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Lane splitting. Not for everyone!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Seany, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Couldn't happen to a nicer car!
  2. Heheheehehehe

    What a HOOT!!

    Remember the old Mitsubishi truck ad with 3 three Sumo wrestlers in the front seat, saying "Not so Squeezey."
  3. haha, didn't quite make it.....

    on the subject of lanesplitting was wondering if you guys do it at +110km/h....

    cause i was on the M4 on saturday and as i was driving a motorcyclist flew past me, then split between two cars in front which were side by side!! i was horrified/speechless and was wondering how many of you out there do the same thing???
  4. Only if we is feelin' feisty yeah? I'll admit I've poked it through a few tight gaps at high speed (and not just in the boudoir...) Not your standard everyday kind of riding technique though, only for when you're feelin' sporty.
  5. Well if the cars were side by side they arent about to change lanes in front of him are they? :LOL: horrified/speechless?you are joking right? :shock:
  6. well as a learner i am as that move is way outta my league!! so you guys do this kinda thing all the time??
  7. Hey Livingstone.

    The official answer. No, we do not lanesplit. It is dangerous and not allowed. We lane filter.

    The un-official answer, many of us lane filter. Some do it at high speed and others do it at traffic jams. Some do both. Is it dangerous? Sure, most things are. It is upto each rider to make a determination and take their own chances.

    An additional note..... When people feel sporty, they tend to lane split and do silly things. I am guilty of this myself. :eek:
  8. Splitting (err sorry 'filtering' skuff) stationary traffic is like walking down your hallway at home, not too much difficulty/danger there (unless you have trouble judging gaps between mirrors :roll:)

    At ANY moving speed it's a bit tricker as cars can want to change lanes and aren't always looking for you. If you are prepared to react to cars doing dumb things it's generally OK.

    If you are shocked/horrified go over to Italy for a few weeks an drive around on the autostradas and you'll yawn when a bike tears between cars at 150kph+. It's all about what your used to.
  9. livingstone - I have personal rules/boundaries for my lane filtering. One of those is I won't filter on a freeway if traffic is moving at speeds greater than ~50 k/hr. Under that I sometimes do and sometimes don't - it depends on how I am feeling on the day and how I perceive traffic behaving. I personally would not split when traffic is moving near 100 k/hr as there are not significant benefits to it (in comparison to the risk). Normally when they are moving at 100 k's there are spaced for cars to switch lanes and I do not want to find myself in a precarious situation.

    Others will do it (and some sneak up on me as well) but that is their choice, and if they feel confident with it then so be it. Other riders will do a lot of things that I prefer not to do for various reasons.

    Just remember you are your own rider, ride within your own limits, and do not try to emulate other riders or think what other riders do is the norm for everyone. Unfortunately this is what car drivers often do - they see one rider do something and assume we all do it...
  10. oh okay so its pretty normal then....unofficially

    cause i'm on learners, no biking experience, no biking buddies so new to all this....so your right dan its "all about what your used to"

    i'm just going off what the guys at the prelearner course told me and i'm sure they would be shocked/horrified if we did anything like that for good reason.

    i'll make sure i give it a go then next time i'm on the M4 :) :) :)
  11. Very Normal..

    As someone above said - if the cars are next to each other they're "probably" not going to merge into each other.. (I have had to kick the door of one idiot who was merging into me so I certainly won't say that the cars definitely won't merge into each other)..

    It's more interesting trying it between two semi's - much longer rush :D

    Everyone has their acceptable risk levels, I'll filter at any speed so long as I'm comfortable with the way the cars are behaving in front of me. Generally so long as I'm only going 10-20km/h faster than the surrounding traffic I'm comfortable..

    Looking at it from another angle, at 20-40km/h cars can move very quickly left and right (eg to get into a gap in the neighbouring lane). They'll often do it without indicating or much warning and it can be a good test of reflexes when they do.

    At 100km/h+ they can still shift left and right reasonably quickly but most drivers will tend to do it more gradually owing to the speed. So to some extent high speed lane splitting can be easier than slow speed.

    On some mornings I wont filter much at all if I don't feel the traffic is behaving "normally". Eg Today, the trains were cancelled for a while on the glen waverley line so there were lots of people on the freeway who don't normally drive in during peak hour. This meant the traffic was moving in spurts with lots of people making stupid lane changes and doing unexpected things..

    Tomorrow it'll probably be back to normal and I'll be back to filtering again..

  12. Nice pic!!!. Makes you wonder..
  13. livingstonest, for what it's worth, here are my filtering guidelines:

    Filter stationary traffic yep.

    Filter stationary traffic at lights, yep... if I can get to the front or near the front by the time the lights are green.

    Filter slowly moving peak hour traffic <50km'h... yep, with brakes covered, low gear and spider senses amped to the max to avoid troubles...

    Filter <60 km/h peak hour dense traffic, sometimes... with the amp turned to 11+ and if I'm running late.

    Filter highway speed traffic, Nope, no reason unless I'm boxed in and my space boundaries are compromised... but even then it's a calculated move. Watch the cars for a bit, check that they're in docile dream land, drop a gear, get the rev's peaking, slip the clutch, punch out of the danger as quick as possible...

    If it's peak traffic doing >60km/h... I tend to go along with the flow... the time difference it makes to the trip is hardly worth the risk.

    Somewhere else in here I started a thread on general road craft tips... good newbie reading due to all the good contris.


  14. Here in WA lane splitting is perfectly legal providing;

    (a) the traffic is stationary

    (b) you don't cross a solid white line

    In most cases this means that you can filter up to the lights without breaking any law.
  15. That's almost precisely my list, Rob.

    Especially the filtering at lights. The only thing I would add is that I never filter to the front at lights at a T intersection where multiple lanes turn (e.g. Springvale Rd exit to the Eastern Fwy). Too many variables with traffic all turning.

    The one exception I make to that practice is the entrance to citylink at Flemington Rd. Lots of space, the tram lights give plenty of warning of impending changes, and I can set up so that I am already pointing up the entrance ramp.
  16. These seem to be reasonable guidelines...
    Not sure why the age restrictions though...


    SECTION 1. Section 545.060, Transportation Code, is amended
    by amending Subsection (a) and adding Subsection (e) to read as
    (a) An operator on a roadway divided into two or more
    clearly marked lanes for traffic:
    (1) shall drive as nearly as practical entirely within
    a single lane, except as provided by Subsection (e); and
    (2) may not move from the lane unless that movement can
    be made safely.
    (e) The operator of a motorcycle may operate the motorcycle
    for a safe distance between lanes of traffic moving in the same
    direction during periods of traffic congestion if the operator:
    (1) is at least 21 years old;
    (2) has successfully completed a motorcycle operator
    training and safety course under Chapter 662;
    (3) is covered by a health insurance plan providing
    the operator with at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries
    incurred as a result of an accident while operating a motorcycle;
    (4) operates the motorcycle:
    (A) at a speed not more than five miles per hour
    over the speed of the other traffic;
    (8) in traffic that is moving at a speed of 20
    miles per hour or less; and
    (C) in a location other than a school crossing
    zone or other than a location where the posted speed limit is 20
    miles per hour or less.
    SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2005
  17. If that'd been the Strom, both trams woulda been derailed :!: :!: :!:
    pffft...outta my WAY :p :p