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Lane spltting/filtering legislation - online petition.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by moike, Dec 14, 2005.

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  2. Signed it :) I send an email off as well, if I had a printer I would print & post to my local member, but I dont. Any voulenteers to print for me?
  3. Hah. I don't scan the news page. I did check the politics, laws and safety forum to see if anything had been posted here.
  4. Yeah signed up.
    Again, not sure how effective it'll be. We need paper.
  5. i have signed
    has anyone looked to organise a protest rally or ride?
    this would be a better show of our opinion. there is lots of forum talk, but cant find any details of a rally or letters to send to MPs etc
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  8. I have just signed
  9. Deadline: 11-30-1999
  10. How is that possible given the recency of this proposed change? I posted a few months ago and the deadline wasn't passed then.
  11. Im not sure thats what was just listed on it. :?
    Maybe it's now passed and defaulted to an earlier time.
  12. been through this all before, and regardless of how many sigs are on it, they only have to deal with one item and it gets a letter written (addressed to who?) and then ignored.

    he only way to get noticed is to send in real paper letters as they have to respond to each one.

    "Online petitions are as useful as underpants made out of ants"
  13. That date was wrong from the very beginning, wouldn't worry about it.
    But FARQ! over five thousand sigs now. That's not bad.
    Doesn't take much to add your name, but yeah, I think the only effective approach is to individually write to the state and federal transport ministers offices, your local members, and the NTC.
    So far I've only had one response (from Vic ministers office), and my submission listed on the NTC website.
    Letters to local members were returned unopened! :evil:
  14. Maybe someone whould come up with a Template opposing the suggested law and post it here on the thread so everyone can just add their details and send it off!

    Thats a fantastic idea, if i dont say so myself! lol

    (Dont mind me, its Monday, im @ work and tired)

    -Jamie :wink:
  15. you'll find one of these front and centre on the mra home page.
  16. http://mraa.org.au/forum/modules/liaise/index.php?form_id=7
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