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Lane Splitting in melb ( monash carpark )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Well I hate to say it but I could give you Three ( count them... 3 ) reasons to assist any new laws in Vic about lane splitting/filtering.

    In the past 3 days on my way to work I have personally helped TWO riders back on thier feet and saw another one this morning that had lost it as well but he already had enough help on hand.
    Not sure about No 3 but the 1st two only got a few bruises and banged up bikes ( and cars that they had hit ). At least when I left em the concerned cage drivers where still more concerned with body damage other than the stupidity involed.

    The 1st two I was watching from about 100mtrs behind ( ie: not up there arse and putting pressure on em ) Both riders where going way above what I judged to be there comfort zone, Like Hello... I could tell from where i was they weren't going to get through the space before they even tried too !!

    Yup you guest it , clip car.. loose control and put it down between the rows of cars !!

    So I guess this is just a timely reminder to one and all, Please dont try to filter or lanesplit unless you are 120% sure and confident at what your doing.
  2. Your 120% Right Bob, Saw a R6 loose it on ferntree gully road this morning. Clipped the mirrors and went down. Any one from the Group hurt? All the best Mate!#$@
  3. When you say clipping mirrors are you saying that motorbike mirror clips car mirror?

    or handle bars clip car mirrors ?

    I've came close to hitting a few car mirrors with my mirrors at high speed.

    And just assumed my mirrors would just get bent back and i keep on riding?
  4. It's amazing timing innit?

    I'll only ever lanesplit if it's a no-brainer. I pick my roads so it usually IS a no-brainer.

    If it's looking tight, you can sit still for, what, 30 seconds until things move again and you've got the room you need.

    Hope those poor drongos are ok.
  5. Wow Mat, it that an Ass.. man its big..

    Not sure, I was in the Lane, I guess he hit the mirror with his handle bar or some thing or just lost it between the cars. Poor guy... :(
  6. monash carpark

    Having ridden the carpark in peak a few times this week - my thoughts are as follows: Give motorcycles a dedicated lane (heck - doesnt even have to be a full width lane) on the freeway. Safer (and faster) for everyone. Riding in from way out I could not imagine sitting in that queue the whole way - so I consider lane splitting the only current method of maintaining sanity.

    However, having followed a few other riders, I have noticed a disturbing process on how they choose their gaps. It seems alot of people see a gap, hope it will get bigger(?), hesitate, hesitate, see the gap start closing and then throttle on in a panic. Consequently the gaps they DO use tend to be both 1) small and 2) narrowing.

    The other one that gets me are the dudes with a brass pair who go from splitting one lane at <insert insane speed> then swing accross into the next lane and continue splitting. Sure, they know they can fit between the cars, but sometimes there are other bikes there! I had on do it and was lucky to have enough room to swing into the outside lane so I was not hit.

    I think on top of the 120% confidence should be added the 120% reasonable. Be stupid, and Darwin will have his way with you given time.


  7. i can give u a 3rd reason

    Rider down (and out for good according to the UHF radio) on the monash carpark at 5.30 near forster road. Hope it is not someone we know here.

    I also do the monash daily, usually in a cage, but becomming more frequent on the bike, doing 60km each way. It amazes me how much faster people ride than the traffic and the risks they take.

    It is dangerous at the best of times, but some people take it to the extreme, even after just riding past a fellow downed rider!!!!!!.

    Obviously no sense of self preservation
  8. Let's get the terminology right.

    Lane-splitting is passing between moving cars.

    Lane-filtering is passing between stationary columns of cars at traffic lights.

    Lane-splitting involves trusting moving vehicles to hold course.

    Lane-filtering involves being able to maneuver through static objects, and if someone can't do that without clipping mirrors and coming off, then I don't know how the hell such a rider ever would've passed their practical license test. A rider doing that should get off the road before they hurt themselves in moving traffic.
  9. Um not sure what planet your from :p
    but everyone i know referes to it like this

    LaneSpliting: as sitting on the white line between the cars regardless of the traffic moving or not.

    LaneFiltering: completly moving into and out of the traffic lanes using indicators, used mainly when the traffic is moving at a constant speed but with more than a car lenght apart ( best described as zig zagging through the traffic )
  10. Depends on who you talk to, they are mutually exclusive terms as far as I am concerned, the behaviours are not as we all know.
  11. I saw this too, as i was heading to a friends place...

