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Lane splitting ettiquite

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Org, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Got annoyed by a couple of things on my way home yesterday and going to work today.

    I was quietely lane splitting the bumper to bumper traffic on the tulla fwy, when another bike pulled out in front of me without looking (causing me to brake hard) and then proceeded to lane split in front of me at a much slower speed than I wanted to travel.

    I think anyone wanting to lane split needs to make sure another bike is not already there, and move out of the way if someone wants to split faster than you.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Probably just didn't look. I certainly get out of the way (or at least try) if someone wants to get there faster than me. In fact, sometimes I get out of the way when there's another rider splitting/filtering in the general vacinity - I may be shy :)
  3. I could see them looking in their mirrors.

    I am not the fastest lane splitter out there and also get out of the way, also wave the bike past so they now Ive seen them
  4. I ride down the nepean into the city every day alot of the time this happens
    Sometime i'm polite and think they just didnt look and are happy to sit behind them
    Other times well I gues my conduct isnt what i should to showing to the cages(just another angry biker)
  5. The cages are good to me, usually pull out of the way and give me room, probably worried about me hitting their mirrors!
  6. i had a rider splitting infront of me lastweek and he/she clipped the side mirror of a car, the angry driver then proceeded to smerve across the lane to bloke me from passing almost forcing me into another car.If you are going to lane slip make sure you can balance you ride at low speeds!
  7. I had a scooter rider tailgate me while I was lanesplitting; I tried pulling over so they woul dpass me but they never did, so I continued splitting. They continued to tail gate me. It was soooooo frustrating!!! I just turned off asap
  8. The lane-splitting rider can't head-check properly and so on, so give 'em room and don't expect too much politeness.
    And don't hit the mirrors- that's real bad form!

    In Canberra any lane-splitting is rude- such a boring place!
  9. While tail gating is bad form, someone to cut a path for you can be a good thing. Like on the Monash where you get columns of splitting bikes.
  10. On a 2 lane road when the traffic is banked up at the lights and you filter through to the front inbetween the 2 lanes, where do you pull up?

    I have been moving in front of the car in the left lane, but kinda end up in the pedestrean lines.

    Where is the correct place to stop?
  11. You have to assert your position- so stop in front of the front car. Having said that, I have been charged with 'disobey stop signal' because I stopped too far forward- tripping the red light camera!

    At least get far enough in front that the drivers know you're there. But it should be academic because a quick getaway is important. No sense getting to the front and slowing everyone down.
  12. U guess i mean do you just stop where yopu come out between the 2 cars, or do you swerve over in front of the left or right car?
  13. When you split always move out of the channel when you come to a stop to let other bikes through. You can happily get four bikes in front of traffic on a 2 lane road if they place nice and move over.
  14. It is abit annoying when the fella in front wont move in &
    allow u thru.. i would usually just split in another lane if

    As for me pulling over to let someone pass.. hasent happen
    yet because they all havent been able to keep my pace :p :p
  15. I always pull upin front of the car left or right....so they know Im there. I dont go to far in front and im off as sson as its green and dont generally get cars raing me.
    Sometimes i get a bit shaken when splitting and the light fo green before Ive reached the front and then its game on to find a way back in.....the cagers are often not happy about letting you in.....until you find a weak one who missed the car in front moving cos they were on the phone.......
  16. Bro, when that happens, I keep splitting till I get to the front..

    Red or green.. makes no difference to me
  17. It sometimes depends on what cars are at the front of the pack I find. I'm less likely to sit in front of a pack of young males. I sit in between tha lanes in these cases. It might be okay for the heavy weight male riders to claim their space but lots of us aren't males or heavy weights. I'd rather ignore the cheap boy humour coming out the window than invade their precious male space and just leave them for dead.

    If another bike comes up behind though I will move in front or if theres room move forward for the rider to choose his spot.

    Thats if you can get to the front. On Burwood hwy at 8.30 to the city the other day I rarely even saw the front . Splitting then was more a case of play and feel and timing. Glad I dont have to do that run to often.
  18. How does that work Heinz ? Aren't the red light cameras in front. How do they know without that front number.
  19. Not only that, but the camera doesnt go off simply bc u have passed
    the white stop line

    It goes off when crossing the intersection.

    I have never seen/heard of a red light camera photo of a stationery
    vehicle whos simply passed over the stop line..

    If that was the case I'd have got a ticket on a daily basis
    (If I had front mounted plates like U, that is) :LOL: