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Lane splitting etiquite or scooter rage?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by paulmck, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Okay, firstly I ride a 200cc manual Vespa, and due to all the comments about lack of common sence in scooter riders... I have recently bought some riding armour and a full face helmet, so thanks. :D

    on to the post...

    I was lane splitting home in peak hour behind some guy on a ducatti (900ish i think) and everything was rosy, the only issue was that he was splitting significantly slower than I normally do. I had no problem with this as I was just content to ride at his pace- untill some guy on a decent size Suzuki pulled up behind me and was not content to do the same speed, so he was revving and tailgaiting me, WTF? (..I realise I ride a scooter- but that was not the issue I think :p )

    What's the deal- I got out of the way, but it forced me to ask the question of etiquite, what is the generally accepted practice if you come up behind someone lanesplitting slowishly?
  2. You go at the pace that the person in front is doing. Same with cars, trucks and everything else.

    If you get hit insurance will also blame the person behind.

    In this case it's safe to say that the guy/girl behind you was just a dick.
  3. Well the simple(childish) answer is to brake test him. ;-)

    Politely follow at his chosen velocity I would have thought...
  4. If i catch someone, (check my name) i follow. When i get cought up to, i pull into a lane as soon as practicable and let the faster guys through.
    i think it is polite and fostering brotherhood etc. Most guys wave/nod/toot as the pass in appreciation
  5. If someone wants to go faster than me that's fine, but it's their problem not mine. Generally though, I'll pull to the side and let them through as a simple courtesy, since it doesn't cost me anything.
    There's always going to be some that haven't got patience.
  6. I dont think he was asking for your opinion on scooters.

    He has a manual scooter, so clearly he has a license, so i dare say if he wanted a "real bike" he would get one.

    Besides any biker who looks down on a scooter rider simply because they are on a scooter and for no other reason is simply a knob.
  7. Yeah, then he'll be one of the 'cool kids' won't he? Are you stuck in a John Hughes movie or similar? :roll:
  8. ^^^^^^ say they who ride aprillas and whatever the heck that other thing is :p .... havent you "KNOBS" ever heard of satire ??
  9. Amen....or has problems with the size of his. :roll:
  10. nothin wrong with the size of it .....anyway mum always said its not the size that counts its how its used :p , i just have the feeling the two above "riders" on their 200cc rockets are whining because their bikes barely qualify for anything above the scooter class
  11. go tease some postie bike riders or something.
  12. hehehehee ... i would but australia post put a restraining order out on me
  13. Nah, I'm just still deeply scarred from my 3 years of T595 ownership; what a laughable piece of engineering that was! :shock:
  14. hehehehahahahaaa good one ....got me there :roll:
  15. I think my post was simply saying that you gave nothing at all to the original thread that paulmck put up.

    As for whinging, no not at all, if i wanted a real bike i'd get one.

    And in answer to the original post, i'd let them pass, and then laugh at them when 200m down the road they are no further ahead than you.
  16. She was just trying to console you. She said differently to the rest of us.

    Given that my first four bikes were under 200cc, I would take exception to that comment if I thought there was anything behind it but a fairly lame troll.
  17. Yep, that's pretty much what I do. Same thing out on the road. If someone catches up to me, I'll make room for them to pass at the first reasonable opportunity. If I catch up to someone else, it's up to me to find a way past.

    If I'm in the cage and some wanker in a BMW comes up flashing his driving lights, I usually match speeds with a slower car for a little while and make a gap that's just a little bit too small. I like to be courteous, but I'm not going to reward bullying.
  18. What moike said also applies to me.
    Heck I even waved a crazed across rider through when on the monash the other day
    (Hi Em :wink: )
  19. Loose it guys, no ones talking about the 200's or the 2000's ... The poor fella on Scooter's gotta point.

    Paulmck, I'm with you. Guys who care a damn bout others on a scooter or smaller bikes should not be encouraged. Its is all bout respect man. If you gotta a big D!@# dosen't mean you go shooting it on all and make way.. Keep it in your pants dude. There is always someone bigger. ;)
  20. *sigh* see my first remark.

    Now, to spiral off topic...

    I thought I was over it until my last trip to Melbourne where I saw two stall, while stationary, in traffic on Elizabeth St in a single day - only one of which was successfully restarted. Talk about flashbacks! :-(

    Do they still have faulty wiring looms, burn the inside of your calves, randomly stall on days over 25 degrees, spew fuel everywhere due to faulty fuel connectors, overheat and dump large volumes of coolant when stationary for more than a couple of minutes, crack their frames, chew up head bearings at a previously unheard of rate, have a huge midrange hole without the 'race only' can (although I guess the Sprint has a significantly different mapping), snap clutch cables, etc, etc, etc? Or has a few years of 'development' sorted it all out?

    Phew, I feel so much better now; my therapist promised it would help.