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Lane Splitting Surprise

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pat65, May 24, 2006.

  1. I was riding down Dandenong-Hasting Hwy the other day at about 5.00pm. Approached the Thompson Rd roundabout where the traffic was banked up 150 plus metres (as it always is at that time of day), whilst riding down between the two lanes at least 10 cars actually moved over to give me room as I approached. Was blown away! I've never had more than 2 or 3 move over. My neck was sore from the appreciation nods. :)

  2. Makes you feel good hey? I ride that way every day and must admit most tradies will let you through, try about 6.30 or so and the office grumps don't.
  3. Try cutting your exhaust in half. The noise my bike makes now means everyday when I split its like Moses parting the sea hahahahaha! I love it!
  4. Trucks and tradies on the Monash are generally good at moving over.
    I try to give them a "thank you" wave as I go past.

    I find drivers on the Monash to be pretty well-trained when it comes to letting bikes through. It's probably more to do with not wanting scraped paintwork than with any degree of courtesy on their part though!

    I haven't been deliberately blocked, though there's always some dozy sod who doesn't check his/her mirrors and drifts across within their lane. :roll:
  5. its funny - in syndey the tradies are some of the worst drivers on the road. Not only will they try to stop you splitting, but they seem to have a perverse sense of fun when it comes to forcing a rider out of his lane.
  6. I always acknowledge those who move or attempt to move over with a thankyou wave .
    those who dont i ignore
    those who shut the gap intentional (watching me in the mirror then pull over and watching you at the same time)
    i general aknowledge them too in my own special way
  7. I was filtering and got stuck behind a commercial van and a jeep cherokee - the gap was too small to fit with two sets of big mirrors. Next thing, the jeep driver presses a button and his mirrors fold in against the side of the vehicle... :grin: Leaving just enough space for me to pass through. Magic! Never had someone do that before. Other than that, the exhaust change has helped (especially on the Monash) as drivers are alot more aware of my approach now, and certainly aware when im close by!
  8. I've had more poeple move over to make room than those that move over to block. Kind of pointless though, as I usually just pull in behind them and split between the next two lanes losing a total of about three seconds...
  9. Happens to me all the time as I filter through heavy traffic.

    Always try to thank them.

    Its like they expect us to do it sometime. I have even been just sitting behind a car and not intended to filter - when suddenly he sees me in the rear view - and moves to let me pass.

    Yep - I think that Joe Public thinks that it should be legalized :grin: :grin:
  10. negative ghostrider, the pattern is full.

    I think you just got some friendlies, or they assume you will try anyway and they don't want you to scratch their car. Either way, it works for you but we are still a very long way from acceptance of bikes filtering traffic before legalisation comes into play. If that really were the case, the ntc would not have proposed rule 151.
  11. Joe public and the boffins proposing rule 151 are two different things... though I grant there's probably a bit of overlapp in the venn diagrams.

    The majority of cagers though either stay in their lane or move over slightly to make way. Very few have blocked my way.... and those that do get high volume exhaust note as I split past them on the other side.

    A while back, a rice burner hotted up P plater pr,ick took umbrage when I split up to the front beside him and he let me know of his displeasure... gesticulating, honking the horn... then he made all the classic "I'm going to drag you off the line" noises... so I did a "back to the future 3"... gave him the nod, revved the bike, got ready... then let him take off... No way did I want a puffed up teenage git with an eggshell ego tracking me like a cruise missile.

    Sorry, I got diverted... I always give a nod or wave when a cager moves out of the way... and since I'm not splitting at warp speed, there's usually time to do that.

    Courtesy is catching.

  12. Yep they definately seem to be getting better. Came home on the eastern,springy road and the monash today just before the peak (still bit thick in spots) and every time it slowed and I needed to spilt people just kept moving out of the way, I only got stuck once on springy road so a good run thanks to a few decent cagers :wink: and I always say thanks with a thumbs up as I get past so hopefully they do it for the next rider as well, also spilt twice with police cars in the traffic and got a nice wave both times so maybe their improving to :wink:
  13. Had a habibi cab driver do it the other day... was stoked... gave him a thumbs up and said thanks.... last person I though that would move over.
  14. Must be a difference between Melb and Syd tradesmen, I've got to agree with this poster.
    Tradesmen in utes are the ones most likely to cut in front of you, cut you off , move over to stop you filtering and generally be a pain in the arse.

    Although most drivers in Sydney wouldn't pull over to let a bike filter if the bike was on fire.

    The only ones who ever do most likely ride themselves.

    And when I was growing up everyone said Semi Trailer Drivers were the best drivers on the road...Boy has that changed.

    Though I do admit they are forced to keep their huge double trailer trucks within a lane made for a motor car.
  15. In Perth it's unmarked white vans that are out to get you......
  16. Lanesplit past cops & gave them the nod on the Monash tonight and they just nodded and kept cruising... they had plenty of opportunity to go after me if they wanted to but they didn't :grin:

    I find MOST drivers on the moansh pretty good with moving over for bikes that are lanesplitting... only a few who block, and I've found a lot of medium sized trucks have been the worst offenders for blocking :evil:
  17. yeah what's with truck drivers, I think it's the whole chip on the shoulder angry at everything attitude.They see u coming and if anything they try and block u
  18. stereotyping truck drivers!!!

    Im a truck driver...*sigh*.. dont stereotype.. I am a truck driver./rider/car driver.. I drive a truck all day.. we dont have the ANGRY at everything attitude..?.. you stopped to talk to them, and ask what mood they were in?. if you have driven a truck?. they are a bit harder to control than most vehicles.. we are higher... heavier and longer. so the movements are sluggish somtimes. doesnt mean we are deliberately cutting you off!. look.. .I get it all the time on the ring road from UTES/tradies cutting me off.. but that could be just coz they were slugging from there stubby which is always between there legs on the way home. I am amazed at the amount of people who do this!!
  19. Tradies down here are hit and miss, really. Some are great and move over, and others try to block you. I think it's worthwhile taking note of the business advertised on the side of those utes and trucks - and let all your friends and acquaintances know what a shocking job they did for you... :p If you're really keen, you can even write to your local paper about their appalling service. :wink:
  20. My dad and a few mates drive trucks, and I also drove a truck for a short while... I never said all truck's block, but there are a lot of truck drivers on the Monash in peak traffic that block and look directly at the bikes lanesplitting with very pi$$ed off looks... definitely deliberate blocking and if the trucks weren't so big they would've had their mirrors knocked off at the very least :evil: [/end of another rant]... better go to bed and take some chill pills :p