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Lane Splitting woes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wang chung, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. So a few times lately during lane splitting i get myself into bad situations.

    Example tonight.

    Lane splitting.. yep. Traffic starts moving, im still doing it.. now i need to look for a gap, i look in the mirror, the guy on my ride side is tailgating the guy in front of him.. Theres a gap for me, but its like a bike length or 2... i start to push my way in, but he is too close... so i decide to acclerate and lane split through about 4 sets of cars, (they probaly going about 30-40km/h ) dodge some cars changing lanes and find a big gap eventually.

    Whats everyone else do?
    I think it's more dangerous Merging into a gap where you are put into the situation of being right up the arse of someone and someone up your arse.
  2. When I'm approaching lights that could change suddenly, I've already picked out a few escape routes in terms of safe places to pull in - it's a good idea to just pull in before the cars next to you start moving (if you can't do that, you're splitting too fast!).

    Bung the indicator on, and Bob's your aunt!

    Of course if you're only a couple of cars from the front, just get in front of them - after all, you're already moving, so it'll only take you a second.
  3. Slot into a gap and ALWAY acknowledge the car behind for "making" room for you, even if they do not.

    Might just take them from "bloody biker" to "you're right mate"
  4. The same thing happened to me yesterday - splitting about 100 meters of stopped cars, saw the lights change, tucked in front of a car in the left lane that was still stationary (don't like splitting moving cars).

    Alas, the stupid, old, retired, butt-fcuking prick thought that my actions must be illegal, so decided to share my lane (to the left of me) 10cm from me. Oh I see how that works... "he just pushed in Mavis! That's illegal! I know, I'll just run him over... an eye for an eye"

    If we lived in a country that actually had more than just a trivial amount of bikes, people (and governments) might actually respect them, but we are the exception, car drivers have nicely let us play in their sandpit. When we don't drive like we're 6 foot wide as well, they throw the toys out of the cot.

    Oh well, it's the crap we have to live with out there. You move on and hope the next bloke you split past isn't as much of a road-raging tool.
  5. Whenever I split, I am always aware of what's going on and where I'm likely to end up. I am a signal watcher and generally have a very good idea of when lights are likely to change and where I'm going to be at that point.

    I must admit, though, I ride a lot differently on the Duke as I know I can get out of most trouble I get myself into.

    The other tip I have for you is that if you are following another rider, allow at least three cars distance (gaps) between the other rider and yourself. You'll find that cagers will react to the first rider and not notice the subsequent riders...or the rider in front will need to get out of a tight spot, leaving you in one instead!

    :D :D :D
  6. Tricky.

    Cagers these days extend MUCH more courtesy to riders than when I first started riding (way back when yadiyadiya) so I don't push in unless it's a life or death issue.
  7. Get use to it . It's going to happen so many more times , it's one of the joys of lane splitting . Just be aware of everything around you .
  8. bit OT, but is it legal for bicycles to lane split (NSW)?
  9. Generally in all states it is. The technicalities that see lane splitting illegal for bikes (no explicit lane splitting laws) in the national road rules are peppered with the statements 'except for bicycles' which means they can do all kinds of stuff bikes can't god knows why.

    Better lobbying i guess...
  10. i manage to avoid this situation 99 times out of 100 by paying attention to what the traffic light cycle is doing before splitting, if it's red and i don't know how long its got before it goes green, i'll wait until the next phase of the lights cycle, ie red light becomes red light with green right hand turn arrow before spliting, that way i know i have ample time to get to the front of the queue. :)
  11. crap... after following a couple of bicycle cops lanesplitting halfway up king street last night (i was running extremely late), i overtook them :LOL:
  12. you'd be very stiff to be pulled over by bicycle cops :LOL:
  13. i know but there's always that tiny fear/paranoia/little voice in your head that tells you they took down your number plate :LOL: :|
  14. Agreed. A practice that I always follow. It never hurts to do whatever you can to suck up to cagers.

    My dad always used to say, "Be nice to people you meet on the way up - they're the same people you;re going to meet on the way down." and the same applies to cagers. We don't necessarily LIKE them, but one day we may NEED them!!
  15. I think it helps when lane splitting to be aboard a more visually and aurally intimidating motorcycle. It's also good to look at the gap you intend to occuupy rather than just spot it in your mirrors and indicate.

    On my way home, I need to quickly cross 3 lanes of heavy traffic between on and off ramps on the Riverside Express way. I ndicate and continually glance over my shoulder. The cages usually accomodate my needs...
  16. I'm gobsmacked at drivers' change of attitude over the last decades. Almost every time I ride now I see them pull to the left to let me through while lanesplitting or on country roads.

    Of course there are still those who don't look out for riders but we've come a long way since any rider was treated as a gang member.
  17. Yeah, watch the traffic lights and plan ahead. I'll often find myself stuck between moving cars, not usually too much of an issue, just zip forward and find the next spot as you did. You get more comfrtable with it.

  18. I agree . I see it a lot more often now which makes the ride so much more enjoyable . But always acknowlage when they do this in the same way when they let you in after lane splitting.