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VIC Lane splitting on 'Sunrise' program

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jubuntu, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Well as expected it was completely slammed. read a few emails all against it, and basically just wrote it off.

    Mel and Nat were talking about how frustrating it was to see a motorcyclist go past while they are stuck in traffic, do they not realise that it would actually make their trip quicker?

    i think it might be worthwhile to voice some support and educate these fools a little.



    or here


    Flame away...
  2. funny you brought this up, just 10 minutes ago my dad mentioned how he had seen the sunrise story on lane splitting. He was going on and on about how dangerous it is yaddda yaddda yadda. I replied that assuming your splitting between stationnary traffic then it shouldnt really be any more dangerous than anything else. His only reply was "geez.....your starting to sound like a motorcyclist" :p

    I fear they will never understand!
  3. I got to admit what they said made me go 'what the fu*k'

    The comments were ill informed and typical of someone who is uneducated to motorcycles. What a superb piece of negitive press it was for motorcycles.

    Wel done Mel you big fat supid biatch.
  4. The only reason it is being slammed is because cagers get jealous, frustrated and sometimes psychotic when they see a bike lane split stationery or slow moving traffic. They feel as if we bikers are somehow pushing infront of them when in actual fact we are helping the traffic flow more freely.
  5. Damnn, i missed that. I stop watching that show about a year ago when they just said so many stupid things i felt it was making me dumber.

    I told my mum about the proposed new laws and explained how it is benificial to let motorcyclists lane split and she perfectly understood. If only everyone could !
  6. Did I mension Mel is a big fat stupid biatch
  7. Positive side: We have presented a reasoned argument - the only response (so far) has been ignorant mumblings about how they hate the fact that we are so lucky. Most other media has been neutral to almost positive.
    We've gotten coverage and presented a case, and nobody has offered a significant rebuttal. That's better than we could hope for.
    I'd never expect the general public to support us anyway. Right now it's about making things hot for the NTC.
  8. And Koshie is a baldy headed boaring middle class tvvat.

    I'm starting to wonder why I watch the show of a morning????????
  9. Correct me if i'm wrong Pete, but i'm starting to pick up a little resentment towards both Mel and Koshie.?

    But your right, she has put on a few pounds hasn't she :grin:
  10. The fat pig takes up such a big area that Australia post is going to give her her own post code.
  11. The media coverage that I have seen (several news programs last evening - missed Sunrise) always show footage and refer to motorcyclist. Scooters are never mentioned yet they lane split as well. The scooter ride is perceived to be somehow safer than a motorbike.

    Xmas day I had a chance to speak with many of my extended family about lane splitting (all non bike riders). They all said its dangerous and unfair to other motorists- some very uneducated justification followed. I ask the question do scooters bother you..
    Oh no.. Scooters are fine they cant go fast and arnt noisy. (?)

    Also, channel 10 had an interview with a guy who had been riding for 30+ years. The guy they had chosen for there interview was riding a big cruiser (think it was a Vulcan) and wearing the typical cruiser gear.. The majority of the world associates these bikes and riders with Hells Angels and gangs = Bad news.. The general public will be happy to see any law that will upset the outlaw on wheels..

    After the interview with the cruiser guy they had a sort 5secs of a rider on a R1 waiting at the lights.. He was actually lane splitting.. Just waiting for the light change.. I would image this is to again remind people of the 1 or 2 times in their lives when a hoon on a sports bike have rocketed by them..

    All subtle images to reenforce the motorbike are bad image.

    They could have easily shown a scooter sitting at the lights or CB250 and conducted interviews with similar riders..

    Just a few observations ive made.. Im sure most people have noticed but Im starting to get really fired up on this issue.

  12. Never understood the lack of comprehension by drivers. We can lane split, they've got heating/aircon and a radio - it's a fair deal I reckon.
  13. I think she ATE her own postcode
  14. Hmmm

    This is just typical, did the report 'by chance' say if anyone involved making it, were riders??? :shock: I am guessing not.

    My thoughts are that most people who are non-riders do tend to think riders are just 'pushing in' and get pissed at us. There is no thought towards the facts that it makes the traffic flow easier and makes it much safer for the rider to be up the front of traffic, and above all more visible (as I was told by a bike cop once while riding to work). :grin:

    Of course there are few riders out there that zoom past cars, scare the crap outta drivers with loud reving etc. It only takes a few of these to make us all look bad. :(

    One of the greatest things about bikes is the freedom, if car drivers want that too, they should buy a bike and show us how it's done.

    Hmmm just makes me sad.
  15. That would be our friend John Karmouche, who posts on Netrider, and posts about it on this thread:
  16. That was John Karmouche, and it's no Vulcan. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I agree that she has got pretty big, but i used to think she was fairly hot.
  18. The other blond chick Monique (check spelling) is the hotty of the show and I reckon she needs to be bent over my knee and given a good spanking until she's sorry for being such a naughty girl.

    (I gone very off topic here again haven't I)
  19. I don't really think John is going to scare too many people - unless he chooses to. If they get to see and hear that under the black helmet is a rational human being - all the better :)
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