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QLD Lane splitting may be confirmed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by benjamin78au, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Yep, that's been the way the national guidelines have been written for a while now. Victoria adopted it a couple of years ago, and AFAIK Qld and NSW already had their legislation written that way.

    So there are plenty of situations where you can filter to the left, but what it doesn't explicitly allow is filtering along the dividing line on a multi lane road.

    Credit also to the Qld government for making this this clear explanation available online.
  2. well yeah....of the 3 examples only one of them was on a multi lane road the rest were done within a single (that just happens to be wide enough for 2 cars
  3. IF there is a single white line marking the edge of the lane, and you cross that you get done for failing to ride in a mark lane. If you filter down the centre of 2 lanes, make sure you indicate depending on what lane you are in, as you could be overtaking on the right or the left. No indicator and you get done. I just indicate as if I am overtaking on the left, no doubt one day I will get pinged for this too.
  4. That's a nice tip TRA!
  5. I think as said before, if you stay within the lane then you would technically be able to travel legally to the front of the lights in stationary traffic. However if you move over the line i reckon you would get done.

    And its not always easy to stay in the one lane depending on the positioning of the vehicles ahead.
  6. It's not EVER possible in my opinion. Car drivers place themselves all over the lane.

    If you look at the summary

    I've highlighted the red part and that implies that lane filtering is fine (traffic stopped at the lights).
  7. You, and any rational person might think so.

    The problem is there are magistrates out there who have decided that stationary traffic isn't stationary:

  8. This is why it's important to (eventually) get a legislated acknowledgement that filtering is acceptable. It only takes one vindictive official to bend current laws to get you.
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  9. I got a warning yesterday morning for filtering on the left of stationary traffic down Royal Parade. The police SUV i overtook said I took too long to merge back into traffic once it got moving again.

    It was all a reasonable conversation, however we continued to differ on the point of when a merger should occur. My argument was that i should occur when it was safe to do so, their argument was immediately.

    I'm hoping i don't get a surprise in the mail.
  10. Points of difference aside it sounds like at least you ran into a decent one.

    Speaking of points of difference...
    I had a mate get a ticket once because the copper thought he took too long to put his front wheel back on the deck. The cop thought half way across the intersection would have been appropriate and that half-way though 3rd gear was not.
  11. haha... classic.
  12. That's really significant. Official acknowledgement that passing stationary traffic on the left is legal.
    They were right technically (IMO) but let common sense prevail.
  13. I'd so take that to court if you did get a surprise. The magistrate would tear the copper a new one for being an idiot. How can you merge back when it's not safe to do so????? :roll:
  14. From the queensland road rules:
    Stationary cars qualify as obstructions.. right? :)
  15. Because he, and his colleague, would argue that they never said such a thing. And being both infallible and beyond reproach, who'd argue with them?
  16. There's truth in that. lol
  17. I think my cynicism has finally caught up with my age.
  18. May pay to check the definitions for meaning of "obstruction" ?