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Lane Splitting Road Rage

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Yes, Occasionally

  2. Yes, Regularly

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  3. No, Not for a while

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  5. No, I never give them the chance

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  1. TAC commissioned reports like that by Dr Marcus Wigan highlighting the benefits of lanesplitting and recommending advanced stop lines at traffic lights go a long way to supporting what we all know - lane splitting is just common sense when it comes from getting a vehicle from A to B.

    Ocassionally it can go pear shaped with the odd mirror kiss or a dodgy car lane change. For the most part, we riders can negotiate a very long line of traffic very easily, using skills taught in our licence test (slow ride in thin box area), and we do it without incident.

    But what is it about the practise that really gets up motorist's noses? I personally have experienced a lot of angst from people who just plain don't like me going past them. "Queue jumpers...", "Maniacs...", "That's bloody illegal..." lots of hot air, but no real reasons why they hate it so much.

    A cyclist breezes by them, they think nothing... a pedestrian is walking faster than the traffic snarl, they don't yell abuse at him... what is it about us that they hate?
  2. My best guess is that in thier minds we are queue jumping.
  3. Never experienced it.
    sometimes one numpty will move across to block your way so u go around the other side since the brainless turd has opened up a huge gap on the other side.
    The look on their face is priceless,
  4. Well, I'd have to disagree about the cyclists. I think in many ways cyclists have replaced motorcyclists on the top of the average motorist's hit/hate list.

    But matt is right, they think it's queue jumping. The majority of it comes from male drivers who think that it's an insult to their masculinity if you grab pole position from them. Testosterone takes over and away we go.

    Pedestrians are no threat, cos, once the traffic's moving they fall far behind.

    It all comes down to ego; they're such a precious lot, aren't they?
  5. I'm still fairly new to riding and am experimenting with lane splitting. I commute regulary on Plenty Rd during peak hour traffic, and I feel compelled to do it more and more. I just can't stand watching my bike slowly get hotter and hotter the more I sit idle. The reason I am saying this is because just this evening I had a little verbal jousting with a BMW 4WD owner at the lights. After filtering through the obscenities he told me that I came too close to his precious vehicle, and that the noise startled him. He then proceeded to creep toward me while giving it high revs, I must admit I started feeling a little edgy. The green light was my saviour!
    So to answer Dan's question, I have no idea why they hate it :oops:

  6. Thenagain what sort of a answer would you expect from a motorcycle courier. I do it all day for a living. Why are drivers like this?, I do not know, to be honest I don't efen care. But here is some of my theories.
    1, the do good driver, the self appointed upholder of the law where it's law or not. You know the type, the one who see's you coming and closes the gap. and when at the last moment you swing to the other side of his cage to get through flies into instant rage.
    2 the plain good old boy asshole driver the one who see's you coming and closes the gap. and when at the last moment you swing to the other side of his cage to gets his mate in the passenger side to swing the door open, and of hurls stuff like cigg butts and rubbish at you.
    3 the I can not stand you getting through the traffic quicker than me.
    I can not for the life of me work this moron out. Is he/she the same type of person who walks through shopping centre car parks, armed with a screwdriver and runs bloody big scratches down the sides of cars, with the mentality of if I can not have something nice like yours, well niether shall you.
  7. The thing i get most is cagers moving over when they see me coming to close the gap so i can't get through.

  8. I'm probly just lucky, or too busy concentrating on going straight and not notice the irrated drivers... I've clipped a side mirror once, and even then, the lady driver smiled and waved me by. I always acknowledge drivers when they sway to make more room for me.

    Best thing I find when a driver is irrated, I blow them a kiss... this sends them mental. I just have a chuckle and keep going.

    But then... you have that incident in the US where things became homicidal. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9475
  9. You make a good point that has been made before. As much as we get mad when motorists DON'T accommodate us, we should thank them when they DO.
  10. I lane-split every day when commuting, and I see far fewer people closing the gap than I do people who do their best to move over and leave a little room.

    Even if trying to make sure their car doesn't get scratched is their primary motive, it's all good!

    Generally obstructions are caused by people who haven't been watching their mirrors, not people who're trying to be difficult.
  11. If you think us Joe Blow riders are the only ones who experience road rage, think again.

    This was taken from the Aug/Sep 05 issue of Rapid Bikes, article titled 'Road Rage' in his 'Waynes world' column:

  12. Ive not been lane splitting long, so I have to ask a silly question..

    How do you acknowledge drivers who have made room when you have to concentrate on not looking at them?

    I'm as keen as the next person to say thanks, but I don't want to scratch their doors to do it! :)
  13. if it's not going to endanger person or property i'll give them a quick wave... otherwise just a nod in their direction as you ride past.
  14. i'm in the health field and deal with people on a personal level each and every working day.......

    long gone has the thought of why or what was this person thinking when they did this crossed my mind. if people were thoughtful, educated, sensible, civilised, without worry or stress in their lives then sure you can ask these questions of why motorists may not like lane splitting; but this is the real world and people are not these things.

    sounds cold/pessimistic but unfortunately its true
  15. I've found cars more likely to make room for you than block you.

    Only been riding for 2 and a half years now, but I've never had a car move to block me.

    I've only ever had 2 cars get pissed at me.

    1 a ute when I bumped his mirror (like in the 2nd month of riding). I apologised, and all fine.

    2nd, split to the front, in front of a 4wd with a woman driver. She honked. I stood up, turned around and said what. She didn't say another word.

    Both of those were back when I was on my L's. Since then nothing, and I lane split daily.
  16. I'm with Kaer - I've never had anyone deliberately block me altho I often get people who just sit there in their own little world blocking me unconsciously. A squirt normally wakes em up and gets em to move but if they dont I'll patiently wait rather than try to cross lanes which I think causes more trouble than its worth sometimes.

    Also i think an earlier poster was right about cagers hating cyclists more than bikers these days. God they even p1ss me off sometimes with some of the plain STOOPID things they will do given, yes I'm generalising here but I've seen way more law breaking/stoopid risk taking from cyclists than from bikers.
  17. I get as many reactions as there are drivers. Mostly good though. The number of people that move for me far outweighs the shitty-faced lemon suckers that stare back like retarded sheep.

    Every once in a while though you get Capt Moron who would happily kill you than let you get ahead. My last Capt was some bloke with a long beard and a pony-tail about my age who almost killed me in the wet. We "chatted", I found that almost killing me wasn't a concern for him. I removed his side mirror. He avoided me like the plague. :LOL:

    This is by no means a recommendation, and in less heated conditions it wouldn't have happened but I got a little upset let fly. Avoid people like that, they are a REAL danger to you. Charley Knobend who blocks you is just an impotent nobody with a shit job trying to be important - pity them, blow them a kiss, they love that. :wink: :LOL:
  18. Hmmm. After several years as a teacher of young children, older children and most recently adults, I have formed the belief that reasons for anti-social/foolish/dangerous/uncivilised actions do not exist in the mind of the perpetrator until they are asked why they did it.

    I know I don't usually have a reason for speeding... just an urge :twisted: