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lapping sturt street.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by spada stunter, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. besides matt "ZXRpilot" and a few mates i know does any 1 else lap sturt street. in ballarat

  2. lapping in queensland seems to have the requirements that you must have the best made in china "stereo system" and must have the latest whiteboywannabeblack "eminem" cd playing at "fully sic subwoofa volumez" while cruising the main street of your town in your 15 year old mazda with three of your pimple ridden idiot friends in the back wearing jeans round their ankles and half a tonne of fake gold.

    redneck skegs :? :roll:

    should make a pledge to lane split and tap on the windows of above mentioned, yelling something about "kids these days, and your damn noise pollution"
  3. I've been known to, usually in the car more often than the bike and really only if I'm going somewhere (usually like to laugh at all the really sad "hotted up" Lancers and Hyundais). Doesn't seem to be anywhere near as much illegal drag racing as there used to be, reckon they ruined it putting that stupid intersection at the bottom of the hill (turning a perfectly good chicane into two sets of lights).
  4. If they did, and admitted it in public the way you just did, they'd be subject to the same instant vanishing of all hope of ever being taken seriously you just inflicted upon yourself.

    Get a clue, please, kid.
  5. Owch that hurt :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. It's weird... This is not a local or Aussie phenomenon. I've seen people 'doin' blockies' in Mexico, America, Ireland, Vietnam, Thailand, France and even Tunisia as well as fullisikmatechapelanlygon streetmate.

    I've never understood it, but it seems to be a global thing to find a local street, and go and drive up and down it all night.

    Good on the lot of ya is all I can say!
  7. Perhaps in previous lives they were all goldfish???
  8. And in more rural areas they just do circle work in paddocks :LOL:. Can't see the fascination in doing it for the whole night though (know some people who go through a full tank in just one night) but it can be fun to just cruise up and down the main street of town once or twice to see what's happening.
  9. A little harsh, it's a part of growing up in Aussie.

    If you and your mates like cracking laps by all means go ahead.
  10. Why "weird"? Isn't there enough evidence from other speheres of human activity that dropkicks are found all over the planet?

    ...and it's not like dropkicks are a terribly creative species. With only so many things they can think of to do, even isolated groups of them are going to arrive at the same ideas...
  11. :LOL: :LOL:

    Love it. :D
  12. I was half expecting this thread to be about how hard it is to find the Draggins Jeans outlet in South Melbourne. :?
  13. Doh! - Silly me.

    Just looked it up and Draggins are in Wells St, that would make it hard in find in Sturt street. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: No, I was with you Kamikaze I thought it was some obscure reference to South Melbourne, fully forgetting that there is a Sturt Street in Ballarat.

    I don't understand the concept of laps, I know people do them, but I can't comprehend it. I have been round the block if I am lost, but otherwise forget it.

    In 2000 we were riding up to Coffs Harbour and stopped in Tumut. Sitting relaxing after some lovely riding punctuated by a hail storm (which stung like the devil) having a coffee in the main Street we were very amused by a Squid riding his CBR 250 around and around and around the block. We were puzzled, why would you do that when just outside Tumut there are such lovely roads to play on. He didn't stop we didn't ask. I'll never know....
  15. Maaaaate, driving laps is a time-honoured rite of passage for Aussie lads; don't you remember "The Newcastle Song", by Bob Hudson, about that very activity in Hunter Street in the sixties???

    It's about being seen and impressing the young ladies.

    Me, I'd rather be riding round corners, finishing off the edges of my nearly-done Bridgestone BT-020s :LOL:
  16. nah i dont do it unless im waiting for someone... waste of petrol

    ballarat sucks :p