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lane splitting - filtering in legal terms

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bonneville53, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. its not called filtering or lane splitting
    it is called overtaking to the left of vehicle
    that is what the cop wrote on my ticket today
    $147 smacka roonies
    telling me he was video recording the interview
    the 5 litre ford with all the lights flashing and another officer inside
    sat on guard
    man they are trying to tax us to death
    i know i broke the law
    it really pisses me off when i get caught
    better than going to the big house and dropping the soap
    thanks for the vent
    stay upright and look after your points

  2. I was riding home a couple of days ago filtering up the middle. Saw a cop car, though fuk it and kept going. As I went past he/she buzzed the siren, I just kept going. Hope they did not have a camera, thats the only way they would get my plate. They did not bother to try and follow me, not that they would have had a chance anyway given the traffic was so backed up.

    I did get a photo in the mail today in the wifes car, 50k in a 40k area. All the brissie inner city streets are now 40kph cause ****wit pedestrians keep getting clean up. Its bullshit.
  3. dude!! bummer
  4. $147 each time it could save your life, Im happy with that
  5. Splitting - We know its "wrong", but dam it feels good....

    And I agree with goz, its a life saver..period
  6. any points taken brother?
  7. my point was some of the $147 is lost in collecttion and the rest goes to supporting the people in the flats
    if i get killed filtering do i care no cos i am dead
    if i watch coppers ride around in 5 litre commodres collecting revenue to be redistrubuted to the needy - i think i have cause to be a little upset
    i ride to keep myself alive
    the govt cannot do this for me
    all the do is collect revenue
    and what they do with that is anybodys guess
    pollies salaries and super maybe
  8. important stuff like nature strips, sending out census forms, campaigning...
  9. not sure
    but from the size of the fine i think maybe not
    at worst only one
    havent lost a point for 8 years and in the last 2 months have lost 6
    maybe more
    **** it ride it like you stole it
  10. In Victoria, it's more accepted... I've filtered/splitted past about half a dozen cops in my short time of riding and not one gave me a second glance.
    But we have other bullshit to deal with.
  11. There was a major bingle at the Cumberland Hwy/Merrylands Rd intersection last Thursday (or was it Friday?) night which had the whole road closed whilst they cleaned up the carnage causing a several km long traffic jam. Filtered my way along until I could see what was going on and spotted 2 cops on point duty to attempt to get things moving. I thought fụck it, and filtered up to the front hoping the cops would be sympathetic and as it turned out, they were (either that or they were too busy to book me). Either way, saved a lot of time I would have spent stuck in that main arterial carpark.
  12. Someone please correct me if im wrong, filtering isnt an actual offence in Victoria, but there is 3-4 other offences which they can throw at you?
  13. I use the theory of effort to assess what to do while filtering:
    - highway patrol is out to enforce road rules and it's how they get their kicks so they are willing to get you
    - other police usually couldn't be bothered
  14. The correct response to this accusation is "officer I was in the left hand lane so overtake to he left does not apply"

    Make sure you filter correctly. I don't suggest lying to cops
  15. Don't know, but IIRC, in the Vicroads motorcycle rule book, "lane splitting" is defined as moving in between lanes of fast moving traffic and it is stated as being illegal.
    Which implies that moving in between lanes of slow moving/stopped traffic is not "lane splitting" and is therefore not illegal.
    But take it as you will.
  16. Correct Chicken, don't listen to the goose.
  17. You can call it whatever you like but to VicPol it is illegal. They do not differentiate between filetering and splitting..

    From personal experiance, you'll get away with it in Vic providing you are not flying through the traffic.. Do it on a freeway / toll road and you are gone if they can catch you..

    I split past cop cars on the freeways but only in heavy traffic, never split anywhere near a cop bike though...

    I was lucky, I only got the fine for overtaking on the left ($18x) and 2 points.. Have heard of people getting upwards of $800 worth of fines + 8-10 points for the same thing.. Illegal overtake, overtake on the left, failure to indicate etc...

    Never argue with a copper about filtering / splitting, you will only make it worse.. If you want to object, follow procedure and take it to court. That way if you get multipe tickets your legal reps can normally get a couple of the fines wiped off but you will still have to pay (fines , legal costs etc).
  18. Could 141.1c apply?
  19. This is sound advice.
  20. Someone tried that in court recently and the magistrate said something like "peak hour traffic even when not moving is still considered moving traffic".. I'll see if I can dig up exactly what he said.

    Post updated, see post #29 in this thread