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Lane Splitting!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulie, May 5, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just a quick question regarding lane splitting.... I know its illegal and dangerous and that you have to be real careful and alert. i've been riding almost a week now and I kinda feel when I pull up at the lights that all the cars around me are waiting for me to split to the front, and I thought about doing it but then I thought that maybe i should wait a little while... How long did everyone else wait until they started to lane split?

  2. I waited a few weeks till I came to grips with the bike and then split to my heart's content.
    Having been driving for 18 years I could read the traffic rather well so lane splitting came easy to me.
    Younger riders who still have to come to grips with reading the traffic and also coming to grips with theiur machines may or may not take longer.
    Let it come naturally and wait till your confidence levels are up.
    And keep your splitting to stopped traffic if possible.
  3. yonks - mind you, it's hard to split in the middle of sydney on an ST1300 :)
  4. Second day on the bike, IIRC.

    I'd been weaving through traffic for years on the pushbike, though.
  5. hey mate.


    been riding for a month now and must say it all depends on the situation.

    sooner or later you will need to practice it so i ask ... hows your slow ride?

    if you comfortable then wait for a time where you can split at the lights where there is a comfortable gap btw the cars and preferably not too many cars to split down.

    if your going slow enough you will be fine as you can always adjust your lack of judgement or balance with a quick footing...

    best advice is only act when YOU ARE confortable and not when you think you are expected to.

    especially when the marios pull up next to you and tell you to pop one!!! :LOL:
  6. When I was first moved to Melbourne and I learned about the art of lane splitting it took me about, 6 weeks to become confident enough to try it. I will only do it with stopped traffic and keep a real close eye on what is happening around me.
    You will know when you feel confident enough to do it.
  7. That's why there was no lane splitting on the ride on Sunday...:LOL:
  8. See my car will be in the body shop next week so I'm gonna have to attempt the ride across town in peak hour traffic, the m2 and epping road are parking lots in the morning and I kinda think I'd probably be a little safer if I split because then the morons wont think theres a big gap in traffic where I am sittin on my bike and merge into me... I dunno, kinda more nervous about NOT lane splitting in peak hour parking lot type traffic than sticking within the lane
  9. Yes there was, but you didn't see it cos you were at the front :)
  10. mipearson, I meant me, not any of the others...:LOL:
  11. Second week, started getting frustrated with the ques of traffc, found that i'd nock about 10 min off travel time. still are moments that i think its not worth the risk
  12. Yeah, go for it mate. The safest time to attempt it is when the cars are stopped at the lights. If you think you're about to clip a mirror, stop, feet down, and slowly edge your bike past the mirrors. If you get stuck, just sit patiently and wait for the lights to change. If the lights change while you're splitting, carefully merge between the car infront and the car behind you. If you end up at the front of the rank, concentrate on a nice smooth take off rather than risking a stall or a burnout by winding up the throttle. Splitting at the lights can easily half your travel time in an inner-city rush hour.

    Leave splitting in moving traffic until you're a bit more confident - after you build up your skills you'll just know when and where it is and isn't safe or appropriate.
  13. Tip for newbies - when you get to the front, move fully in front of the cars, ie. back to the middle of the lane in front of them. That way if you do stall, they won't be roaring past on either side of you - a very, very dangerous place to be. And any other bike behind you can also get through.
    Make 'em wait until you're ready to go. They'll get aggro, but better than being swiped :)
  14. Better tip for newbies: If you're not confident you can take of smoothly and smartly without stalling when the lights change, don't lane split.

    I only pull across in front of the car in front if there is another bike splitting behind me.

    (a) you can get booked for stopping over the stop line.
    (b) If you *do* stall the bike on take off, the car a foot behind you will have seen your initial lurch and gone into launch mode. Do you trust their reactions?

    Personally, I only split in stationary or *very* slow moving traffic. I only split to the front at the lights if I *know* I can get there before the lights change. I don't like being in the middle when cages around me are wobbling off.
  15. mipearson and titus have both said what I would have said.

    I've been riding for about a month now, and lane-splitting for around 2 weeks. I get more confident with it every day, but wouldn't even consider doing it in moving traffic at this stage.
  16. What he said. Pretty much sums up what I do.
  17. i was on it in a week, but yeah, rode dirt bikes before i got my licence and also rode pushies through traffic so it was just a matter of getting used to the bike.

    just to go over a couple of points tho:

    * Dont do it till your good and comfy on the bike
    * If you're not 99% sure you'll take off quickly and smoothly, leave it be
    * To start with, only do it in stationary traffic on wide roads. dont try and play squeezies right away
    * move in front of the cars when you get to the front, not just for stall safety, but they completely not see you aswell. Missa once had her foot run over in this situation....
    * if the traffic starts moving, find a gap to slip into ASAP. getting stuck in the middle of moving traffic can be quite hairy for a beginner

    but yeah, take your time and dont feel pressured. even experienced riders sometimes dont bother splitting, it can be nice to just relax and behave somewhat like a car sometimes :LOL:
  18. I haven't started lanesplitting yet, but car drivers can't seem to fathom that some motorcyclists don't split. More worried about being booked than hitting anything. Is there a safer side to do it on in single lane traffic?
  19. I know that feeling only too well Paulie. It's as if you're doing something wrong by not splitting and using up space that could be better filled by a car...

    I also get that feeling when I don't split and another biker comes past in betwwen lanes. It's like you can hear them thinking, "What a Newb, doesn't even split..."

    Bugger 'em. Split if you're comfortable. To begin with only in still traffic, only on wide roads, and not if you think the light about to go green. And all the stuff the others said.

    Remember there's no shame in just sitting in a line of cars waiting patiently. If you're not confident enough, don't think there's enough room, or simply couldn't be bothered, then don't do it.

    Remember also, that the cagers are probably actually thinking "Well there's a cange, someone on a motorbike that doesn't break the law. What a nice young man, I think i'll follow him home and spot him a $20 for proving to me that all bike riders aren't speed-demons intent on killing themselves..."

    Anyhoo, rambling now. :)
  20. I always do it on the LHS when in single lane, naturally keeping my eyes out for opening doors if there are parked cars on the side of the road! I only ever split in 1st or 2nd gear - veeery slowly and cautiously, unless I'm on a "shoulder" part of the road.