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lane splitting...............? do you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. after riding to work today (25 km each way ) I realised that wihtout lane splitting etc I would add another 15 minutes to my journey....

    i dont understand why its illegal, i mean as long as you are careful and dont be stupid why shouldn't bike be legally allowed to do this? it saves time, allows bikes to get to the front of the queue at traffic and means that with bikes generally taking up less space allows us to get from A to B much easier....

    does anyone lane split or think it shouldn't be done? your thoughts?

  2. i dont think the act of lane splitting itself is illegal anyways. but even if it was, i'd still do it, tell me a copper is gunna bother chasing you through bumper to bumper traffic to try and catch you :LOL: i dont go near emergency lanes and i dont think any cop has even looked twice at me splitting....
  3. i will always lane split. its ine of the advantages of riding a bike :)
  4. I don't often need to, so I can afford to be cautious.

    I generally only lanesplit on a freeway (usually down the exit ramp) if the traffic is close to stationary.

    At the lights, I only do it if I know I can get to the lights before they change. I don't like to get stuck lane splitting when the traffic is moving off - too many unpredictables. I don't lanesplit if the lights are at a T junction where I have to turn as I start off. Again, too many unpredictables. Every now and then some idiot in a cage wants to race, and I don't like that if it involves a corner at the same time.

    My $0.02

  5. On the monash in peak hour if you don't split your bikes just a car with no radio or air conditioning.
  6. True for some states... In vic there is no specific law making lane splitting illegal (see other threads on this issue for details). In NSW I believe there is (just as they can't park on footpaths...).

    And yes, i do lane split. I limit myself to non-moving traffic, and when I know I can get to the set of lights before they turn green - or that I can get to the next open area in a lane (i.e. space between cars) before the traffic starts to move.
  7. If I didn't lane split, I'd might as well drive and enjoy the radio while I wait and wait and wait some more to get to work. Riding takes me 30 minutes from the west to Richmond, in a car in peak hour it takes me an hour. I don't do it to be a nuisance, I do it to get where I am going faster. It goes without saying I do it safely, I don't want to die under some 4WD's wheels :wink: :) .
  8. I do it but also only in stopped traffic and if there is a straight run to the front of the queue.

    I think boz is correct...illegal in NSW but I can always act dumb with Vic rego when I'm there.

    But do us all a favour, please? ALWAYS be ready to go when the lights are green...as a cage driver also, there is nothing worse than a lane-splitter who is slow off the mark! :evil:
  9. I always split wherever it is safe. I don't limit myself to stopped traffic, although if the traffic is moving, I only split when it is slow.

    I have done some stupid things when splitting in the past and have learnt my lesson to always think about visibility and the likelihood that someone might pull over into you. There is definately a level of risk in splitting, but it's calculated.... and with risk comes reward! :D
  10. Sometimes lane splitting is the safest option. A number of times I have seen cars at the head of the pack take off extremely slowly or not seem to realise the light is green, whilst the car behind them has floored it. Usually the second car will realise and stop but I don't want to be in between them if they don't. Much safer to be in front of traffic and to get the hell away from them.
  11. as those who know me will attest, i filter everywhere, in stopped or slow moving traffic, it doesnt make much difference to me,

    one of the few times i didnt filter some idiot in a 4wd smacked the bike up the arse end so i filter wherever i am physically able too.
  12. Where ever I can I do noe.

    I am in Sluglies world at the moment, I have had to many close calls at the back of the bike with cars not stoping and almost hitting me.

    Most of them think you will filter and when you don't or can't, they get the shock of there life and almost take you out.

    Be safe

  13. I am still learning the graceful art that is the lanesplit. I am getting better at it and am doing it more often. Worked out it saves 10-15mins to work each day!
  14. It depends on what kind of mood I am in... so 50/50.. I don't do it all of the time..

    But yeah it should be allowed.. and I think it is going to be here in QLD

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. Do lane split fairly frequently but only when the traffic's not moving and there's plenty of room. The (new) beemer's not exactly the world's thinnest bike so I'm still getting used to what size gaps it'll fit through.
  16. man are you sure you want to be there :shock:

    its a pretty f#$ked up place to be :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I do, but I find I get more game the more I do it. I start doing while the traffic is moving closer. Start rushing to the front as the lights are in the process of changing of going through narrower gaps.

    This is untill I have a close shavem then I go back to conservative lane splitting.

    Advice: Set yourself some rules (e.g. top speed for doing it) and stick to them.
  18. All the time
  19. csls22, is it illegal in queensland? I'm not sure what the laws are up here in this godforsaken state :/