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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by The Captain, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Just a quick winge about lane splitting, if you split, when you get to the front of the Que, move over and let the bike or bikes behind you in, instead of leaving us stuck between two cages, who are probably not real happy about us being there anyway. Happened twice today, on way to work, and on way back, both were on green P's, not having a go about that, but couldn't get beside them to explain the problem. Keep riding.

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  2. I always do this , common courtesy
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  3. I never split. I do occasionally filter.
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  4. Same same, but different.
  5. I attempt to leave space, however will not pull into the intersection to allow this - I believe this to be dangerous to pedestrians.
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  6. There is a difference, but we know what you mean. It's an interesting situation, as you're not allowed to push forward too far (i.e. beyond the white line) but you need to if there is another bike behind you that you need to allow to move up, if only for their safety once the lights turn green.

    If I'm at the front and see a bike come up from behind and I can't manage to allow them room to move up, I make sure I let them know that I know they are there, so I can shoot off on the green light and they can do the same before the cars get a chance to cause too much of a problem.
  7. To any fellow riders I have, or will offend with my Freudian slip, my apologies, I meant lane filtering. I am nearly sixty years old and have old timers occasionally.
    A bit like CELIBATE and CELIBRATE, nearly got it right.
  8. Umm..Celebate and celebrate are COMPLETELY two opposite ends of the spectrum!!:LOL:
  9. I rolled over in bed yesterday morning and said "Happy adversary" (it was our 26th wedding anniversary yesterday). She hit me.
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  10. Don't we all (OK, maybe just most of us) break the law every now and then anyway? Especially in situations when we believe that breaking the law will improve our safety?
    In the OP's situation breaking the law by crossing the white line will improve the safety of the rider behind.
    I personally like stopping between the front two cars, but if there's a bike behind, no way I'm leaving them stuck there. It's only a white line, not a brick wall!
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  11. Which is why there should be motorcycling marshalling boxes ahead of the cars but before the pedestrian crossing. Officially known as Advance Stop Lines this is commonly done for bicyclists and should also be arranged for motorcyclists. The UK did a study in which no great difficulties were seen, 95% of motorcyclists and 69% of bicyclists were in favour but it hasn't seemed to have made it to legislation there yet.
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  12. Some riders need to use their head a little more. If you lane split you should be monitoring all that behind you too.

    Common Courtesy
  13. I nearly always cross the line when filtering (there is usually a gap between the line and the Ped lines on my usual route). Some of the intersections aren't aligned very well, and cars tend to close up a bit. It's just safer to be in front a bit. If I get pinged for it, tough. I'm not usually a law breaker, but cyclists get away with this crap all the time, so I'm not that worried.
  14. I always stop in one of the lanes at the front, never on the painted center line. So there's some space already. When another bike comes up behind me, no problem moving over the solid line to let them through, even turning in my seat to wave them over if they're hesitant. I've had many interesting conversations that way, and its the least I could do.
  15. I prefer to stop between the cars behind the line which is the strictly legal position to stop - plus it has some other benefits. But if a rider pulls up behind I will move forward enough to let them slip past one side or the other - most of the time.
  16. I'm wondering if attitudes towards this practice are influenced by state laws. In qld we can use cyclist's storage boxes. It isn't a stretch to allow use of the area between the 'stop' line and Ped area as a pseudo storage area. I imagine in states without this privilege it would not be seen in the same light.