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"lane splitting" ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kazjim, May 22, 2005.

  1. ok, just read this in the Spada manual thread.....

    I'm pretty-much a newbie on two wheels (Jan this year....) and probably only clocked up about 10,000km.........

    What is "lane splitting" ?

    riding between two lanes ?


  2. Riding between two cars on the white line in most cases, you could really call it car splitting.

    I mostly only do it when cars are not moving.
  3. dont the cars have to be moving for it to be called lane spliting?

    but i'm only a learner too so i'm just asking....

  4. I have no idea where the "line spliting" term comes from but as long as the cars are stationary you are "moving the bike to have greater visibility"...
  5. Tearing along the dotted line ;)

    Used to greatest effect:

    a) at the lights when the traffic's stopped or stopping

    b) on the freeway when everyone's crawling at 40 in those nice wide lanes.

    Watch out for mirrors and lane changers. Don't do it in front of cops if you can help it. Don't do it above 50km/h...

    And my golden rule of lane splitting is:

    Don't do it unless it's a no-brainer. If you have any doubts, forget it. The 4 seconds you'll trim off your travel time isn't worth the risk.

  6. stating a max speed like 50kph isn't a good idea. Newbie riders may think this is safe. There are way too many kinder kids in this forum who take everything very litterally. Choose a speed which you are comfortable at relative to the traffic speed. That might be 10kph, or 110kph.

    Keep your vision focussed about 3 or 4 cars ahead.
  7. i'm going to give it a try for the first on my way to work tomorrow approaching flinders st station on st kilda rd (only while traffic is completly stopped) can't wait to laugh at cages as i slowly breeze past them, while concentrating of course :D
  8. Watch out for that really narrow bit of road across the bridge!
  9. Sorry, I meant that even if it looks and feels completely safe, 50 is a limit I try to stick to on the freeways.

    90% of lane splitting, especially where there's stop lights involved, is done in first gear, very carefully, at very low speed.

    Plan ahead too, watch for the lights changing and don't get stuck in between mirrors when the cars start to move, 'cause they'll take off at different speeds and you stand a good chance of getting whacked.
  10. make sure you dont hit the mirror of a police car , it doesnt end well :LOL:
  11. Sounds like the voice of experience talking here :p :LOL: :wink:
  12. The term lane splitting comes from truckies. Using two lanes to get enough room so they will able to drive around a corner, with out the back wheels going up the gutter and knocking nana of her zimmer frame.

    Whilst doing my licence i asked the instuctor if going up the middle of traffic is illeagle? HE stated that if it's moving it's illeagle! If it's not it's still illeagle! But your less likely to be pinged by the cops for it!!
  13. its a practice i actually look forward to, i enjoy it as much as getting out into the twistys up reefton or anywhere similar.
    it keeps me alert and always aware of whats around me, instead of taking my place inline with all the cars.
    To my mind, always moving forward in traffic means less to keep an eye on, because your pushing forward always, you really need only watch whats infront of you.
    The speed at which you split lanes is really only goverened by your abitility to brake confidently. ( some1 may decide to change lanes infront of you )
    I travel the frankston FWY most mornings and split the moving traffic at speeds usually not higher than 130, but reduce that to anything lower in respect to how fast i approach the back of the cars infront of me, hence if the traffic slows to 70, i may still be doing 90 compared to them.
    But i must say, splitting moving traffic is a practice best left to those who are confident in their riding skills.

    Ive heard people say this before and is worth repeating, the fact that we ride bikes enables us to split the lanes when traffic backs up at the lights.
    Being able to make your way to the front of these queues means we are 1st off from the lights and usually have a clear road infront of us.
    To me, that makes it a safer way to make your way through the maze of cars.
    Another point about splitting lanes is, as cars pull away from the lights, they always leave gaps, therefore, if you find youve not made it to the front before the lights change, it's quite simple to squeeze into the nearest gap.
    you could actually write a book on the subject, the more i think about it :D

    Cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  14. Another golden rule: If in doubt, don't.
  15. tell the story again, uncle glen!
  16. Best to call it traffic filtering.
  17. There's a simple joy to a successful and fortuitously timed lane split; you're not going fast... you're just going faster than THOSE guys.
  18. It doen't pay to follow the motorcycle cop between the cars either :p
  19. May i ask who that little clip is of??