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Lane Splitting- QLD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BiX, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Ok well i know there is alot of talk on the forums about lane splitting. But today while i was getting a ticket for a another offence, i asked the police person about lane splitting. This is in qld, from his point of view,

    - down the left hand side is illegal
    - it is legal to lane split if safe to do so, or they will not book you if its safe to do so, but eh officer makes the decision about "safe to do so" I asked him could he define this, and basically, as long as the traffic is stopped, you are at a walking pace, and its not for 100's of metres at a time. most police officers will not book you. He said use your common sense, but if a officer wanted to do you for lanesplitting he could find a law.....

    so doesn't really clarify anything... but it sounds like in qld if you play it safe, you should be fine

  2. same as every other state

    as discussed in other threads, unless you meet a very strict (and highly unusual) set of conditions, you will always break one law or another, but most coppers couldn't be bothered chasing you for it when they could be getting speeders instead.
  3. Spot on bonox

  4. What did you do so the officer thought that you were not lane splitting safety? Just want to know so I won't do it myself... :p
  5. I was pulled up for turning right at a do not turn right sign. I was doing a rat run i used to use back in highschool (99) and the signs are new since then i thought whats the chances of them policing it......
  6. We've heard many responses from the cops along the lines of what you heard Bix, but we should be concerned that it is all about to change, as the long-running discussion in the various lane-splitting threads indicates.
    The ARRC contact explained, when questioned by Rob Smith, that they had been ordered to 'clean up' the legislation around this issue and make it illegal in all and any circumstances, Australia-wide. Of course the review process isn't finished yet, and it doesn't become law until the states enact it, but a response I got from the office of the Victorian ministry of transport indicated that they were wholeheartedly in support of the new legislation.
    The cops will then have no choice but to book you, whether they believe in it or not.
    So keep an eye out for news.
  7. Is it just me or are the lanes on the Western Freeway (Centenary) wider than on the Ipswich Motorway? Or maybe the cars on the Ipswich Motorway are bigger :) It just seems significantly harder to lane split on the Ipswich Motorway, and I consistantly see bikes running up the emergency lane on the left hand side...

    Had my first case of anti-lane splitting today, truck tried to squish me :( Wandering between the cars I'm next to this truck (both lanes not moving), it was a big truck and I was doodling along, and all of a sudden the truck starts to merge on me! He wasn't changing lanes or anything (since the other lane was full and not moving), he just wanted to cut me off :(
  8. I think the Centenary is wider... especially where there are currently no lines, which is the area where traffic tends to slow down anyway, so that works out rather well.