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Lane-splitting, mofo-style [Brazil]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by alexanderino, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. A daredevil in the real sense. This has to be seen to be believed:


    Sounds like he's on the phone, too!
  2. camera angle is too anoying
  3. Life and times of a Brazilian courier?
  4. Someone had too much cocaine for breakfast me thinks.
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  5. That was a future video of ariderslife.

    For when he finally cracks it with getting cut off in Australia and getting told off on nr, so he moves to Brazil. At least he retains his engine revving.
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  6. far out, the guy never shuts up! splitting at high speed and ranting at the same time. lol..
  7. That ranting made me stop watching it...what a nuisance.
  8. ariderslife's engine revving is by far the most annoying part of his videos lol
  9. My kinda rider.....
  10. May he Rest in Motorcycle Daredevil Peace.

    *I'm assuming he's killed himself by now riding like that.
  11. Lane splitting and filtering should both be legal! It would make roads safer for riders, drivers more aware and, let's face it, there are already enough (hoon) laws.
  12. I was trying to figure out what the IV drip stand was for on his handlebars then i realised that he probably needs a few bags of saline at the end of each trip to flush the meth out of his blood.

    I'm a firm believer of each to his own, but fark me, no respect for anyone, including other riders. Some of those passes were asinine.
  13. Hah!
    One YouTube comment stated that it's to catch any wire strung across the road, thereby protecting him from decapitation.
  14. I thought it was to power the Flux Capacitor in the absence of plutonium. 1.21 Gigawatts! 88 miles per hour! :D
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  15. ...wow, just wow.
  16. He must be getting paid by the Kilometer
  17. wow- this vid is hectic...

    at first i thought he was on the 600, but must be the 1000? can't imagine what he would be like on a proper hoon bike though;) what a nutter!!!

    couldnt understand a word he said but thought bits like when he pulled up behind that chick on the scooter and the bloke on the suzuki were well funny...

    not half as funny as reading through those youtube comments though- classic
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    double post- i dont often post on netrider, but when i do it crashes- awesome;)
  19. apparently, everything this guy is saying is insults to other drivers in Portuguese. :D