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Lane splitting in M5 east tunnel - Sydney.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Changa, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. G'day guys....thought I'd throw a question out there while it was on my mind.

    The other day I was riding home from Sydney and used the M5 tunnel. Now....I'm on my P's and eneterd the tunnel only to find heaps of traffic almost stopped. I did the right thing, stayed in my lane and went with the traffic.
    Trouble is, there was heaps of exhaust fumes and you could really start to smell them through the helmet. It was also starting to get a bit warm from all the traffic and exhaust. My question is.....

    Would you have a good case for travelling through the tunnel traffic in orsder to get out of the damned thing ? Whilst the traffic eventually moved, it wasn't a good experience. Just after opinions or advice.

  2. Would it get you out of a fine? hardly.
  3. speak to the motorcycle council to bring it up on the next meeting, im with you, not very healthy riding through that so u bring up a good point, its not like we have windows to close eh
  4. I will not ride thorugh that tunnel in peak hour. The fumes have me falling asleep before I get out the other side.

    On the subject of filtering in tunnels. It's a much bigger risk as the traffic has nowhere to go if you get it wrong. I'll filter everywhere else but not in tunnels through moving traffic. If the traffic is stationary in a tunnel I'll filter slowly.
  5. Is there some extra danger to filtering in the M5 tunnel?
  6. I drive the M5 tunnel in my car fairly regularly in peak times and the fumes shit me with windows and internal air circulation. Eugh @ the thought of doing it on my bike.
  7. No it's much easier than normal I think, the lanes seem to be about an extra foot wide. I split/filter through there every time. Biggest issue is when you get two trucks side by side.

    The longest its taken me to get through the tunnel was about 10-15 min in completely stopped traffic. Cars would have taken at least an hour.
  8. Following my brother filtering the m5 tunnel till we came to a cop car who had his arm out the window, my brother stopped and pretty much said " it's alright for you sitting on your air conditioned car " and the cop said just do it safely and off filtering past we went
  9. G'day again guys,

    well...I'm kind of glad no-one thinks I'm an idiot for raising the issue.

    I'm almost 42, and to be honest I do try and stick by the rules when both driving and riding, but the other day really had me contemplating going through the trafic. I really wanted to get out, and it wasn't impatience. There was a visible cloud of exhaust and it was very strong smelling. Whilst the temperature wasn't unbearable, it was daunting.

    I think one would have to be careful about it, but when the traffic is almost at standstill anyway, then i think you could safely navigate through. Honestly.....the exhaust fans simply aren't up to scratch. And this was about 2.pm. I think I will write to someone about it, if for nothing more than to make them aware of the problem.

    Also.....I pulled up at the "Cash" lane to pay the toll. Held up traffic whilst i removed my gloves, got my wallet out, and found a note. Then put the change away, put the gloves back on - even the attendant in the booth said "Riders should be free".

  10. There are still manned booths on the M5?

    I just ride through them and let them link it to my tag.
  11. Yup, the attendants in my experience have always been understanding of motorcyclists and I've been told a number of times when going through not to rush, the cars can wait =D>
  12. no we just need to get about 20 or so to hit the tolls. make the cars wait a good five to ten minutes
  13. The Im hot excuse isnt all that good at times

    Was sitting on Pennant Hills Rd on my way to Old Pac in full leathers in backed up traffic once.

    As I filtered through, got waved to the side by a bike cop. And his point "Im hot too mate but you don't see me doing the wrong thing"

    Im like yeah fair enough

    Thought to myself that fat BMW probably couldn't make it through without collecting mirrors
  14. That's fair enough, but i was only using the heat complaint in description of what it was like. My main concern was the amount of exhaust and how - unlike a car - riders can't simply wind the windows up. Anyway, I shot off an email to the MCC. Waiting to see if they get back to me.
  15. I used to ride and Oil/air cooled bike through the m5 tunnel all the time. It used to get very unpleasant in summer. To those that don't use it, the temp in there is probably 20 degrees above outside temp and even when the traffic is moving the air does roughly the same speed as the traffic.

    I filtered when I could, but it's not an easy filter. The lanes are not very wide and there are often trucks in the tunnel.

    In the end I tended not to us it, instead going over the top through Bardwell, but where I work made that a 50:50 exercise. If you had to get off the M5 first it wouldn't be worth it.
  16. You really think so? maybe compared to a freeway but I reckon they're wider than a standard road where you're struggling to fit your mirrors between the cars mirrors.
  17. I need to get out west on Saturday. I feel like i should take Canterbury Rd, but it's slooooow and farking dangerous; hate that road.
  18. I suppose they are not bad width wise but you have a number of compounded problems. Firstly the traffic never truly stops. It just sort of crawls along between 1 and 7 km/hr. Secondly the vehicles tend to stagger in an attempt to see ahead. Then there are quite a few trucks and then the idiots that don't like bikes going past them. It makes it quite stressful on all but a small bike.
  19. the M5 tunnel shouldn't be a problem on Saturday. You'll be through it in a few minutes.
  20. +1 your spot on. I cooked my gf's 250 in there twice. The tradies go out of their way to block you.

    Back to the OPs question I've asked my cop mates this before and they reckon if u say that you were having a health emergency and felt like you were going to pass out you'd have a good argument. Imagine if u stopped in one of those breakdown bays, I reckon you'd be dead in 15 minutes.