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Lane Splitting Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Honda Phantom, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I just want to get other people opinion about lane splitting techniques. As in this home made diagram (dont tease me about it, i tried my best drawing it).


    If i was in the middle lane and wanted to head to the front of the pack.
    Would I:

    (a) Go through the guts of the middle and right lane?
    (b) Go around to the left of the middle lane cars (in the "Turn left only" lane) and pull in front of the first middle lane car?

    I hope you understand my diagram and question...

    Cheers mate :D

  2. i've done both many times. if there is lots of space between cars i go between, otherwise i take the side lane. doesn't really matter either way, same result.

  3. Me? In that situation I split b/w the cars bro
  4. I'd always go for the gap on the middle/right, the other one has too much potential for a last second turn by a confused/distracted driver.
    Always go for the gaps with the least amount of variables i say!
  5. yep split up between cars, if they are all stop in a que it's harder for them to move across on you..... but in saying that i have done both before as there wasn't enough room to split between the stoped cars
  6. i agree with this answer but i still sometimes would go to the left as its got more space
    i guess depending on mood lol :grin:
  7. What can i say...... , i like a challenge!! :cool:
  8. Pretty good diagram there H.P. :)

    Personally I would use the left turning lane, as it is clear, gives me room to manouvere should a car should move as I approach the front of the intersection.
  9. I use both, depends. This morning it was the elft lane, as i used short cut and the turn left lane was 200m of clear rd, but otherdays i use the middle has i have been splitting for over 500m already up the middle.
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    I'd use the centre if possible because of the possibility of someone making a last minute turn across you.

    If you use the left turning lane make sure you pull well ahead of the car to your right if you can't get directly in front of it.

    On the subject of lane splitting though - try 6-MtXymQkjs[/media]] this

    for some Japanese Industrial Strength lane splitting... :LOL:

  11. Well i was going to take a photo of the intersection that i was talking about, but that was too much hassle, so i used the PC and made my own.
  12. Now theres a guy that spends too much time on his PS2.

  13. The only vaguely legal option would be to split down the middle of the cars, between the centre line and the cars in the centre lane. Using the left turn lane can be dangerous (especially with the green left turn arrow) since cars are going to be trying to go past you on the left and could easily swing wide and take you out (it's also illegal). Sitting in front of the first car would involve crossing the white line which constitutes running a red light (also illegal).
  14. never used the left turn lane, I always go the gap- if there is not enough room to split to the front (ie: two toorak tractors sitting close to each other) then it's sit in traffic time for me.
  15. It actually doesn't - especially if you stop then move across. It's currently a grey area which is being changed in the latest ARR suggestions (those in which lane splitting is mentioned). There are recommendations about stop lines in them since the laws say as near as practicable - not necessarily before the line. Apparently there is a legal grey area also where if the car in front stops at a stop sign and so do you, then you could be said to have stopped as near as practicable as well.

    It's Section 4.10 - Rule 67 (and several other places as well) here

    In fact, when I did the advanced course with the Canberra cops a long time ago their suggestion was to always make sure you are sufficently far ahead of the cars alongside you that they can see you. Even if it meant crosing the white line. The chief police instructor said that in the unlikely event you get booked - think of it as a safety tax.

    In all the years I've been riding I've never been looked at by a cop for moving past the white line - even when I've been alongside them.

  16. Interesting, one of my pet peeves are the drivers that stop at the white line, then gradually edge their car forward whilst waiting for the green to the point that they are actually halfway through the intersection before the light changes (might just be a Ballarat thing, often have to stop for a red even though there's no other traffic). So you're saying that they're not technically running the red, be interesting to see the outcome if one got hit side-on then.
  17. quite easy i reckon jd

    the rule says to stop as near as practicable:

    once they've come to a stop, either before or after the line, if you keep inching forward you really are entering the intersection and therefore busting a red light = straight to gaol no $200 for you.
  18. I think if you've moved that far into the intersection that someone can hit you then it's no longer a grey area - you'd be 100% in the wrong. In fact the red-light cameras require you to be well into the intersection beyond any reasonable doubt before they fire.

  19. Yep that's sort of what I thought - baffles me why they don't just run the red completely (it'd probably be a lot safer than sitting in the middle of the intersection). Have actually caught up with drivers doing this at the next intersection - when I abuse, er I mean question them over their actions they just look at me dumbly as if they've no idea what I'm talking about. The only funny ones are those that creep ahead in right turn lanes, off the traffic sensor, and then wonder why after several light changes they still haven't got a green arrow. This is something that seems to happen a lot around here, maybe it's just a Ballarat thing (don't seem to notice it in Melbourne, Geelong or even Bendigo).
  20. This isn't just a Ballarat thing. I see it happen all of the time around here. :?