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Lane-splitting at roundabouts in Canberra

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MangaGal, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. I'm a rider. I use lane filtering some times if I'm in a hurry but always when it's safe to do so.

    ACT Gov is trialing motorcycle lane filtering for two years before legalising it. My understanding is it's about riding safely and reduce congestion.

    I see riders lane splitting at high speed at ROUNDABOUTS! It infuriates me as a rider because it's not only unsafe, it create disgust from drivers towards ALL riders when we are doing the right lane filtering at lights and heavy traffic congestion.

    I feel this a selfish act. The trial will involve evaluating number of accidents. They are just making it easy for the government to demolish the law before it's even legalized.

    I drove today due to heavy rain in Canberra. I stopped at the roundabouts on William Hovell and I was on right hand lane. I do what all drivers do, look to the right to ensure no oncoming traffic before entering the roundabout. When it was cleared, I entered the roundabout and immediately found this jerk on his fancy white sports bike, split lane, fighting to stand up straight in the rain and I almost knock him off. I had to step on the brake hard in this wet condition and nearly lost control. M*******ker!

    I honked at him and he had the nerve to gave me the finger and taunting me with his disgust. If it wasn't wet I would have followed him and had a word with him.

    This arrogant jerk thinks I'm just a silly girl who had no idea that motorcycles are allowed to 'split lane'. Mate, you misunderstood the whole trial. It's meant for lane filtering when it is safe. I'm certain what he did isn't lane filtering at a roundabout, it is illegal to split lane. These are two different matters. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I want to post it here, reminding riders from Canberra, it is only a trial. If they don't like the result, we don't get that privilege anymore. Why couldn't everybody just do the right thing and stay safe!

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  2. The vast majority of riders I see filtering in Canberra are doing it in a way that I would consider safe, it's very rare for me to see anyone doing anything that looks dangerous. The term "safe" is quite subjective though, something that looks safe to me because I've done it a thousand times may look dangerous to someone else.

    You probably gave the guy a fright (or he gave himself a fright) and his reaction was likely more instinctive than anything, don't take it to heart.

    I'm not sure if filtering through a roundabout is legal or not, the Lane Filtering Brochure from rego ACT says it is not allowed, however there is no mention of this rule on the Justice and Community Safety Directorate website. I probably wouldn't do it anyway though because I know how Canberrans drive ha ha!
  3. The brochure references filtering through the roundabout, but generally it is accepted as safe up to the entry in all states that allow filtering. It is more a case of reminding drivers to look both ways when moving off from an entry from a stop, be it a crossroads, T junction or roundabout.

    The same brochure claims it is illegal to pass kerbside, or past parked vehicles: RR141.1.c allows this and has not been repealed, IIRC.
  4. restrictions are often in place to protect those members of society less able to protect themselves. this includes clueless riders.

    I've done plenty of dumb things on bikes but if I'm in the wrong I don't know whether I'd flip the bird at someone if I got honked/called out. this guy was expecting to get called hence the finger.

    don't sweat it. the idiots will continue to be idiots until they become statistics.

    hope the trial goes well for you ACTers. it's been good in NSW since it's been legal, even the cagers seem to be ok with it (mostly)!
  5. The Lane Filtering Brochure is basically what i would take as more accurate. That's the message they're sending out.

    I have seen rider sped through the roundabouts and nearly got clip by a car already entered the roundabout. This is unsafe and not the mention according to this brochure lane filtering in ACT at roundabout is not allowed.

    I get it, we all do silly things on the bikes but when it is not allowed, it is not allowed. Other states might allow it or accepted widely as norms, doesn't mean it's ok in ACT.

    I wouldn't even care if it weren't raining so heavily. The fact the rain made it unsafe. If he was a good rider, he wouldn't have problem taking off before any cars. The fact that he was late when he arrived at the entry point and didn't have enough time to speed away, skidding on the wet road, nearly hit the side of my car, busy looking at his left side when I was on his right side. Just an absolute idiot!

    I have had riders lane filtered at roundabout next to my car but these riders are far more considerate and safe. In fact I didn't even know they were there in the first place coz they timed it well.

    This one, just a complete idiot.

