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Lane-splitting, Yay or nay?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MYOMNOMS, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    So I've been riding for a bit over 2 months now, and I dare say I've gotten somewhat decent at riding in traffic (I rode dirt for years, it's just getting used to traffic for me, but of course, I'm always learning ways to ride better).

    I've never tried to lane split before but I just want to know from others if it's acceptable, and if so, what is the etiquette?

    ,Thanks for any help
  2. Fuk yay! Legal, not. Etiquette, dont hit anyone, including fellow motorcyclists that are also splitting.
  3. I'd be waiting a while yet: you need to be able to ride slowly, very precisely, and attend to things all around you at the same time, to split safely and successfully. Enough practice, some of it slowly around car parks, and work on using throttle, brake and clutch together for precise low speed control is good before you start.
  4. Yeah definitely illegal, But then again so is half the sh*t I do most days! :p
  5. Thanks for the tip! I can control my bike well at low speed, It was the first thing I did when I got it, Start slow and build up the speed sort of thing. But I agree with you, I need be able to ride slow and keep an eye on my surroundings, a skill I'm yet to master.
  6. Filtering through stationary traffic isn't in itself illegal. However there are a number of different rules they can book you for.

    As for etiquette, as well as not hitting anyone, stay out of peoples way.
  7. Make sure you nod first.
  8. Make sure you don't hold up cars once it goes green.

    I get cranky when seeing people filter to the front and then dawdle off.
    I'm looking at you Scooter riders.
  9. Whenever I'm at the front, I assume the person behind me will go regardless of what I do, so I take of fairly quickly once the light goes green.
  10. It takes a second to put your lipstick and compact away.
  11. The Aug '11 2Wheels has an article called "The Gentle Art of Lane-Splitting"... essentially, they state you need to weigh up the risks against the rewards.
  12. I've only recent started splitting at pretty much everywhere it's sooooo much faster.

    This happened yesterday (posted on another forum I frequent).
    Not sure what advice to give you aside from remember where your handlebars & mirrors are and also don't get over confident with it.
  13. I've split down the M4 in Sydney when it was bumper to bumper. Guess that's more filtering? But once its moving i quickly jump back into the queue.

    Last week i lane split at high speed when a 1 tonner rode up my ass mercilessly on the M4, didn't back off even as i stabbed the brakes. We were in the middle lane, a rolling road block was ahead so i split more for my fear of being rammed from the back (cars in middle and right lane.)

    But yes, weigh the pros and cons. For me i decided to put myself in equal or more danger when i split between cars at high speed (+90km's) just to avoid the danger behind me. Looking back at it now, i could've just pulled into the left lane and let the maniac pass and harass another cager instead.
  14. Does this need to be done again?
  15. No it doesn't, that's why we use the search but in this case the op asks when he could be ready not whether it is illegal and the usual bullshit we argue about.
  16. some lanes are just very narrow and marked white.
  17. Fair enough actually......there is a difference.

    I guess the answer is - If you are questioning if you should filter not split then don't.
  18. There are 2 lessons in the art of good motorcycle etiqette.

    1. you must first learn to nod before you can split. If you can nod while cornering at road speed plus GST then you can split. Until then you will have to be content with just smiling inanely while being passed by Nannies in Camrys..

    2. (and this is very very very important) you must must must learn to search before you post ..
  19. Yay! the answer is Yay.

    Splitting - it's like twisties in the city.