on the old girl for about 5 weeks so I am giving Broady a bash before I commit to some hair raising stuff at the Isle. Only been down there once Loz and it fair dinkum taught me to hang on to my leathers in a way I didn't know was possible. Medium fast group running a 14 front 41 rear and all I could pull was a 2:00.75. The in lap was better but I couldn't finish it. I feel a little safer at Broady. Probably because it is a little slower in all sections. Only been tracking since may-june so I am still in the learning to average stage.
  12. Fair enough, I've never done Broady yet despite Roger always being in my ear about how I'll finally get my knee down on the last corner before the straight.

    Phillip Island is great though, I prefer the medium and fast corners to the slow ones... Same on the road really, I probably should put more time into slow corners to iron that out of my riding.

    What bike are you on?
  13. Sorry Loz, we're at Broady tomorrow. We'll be at the Island Easter Monday and I'm at Broady almost every ride day and the od MA meet. White R1 #43, can't miss it. Come and say hi if you ever spot me.
  14. I'm on a '04 ZX6RR Loz. Fairly standard. Power commander, Madaz can, rear sets and slicks. Dyno'd as well but nothing special. Fact is I love it. Its been the best thing I have done. Seems like the older I get the better I get. Having said that, it is only in since '04 that I have been riding. Had a bike in 70's then went away for nearly 30 years before being converted again. Still, happy with the times mate. The boys I ride with reckeon I am good for the 55's or lower at the Isle and 04's or even 03's but it hurts when your old and you don't have the kuhunnas like you did when your younger. Be at the Isle easter Monday so I am looking forward to that. Who knows maybe between tomorrow and then we might get a bit more of an improvement. How about you mate? What sort of times are you into or have you no timer???
  15. Where did the add come from on the bottom of the last post I did Loz??
  16. Andreas/Marty @ Broadford


    Andreas @ PI

  17. Nice pics MG, did you take the one at Broadford on, shall we call it, Flaming R6 corner?

    I'm guessing Steve took the ones at the Island?
  18. How'd you go Loz, hot as f*** like Broadford, or did the sea breaze help you out.

    I almost threw up after the 4th session I was that buggered, plus I'd melted a rear so I called it a day early :cry: