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Lane Splitting letters in Herald Sun - Rear Enders is it

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, and I know someone else who has been rear ended

    0 vote(s)
  3. No, but I know someone else who has been rear ended

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  4. No, I have never been rear ended and I have never heard of anyone being rear ended

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  1. Lettters to the Editor, today's Herald Sun (20 Jan) - see 3 letters from riders re Lane Splitting.

    One was from a scooter rider, lamenting how they can't speed and are regularly being blown of the road.

    Another compared it with public attitudes to Transit Lanes, Express Lanes at he supermarket etc.

    And one cited an experience where they were rear ended by a car driver who shunted them in tothe back of anoth car.

    Safety is certainly a key issue that we are highlighting at the Lane Splitting Congestion Aawreness Ride next Wed here in Melbourne. the 3 letters published aked the public to take a more lateral point of view on the issue...

    Thankyou to all who have made the effort to register their concerns with the media. For every letter that gets published there are probably 50 others received. To have 3 published is a huge achievement.

    To aid our case I would like to gather some stats on Rear Enders, so that I can use it when we talk to the media next week at the Congestion Awareness Ride.

    For the record - I have been rear ended twice in the last 7 years.....

    Please encourage others to contribute to this poll.

  2. John,
    I believe that there were two fatalities outside the Coroners Court in Melbourne some time back caused by rear ending.
    I don't have any more info though but it may be worth chasing up...

  3. That's a very interesting poll.

    It will be good to see how it pans out with more votes!

    (perhaps you show answer your own poll!)
  4. I'm lane splitting - law or not.

    It's just farken common sense.

    Stupid law... (but can't go to the rally).

    And yes, I have been rear-ended :mad:
  5. personally that poll need to include or a seperate poll asking if you haven't been rear-ended do you split or something along those lines
  6. I was rear-ended going into a roundabout.

    The bloke said "I thought you'd gone".
    I said "No, I'm still here".
  7. My old man gave up motorcycling after he was hit on two seperate occasions from behind while waiting at the lights... Both were apparant SMIDSY's and he was lucky not to loose his legs....
  8. No, but I have been rear ended in the car. The girl pulls up at the lights behind me, I check her out in the mirror, 30 seconds later, still red light and bang, she takes off straight into the back of me.

    If I was on a bike, I would have been in big trouble, unless I split to the front and protected myself.

    This poll definitely needs a "no, because I lane split".

  9. Have been rear ended a half dozen times in a car. Never on a bike. However I was riding with a mate once.. stopped at the give way and turned left and looked back to see him under a car. He was ok tho.
    She said "who is going to pay thats what I want to know?" We looked at each other; replied "You are" She said "Thats not fair. The last time this happened I had to pay too "
  10. My ex brother in law was rear ended once on his XJ 650. He was a great rider and actually kept the bike upright whilst being pushed along the road. When he came to a stop, he hopped off the bike and then proceeded to comfort the old lady that hit him as she had gone into shock. He is one of the calmest men I have ever met though. I wouldve gouged her eyes out. :twisted:

  11. You gotta love denial!
  12. I've been done 4 times in the last 5 years, always in a car though. The last time scared the snot out of me though, A dirt tip truck with a dozer on it with a trailer and bobcat. I actually got hit by the trailer and bobcat. The truck rolled over and flipped the bobcat onto the boot of my car. If I had of been on a bike it would have landed on my head. That's more than enough of a reason for me to split to the front of the queue, and I'll just keep paying the fines, knowing it's an investment in my future.
  13. I'm with ya as well. Legal or not, it dosent chng how I ride.

    Never been in any accident involving another person
    in both bike & car..
  14. i can personally see alot of riders adopting this same theory. I know I will, I am not planning on letting some polly decide my fate!! :evil:
  15. O.M.F.G

    You really wonder about some people don't you?

    I haven't been rear ended, but very close. Stopped at lights, not watching mirrors and then I hear the dreaded sound of tyres locking up behind me....she stopped about a foot short of my bike.

    And abused me, for my clear violation of the road code, everyone in melb knows you don't stop at red lights!
  16. +1 :cool:
  17. Years ago I was told by a police instructor - if it's sensible and it makes you safer, do it. If it's against the law and you get booked then look at it as an investment in safety. :LOL:

    He was specifically recommending that you should move over the white line at intersections to make sure you didn't get cleaned up by someone changing lanes. He said to always make sure you are ahead of the line of vision of the car next to you.

    I remembered that advice this morning watching someone turn left from the centre lane (without indicating) and nearly hit another car whose front was parallel with his centre pillar.

  18. Hmmm, this whole thread is now full of stories of people being rear-end, personally.

    Yet, there are people still voting as "I've never heard of anyone being rear-ended".

    Hello. You're hearing about it right now as you read this thread... Or does that not count?
  19. Don't know anyone that's been rear-ended on a bike but a mate of mine was recently reversed into :shock: by a car and trailer at an intersection.
  20. I've been rear ended in the car 4 times and had one extremely close call on the bike. (saw him coming and took to the nature strip)