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Lanesplitting, Bring On The The Retriever

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by roundman58, May 26, 2006.

  1. I know there has been different threads on this before, but this is a condensed version with more towing.
    Maybe lanesplitting would be more accepted if a few of these were in service.

  2. It's only a Goldwing dragging off a Volvo :LOL:
  3. nice ... if they instigate this system they will have to educate the public about the system. The potential plus is the legislators will under pressure from the transpost authority will possibly make it illegal to block this system from using the lane splitting technique. So they will make it safer for the operators of recovery motorcycle.

    once that hapens its a short step in potitioning by us to gain full lane splitting legaly for everyone....
  4. I know these Ullysses blokes like big trailers, but that's just ridiculous!
  5. Another use for motorcycles

    Emergency services have already discovered the benefits of two wheels in allowing them to get to the scene of an accident faster. Now it seems another service has found a way to exploit this advantage - the towing industry :shock:. Yep those crazy Swedes are producing a modified Honda Goldwing capable of towing a car, with the trailer folding up onto the bike when not in use. Their website - http://www.comingthrough.se/

  6. Crikey!
    That is cool.....
  7. and it looks good for a goldwing!
  8. Its also about the 5th time this has been posted :p
  9. If it is then I never saw it - and the search function can't find it either.
  10. the search function is weird latley. :s
  11. Definately - I've tried searching for previous threads (including one I posted) and even using the exact title I get nothing. Browse through the forums and sure enough it's there, weird.