    But brought me to thinking about something, as i tried riding on the right hand shoulder, but i was only doing 30-35km, and sticking closish to cars, and i felt a little better about it because i knew that i couldn't get trapped. Also if the traffic took off i slipped in to the right hand lane again.

    So what do people prefer, lane split or to travel on the shoulders?
  12. Spot on Bob, I see it all the time in peak hour traffic going at crazy speeds just waiting for a accident to happen. If anything these people are going to destroy the Victorian freedom to lane split stationary cars. I personally take no risks when cars are moving.
  13. This must be a mexican cultural artifact. I can't recall ever seeing someone go down while lane splitting, in 15 years, in Sydney. Of course, I've seen plenty of other bizarre efforts but not this...
  14. I rode past this accident. As I went past the guy was being loaded into the ambo, but no signs of gear being cut off (however helmet was lying on road near bridge barrier) and im sure i saw his head moving talking to the ambo's.
    If this guy is a member of netrider, i wish him the best for any recovery.

    In regards to splitting, i do it everyday both to and from work. But i try to stick to splitting between the centre and right lanes (less traffic movement between lanes here) and i try to go no faster than about 5km faster than what the cars are doing. When the cars start to speed up i tend to jump back in. But everyday i am amazed at the stuff some riders try. Biggest thing i hate seeing, riders in the emergency lane and splitting without full protective gear (watched a guy on a cruiser wearing tensil jeans and a soft dressy leather jacket open at front trying to split last night)

    It also gets to me when a really slow splitter (eg a cruiser that keeps stopping and or wobbles all over the place) doesnt move aside when another bike has been sitting on their tail for a while. Much as it doesnt worry me too much (i dont go that fast anyway and understand that my skinny across will get through smaller gaps) but i have watched many riders get frustrated and start trying to cut in front of cars to get to the other lane and then cut back in front of said slow splitter. This is when things start to get pretty dangerous.

    Anyway, enough ranting from me today, I gotta go battle the monash.

  15. I see SO many riders splitting badly in the morning...

    Dont get me wrong, I do it occasionally, but only if I judge it to be safe... which seems to be a hell of a lot less than some of these other morons out there...

    On top of that, my bike has more than 110 horsepower, so if the gap does begin to tighten, I have the option to accellerate or brake... (the brakes on my bike rock too)...

    Yesterday it was a guy on a GN250... No offence to GN riders out there, but filtering between two semi's on a motorway, in a corner is just plain stupid...especially on a bike with 30 horsepower...

    If that was you.... bloody cut it out.... you nearly gave me a heart attack...
  16. they must of been pretty damn poor at determining the gaps to hit hard enough to come off.

    The main thing that worries me when lane splitting is people opening their doors.
  17. the danger is not just with the rider. when in moving traffic, it only takes a cage to no see you or change lanes in a hurry (emergency) and knock you sideways or have you go under them. some people are hopeless and driving. my attitude is to treat everyone i don't know as a moron behind the wheel.
  18. Aaron, I've been driving since 1968 and riding since 1974 and done literally millions of kilometres in three states and territories and I've NEVER seen a motorcyclist or a bicyclist brought down by someone opening a car door. It's an interesting hypothesis and a graphic mental image, but I've never seen it happen.
  19. I ride the Monash daily, at about 8:30am and 6:30pm. I lane split most of the time. I feel confident doing it and to date (touch wood) have had no problems whatsoever. I do think about each time I split 2 vehicles and yes I am aware of the inherent dangers. Obviously I choose to accpet that risk.

    I do wish that I didn't split as much as I do as I know it's only a matter of time before one of those cages gets me. This is my decision only and I wish I would hurry up and make it.

    I do however believe that my lane-splitting is by far and away the riskiest thing I do while riding. Hope fully I will outgrow it's itch before it scratches me off.

    WAKE UP TO YOURSELF DOONKS !!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  20. I ride the monash almost everyday when i'm at uni and i find the lanes are easily wide enough the go down the centre without any hassles whatsoever.

    I actually like riding in traffic (Not as much as twisties) but medium traffic lane splitting all the way and having to keep focusing hard is something i look forward to after work/uni :) :?

    I'm always wary of cars moving across but if you go down the centre of two cars unless they are totally blind they won't move across when there is another car next to them, i'm always just extra cautious of any gaps in traffic where they WILL try and move across.