    I hope the trial goes well too. Part of the reason I don't filter much because I'm happy with just no parking fee in ACT. I don't need to be fast. ;)

    Thanks guys for 'listening' to my whinge.
  6. Has RR141. c ever actually been tested in a court of law with regard to a lane filtering motorcycle HeliHeli ?
    I reckon a cop would throw the book at you if you passed a row of stationary traffic on the left in a suburban street. Just wondering if a precedent had been set?
    In fact I have seen guys doing it and thought they are treading a fine line.

    After all, most of the lane filtering info I see, talks about riding between traffic on multi laned roads travelling in the same direction. Nothing about using the gutter on a single carriageway!
  7. It was one of the catalysts for the introduction of our current filtering laws: since 141.1.c exists in all states it was the legal 'out' for filtering to the front of stationary traffic, but sometimes led to daft rejoinders from some cops that 'crossing a solid line' to get from lane to lane was worthy of a ticket, instead.

    Nonetheless, it remains as a road rule and it's up to you if you want to argue the toss. In Mexico we are allowed to filter to the left of the inside lane if there are parked cars between it and the curb, plus we allow P plates to filter and have no restrictions between trucks/busses nor school areas as in other states.
  8. I err on the side of caution, as the rules are actually contradictory here in QLD IMO.

    We are told we can pass on the left if traffic is stationary, but then told it is illegal to pass between a car and the kerb all in one paragraph:

    Motorcycle road rules | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

    "To ensure pedestrian safety, lane filtering is only allowed between stationary or slow moving vehicles, not between a vehicle and the kerb. Any vehicle, including a motorcycle may overtake to the left of a stationary vehicle".

    WTF!! So will Constable Plod book me for riding on the left or not?

    When does filtering ( which is defined as passing a slow moving or stationary vehicle) turn into passing on the left of a stationary vehicle?
  9. I'm confused, not an unusual state for me to be in, but do you mean splitting/filtering up to the roundabout or through the actual roundabout? I see no issue with the former. The latter, well that depends on the conditions and circumstances. Yes I've done the latter, but it was dry and there was a stack of room.
  10. If I'm filtering I merge back into the traffic as I approach the roundabout. There is usually an unbroken white line as you get close and I take this as a signal to stop filtering.
    I'm also in Canberra and I see most riders doing the right thing. I'm very conscious of not stuffing it up for everyone so I tend to stick to the rules. The sort of rider who splits through a roundabout in the wet probably doesn't give a toss about the rules for filtering or anything else.

    PS. There is a push here in Canberra to have roundabouts installed at every intersection. Including driveways.
  11. Wot? Is simple.
    Between parked car and stationary car is ok.
    Between stationary car and kerb is NOT ok.

    If there is no parked vehicle on the left, then you are passing to the left of the only.vehicle.
    If there is a vehicle.parked, then you are passing between vehicles..

    Between =/ left
  12. #12 CraigA, Sep 12, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016

    Nothing simple about it. Its ambiguous at best.

    You can pass on the left if a vehicle is stationary according to that law but this has nothing to do with the presence or absence of a parked car!

    Keeping left and overtaking | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

    From the above link:

    You can only overtake to the left of a vehicle if it is safe to do so and:

    • you are driving on a multi-lane road and the vehicle can be overtaken in a marked lane to the left of the vehicle
    • the vehicle is turning right or making a U-turn from the centre of the road and is indicating right
    • the vehicle is stationary
    • you are lane filtering on a motorcycle.
    Where does it say anything about parked cars or kerbs?
  13. ffs ... just pass the c*nts ...

    if you can't then stay behind

  14. Its not about that. I was lane filtering past cars in Bagdad while you were still in your dads bag!

    Its about doing my best to not cop a fine and points. I haven't got many to lose and I don't want to end up in court!

    Writing clear and concise laws is my bug bare!
  15. Don't get caught

    It's called 'hazard awareness'

    Worry about the law if you get sprung
  16. Why not just structure laws so that they are clear enough that you know when you are or aren't breaking the law?
  17. Yeah, split that mutha. It's Canberra so there's only the AFP to worry about and they're too busy avoiding being surprised in the showers btw Tony Abbott and arresting Indian doctors for giving SIM cards to fcukwit cousins to bother with the minutiae of the Road Rules :D.