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Lane splitting woes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by banoobi, Jul 30, 2008.

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  2. Ouch.

    At least he had the camera footage as evidence. Got a nice pay out apparently.

    Reminds me of that other one with the chick riding with a helmet cam when a car cuts in front of her.
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  4. Don't know why, the mini van did not cross the lines, had the indicator on and the rider was lane spitting.

    Cheers :cool:
  5. If you pause the video at 0:11 the nose of the van is over the first line. I think you'd easily be able to prove that the van crossed the lines immediately after the video stopped by interpolating the speed/momentum of the van and deeming it impossible to have stopped the van before it crossed the double line (about another 30cm).

    Dunno whether that would hold up in court though.

    Apparently the van driver's insurance/lawyer advised him to settle, so they must have thought it was an illegal move anyway.
  6. Well the rider was not doing anything illegal by lane splitting but he made the mistake of not riding defensively. he really shouldnt be splitting lanes that fast. you have to be prepared for cager's to do that sort of thing. it sucks, but its reality!
  7. Yep speed stupidity and a cager, recipe for disaster.
  8. or both parties decided to go 50/50 dunno sounds like ya right if you have more info on the matter.

    I don't know what the law is over there maybe lanespitting is legal, if it was here I doubt the rider would have got squat because lanesplitting is not legal. So the car would have cleaned up I reckon.

    Cheers :cool:
  9. I just got it from the video description on youtube:

  10. What a hypocrital dope. He whines about the car crossing the line when he's riding ON the line and constantly crossing it.

    I don't believe he would have got ANY payout on that stunt; he was breaking the law, and splitting round a curve as well; serves him right.
  11. Well, he was lane splitting on double (quadruple?) lines and if that is legal there, the van is definately at fault, as it did an illegal crossing of the lines. Those vehicles MUST stay in their lanes.

    Regardless, the guy was definately going too fast - I guess he didn't conceive of a cager breaking the law and attempting to cross into the other lane.
  12. It does not matter if lane splitting is illegal; 2 wrongs don't make a right. ie: if you park illegaly it does not give anyone the right to ram your car.

    If you are lane splitting it does not give a driver the right to ram you. The driver must be penalised for at least reckless endagerment. I have seen some that should be imprisoned for attempted murder. I know that some car drivers are so fkuced up/jealous/cant stand to be passed when they are trapped in traffic etc that they intentionaly pull in front of you.
    The cnut in the car is as guilty as hell.

    The larger the vehicle the more danger to third parties they are. They must be operated with concern proportional to the potential danger that they have.

    Motorcycles must be subsidised by the authorities to encourage people to use them; dwindling enrgy supplies, global warming, even the fact that the danger to 3rd parties and wear and tear on the road is less, justifies subsidies. But at this time we are penalised by all and sundrie. This is not the time to wag your finger at a motorcyclist knocked down by some homicidal ratbag in a resource wasting van or whatever the bloody thing was. It is time to penalise the bastrds that knock down motorcyclists.
  13. If you break the law "it serves" you "right" to be run over.

    Think about that next time you are doing 61kmh. Or perhaps it may serve you right to get a bullet between the eyes for being at an expired parking meter... If it serves you right to get run over for lane splitting, what else is it OK to run somebody over for? Where do you draw the line.....

    Hornet, I agree that if and when you lane split you had better beware, as there are times when people are "splitting" lanes and a driver ahead sees them; can't stand the thought of being preceded by a little machine like a motorcycle and change lane to put a stop to it. Even though the lane they have changed to is moving slower! But doing that is lethal.

    According to the motorcycle training providers, Motorcycle Motion, 1 in 20 collisions between cars and motorcycles is caused INTENTIONALY by the car driver.

    Hornet, again I agree that if you lane split you better beware, however, the bottom line is:

    "Lane splitting" is not grounds for Justifiable Homicide, attempted or OTHERWISE
  14. ram what vid did you watch :LOL: also the comment of going knock to knock is common when two parties are at fault. over there lanesplitting is okilly dokilly by the looks and ya drivel about global warming and bikes and what not as a defense :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. If you don't like the word ram insert: cause collision. Is Dazza always a pedantic hair splitter?

    If you think subsidies for conserving resources, like motorcycles do, is "drivel", go moderate the "Toyota Land Cruiser That's Never Driven OFF Road.com site. You have plenty in common with them and you wont have to read pro motorcycle commentry.

    You have got the credibility of a Jewish Suicide Bomber.

    Speak to the hand =;
  16. Of course this dodo is going to say that the guy in the car hit him deliberately, but the truth is, he shouldn't have been where he was, and the car's actions while careless, are understandable because he wouldn't have expected a bike to be there. As to whether he got a payout or not, that makes no difference; you can sue for anything and if you've got a good lawyer........

    And before you come the whinge, I was lane-splitting back in 1974 when most of you johnny-come-latelys were still in primary school, or not yet conceived; I think I know what I'm talking about. And I still do it, even though it is technically illegal in NSW. But I don't split moving traffic, and I do it at very low speed so what happened to his nibs above, doesn't happen to me. Again I say, he has no-one to blame but himself.
  17. But he got a payout and he wasn't whinging
    so all you have said is irrelevant as you have no idea what the law is in that state of the USA.
    What you did in 1974 is irrelevant to this guy's situation.
  18. I think you have hostility issues and think all cage drivers are idiots.

    and you have the intelligence of a retard :grin:

    The rider slammed into the car moron go watch the video again. His nose stuck out and the rider hit him, the car did not slam into the side of the bike. Does not matter how much you hate drivers and attempt to twist the truth. It does not matter who was in the right or wrong, but the bullshit you are spewing is simply that, bullshit.

    You also have the venom to call the driver a Cnut and pideon hole them like they are the same, accidents happen all the time, could it not have been that the car did not see the bike at the speed he was traveling. But you obviously have a low IQ and cannot see anything other than what you wish to see, does not matter how distort the truth in your rose coloured glasses, you are just stupid. Go a brain cell you rock ape.

    How would you know what I do and do not, again you are a tool making assumptions and assertions on people you do not know. You are really not a bright spark are you.

    You're comments might be valid regarding subsidies, but this topic was not about such matters, it's was drivel that you through in that had no relevance to the OP.

    Now please keep up

    Cheers :cool:
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