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Lane splitting at lights

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bluespawn, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I've been reading through the forums a bit but haven't been able to find much about it. I'm curious to know if it's legal to lane split through stopped traffic? Or Travel on the far left or right of the outer lanes to get to the front of the line? I would guess this isn't legal, but wondering if anyone knows for sure.

  2. AFAIK in Vic, it is illegal to pass on the left and lanesplitting is not illegal. :)
  3. You wish it's black or white.. Unfortunately.. AFAIK, it is grey...
  4. Recently, it almost became B & W whereby the government was about to make it illegal. Fortunately, that didn't eventuate. :)
  5. After being knocked off my bike while lane splitting, it all comes down to wording and obeying a couple of road rules. While the insurance company didn't want to pay and admit the other party was at fault, once I explained the road rules, they realised that I was in the right. Although, they were NSW based, and I think its a blanket NO there for lane splitting.
    I was only moving through the traffic at about 20kmh and I was on the right hand side and in the same lane as the vehicle that opened the door and got me. It would of been interesting to see it it had of been the vehicle on my right, if they'd opened their door and got me as to whos fault it would of been, seeing as though I wasn't in their lane.

    It is really grey, and you have to argue the point, I ended up talking to a guy in at Vicroads, and he said straight out that I wasn't in the wrong. Which helped.
  6. My riding instructor told me it was illegal and said cops will just turn a blind eye to it.
  7. Probably covering his arse. There's no law specifically prohibiting it, but you may break other laws in the process of doing it.
  8. According to my instructors at HART recently, in Victoria lane-splitting is legal when the traffic (i.e. cages) are stopped. It is discouraged, but technically there is no law making it illegal. (This is ony what I was told, there is the possibility that I was misinformed, but I figure that HART instructors would know there stuff since they probably get asked this question at every course).

  9. I heard that it was legal as long as you do it safely and indicate while you're doing it,

    (new to the forum but not bikes, 2,1/2 years in the saddle including 3 incidents and 2 bikes and over 30,000 k's,)
  10. Such as overtaking to close
    or overtaking 'unsafely' (whose opinion on unsafe do they use though?)
  11. for victoria read This

    Thats if this posts last long enough
  12. Hi all,
    I do it when I deem it to be safe and try to use the out most right to get away from the technicality of overtalking on the left.

    I've seen drivers purposly try to block me. Screw that! If I get and opportunity I'm out of there!

    All the people i've talked to do it and sitting amoung cagers isn't the best case.

    The grey interpritation of what is deemed to be safe by some persons might not be th view of others.

    It is not illegal until you get caught!

    hi helina handbasket,
    I have had a quick look at the link to MRAA and like always the law is not black and white but filled with sh!t shades of grey!

  13. I do it whenever there aren't police around.

    Wherever there is room and it is safe.

    What's the point of riding a bike if you're going to wait in line?
  14. To stick it up everyone who DOES have to wait in line. :cool:

    EDIT, Ktulu do you remember the time i shot around you in your car and there was that cop next to you i didn't see???

    Got away with that one. :grin:
  15. Nah... all the shit youv'e gotten away with, with cops is all just one big blurred memory now :p

    LPCIII and I were splitting like champions a couple of weeks ago, up Windsor Rd but we did pull up and slot back into traffic when we suddenly noticed the highay patrol car at the front of the lights... we stopped 2 cars back - pretty sure they saw us but they couldn't do much about it.

    Bikez = +1 Agility!
  16. I have been told by a few riders recently that they would never wait behind a car. Getting rearended is too great a risk so it is a better idea to filter through the stationary cars than wait. I nearly got done in the car the other day so I know where they are coming from. Luckily I had allowed myself room in front so it was quick drop of the clutch and I was out of the wankers way. Tailgaters + rain = watch the hell out.