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Lane splitting past riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Rider was in the centre of the lane. (Kings Way, Sth Melb) Rider and cars doing approx. 40km/h. As I approached from 2 cars behind, saw the rider was steady and remaining on the same path. After I split between the rider on left and car on right, looked back when I heard a horn, and the rider was giving me the bird. Would have been more space between me and the rider, than normal between me and a car.

    Have split past bikes at least a few dozens times in many years, and never got that, or similar response before. Anyone else gotten similar when splitting past bikes?

  2. Nope. Does sound mighty strange, must have been something else involved. Or maybe thats just how you say hello where he comes from :grin:

    I don't lanesplit in every situation so it doesn't phase me when one goes by, especially if I'm clearly in the middle of my lane. I do try to make myself check mirrors and blindspot for bikes before starting to split, doesn't always happen yet but I'll get there. Probably a good idea for any rider to be cautious when lanesplitting and seeing a rider up ahead as they very possibly might duck out not expecting you there.
  3. I spilt past bikes all the time and never get that reaction. :shock: You must have done something wrong. :) ........... :LOL:
  4. Yeah, me too. Maybe s/he saw my "Get Over It" sticker on the back and felt offended :LOL:
  5. So you overtook the guy to the right? Never had a problem with that. I have a problem with someone who overtakes to me left, especially when there is space to the right. Even more so when I am already doing 85-90 in an 80 zone...do I sound bitter?
  6. I don't reckon I'd quite flip the bird at someone who split past me, but I suspect it'd scare the snot outta me cos it's just not something I'd expect.

    I would however, flip the bird at some a$$ who'd screamed up to the front of a queue of cars via the bicycle lane and then sat at the front of the lights next to me, waiting for the green :p In fact, I find it highly offensive when people "split" using the bike lane :p Especially scooters. But that's not what you asked. I was just ranting :)

    Again, in answer to your question, don't think I'd flip the bird but I would need a change of undies. On the other hand, unless it was a slowass scooter, I probably wouldn't do it to someone either - in similar situations I've changed lanes as normal to overtake :)
  7. Yup, on the riders right. I dislike overtaking on left too. And only when the traffic flow and riders position makes me fairly sure the rider is purposefully sitting within the traffic and not looking for an opportunity to pull out and lane split also
  8. maybe this guy/girl belongs on a harley on a deserted highway where they wouldnt have to worry about someone doing typical motorcycle things like spliting or waving
  9. Ahah, Damn i never get that and i do wheelies between riders...but i guess thats because they are left there thinking WHAT THE fcuk WAS THAT!

    Might have been a cager that just got their bike license because of high petrol prices? :p
  10. He must of known your the admin for Netrider :LOL:
  11. Hehehe .. gold. I'll pay that :)
  12. Agree with emsie, maybe just gave him a fright, he might not have been checking his mirrors and didn't expect it. Did you go past on one wheel at 100kmh? :LOL: 10 points if you heard a 'crapping of pants' sound as you went by :wink:
  13. You & Cleverlie are friggen hoons. Bastards.

  14. Ego is such a terrible thing at times! happens to the best and worst of us, as noted in the OP

    I'll leave it up to the readers to work out who is who :p
  15. Im not a hoon, im just your average rider that likes to have a little fun now and then.
  16. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Nah, my riding makes a marshmallow look hardcore :LOL: Definitely not a hoon (yet) :grin:
  17. At Hart they tell you splitting is illegal. Where they a new rider, what type of bike did they ride?
  18. Yeah I put my money on the rider actually recognizing you.
  19. Maybe s/he went to pull out to split just as you went by (after you could see), your checking to the contrary, and got a scare... which makes it their fault not yours IMO.
  20. Regardless of legality issues, sounds like they need to harden up! And get some road sense. Don't they know that pulling up in the centre of the lane adds a risk of meeting oil patches while braking! Then there is the courtesy issue of making room for another rider if they end up splitting to the front.

    I rarely split but not because of any issues with legality, just because I would rather manage the risks in a different way and my time isn't precious enough to warrant the extra risk. The Sydney netriders can attest to me taking 40 minutes to ride 3k's in traffic when it would have taken me 10 minutes if I split. But that is just my call. I don't hold anything against anyone who does it in a safe manner and will always make room for someone to do it. I certainly won't be releasing the middle digit salute unless the rider does something dangerous.