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lane splitting and the driver doesn't like it......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. ok, yes, i am aware it's illegal before anyone says so, and yes we do it at the courtesy of the drivers ( sometimes not )...

    today it's just started raining in Manly, i turn the corner to head up a main rd and make way past a few stationary cars. at the front of the queue is a mercedes, but wait for it, he's in the middle of the road, across two lanes, taking them both up... :shock: I am thinking wtf? anyway I head over to the right hand lane half he hasn't taken up ( never mind all the cars behind him who could have gone up in "both" lanes.)
    as it's really started to rain i am thinking, he'd have no problem with this and won't begrudge me getting up next to him since its pissing down ( i hadn't been rained on in awhile but hey who needs it? ). the lights start to go red on the other traffic and he drives over to my lane to block me off? huh?

    two lanes isn't good enough buddy? jesus. ours arent green yet so i manuever right past him and block him ( silly i know )... he can't do much now. well yes he can but i hope not. green and i am off...

    maybe being a merc drive he thought he owned the road but i really can't believe some cagers out there. luckily i got home before it really belted down..
  2. So you were at the lights stopped beside him in the same lane correct? He see’s the lights going red and moves ahead to make sure he is in front. What’s the issue? He was probably just making certain he was going to go first so you wouldn’t cut up the inside and him risk hitting you. On my bike i do the same thing. I cut right in front so everyone knows I’m going first. Next time just go straight to the front and then no one can bother you.
  3. IMHO you NEVER share a lane full stop. ( filtering excepted ). You should've swung past him, settled in front of him. That way there is no doubt as to who's gonna take-off first.
    and yeah .. He's a Goose for taking up both lanes like that. :roll:

    Be Careful, especially when you spot a 'moron' :wink:
  4. That guy was just being an ass. I believe you should take every opportunity to demonstrate how their $100k+ car can be smashed by a $5k bike with no effort at all :grin:
  5. andsome people are genuinly just, old grumpy and dont like us young ones these days.
  6. I made the mistake of sitting ie between cars at lights for awhile until some dickhead in a Four wheel drive decided to drag me. Crazy fcukwit.

    Now I will go to the front and sit in front. even if it mean sitting half over the pedestrian section.

    That way you are in front and they have to wait for you.


  7. Sort of Mr Ig, but he was taking up two lanes sitting in the middle of both, sort of straddling them. so there was space on either side ( like half a lane!!!! ). great driving...:LOL:

    Left is as good as right, :LOL: but i see your point.
  8. Guess some drivers are so pissed off at being locked in their cage and going nowhere that they vent their frustration by trying to block others.

    But, with the Bolte Bridge closed due to an accident today here in Melbourne, traffic on CityLink was at a virtual standstill and I lanesplit the whole way till we got detoured off at North Melbourne. Sometimes I got blocked but never deliberately. Quite a few times drivers saw me and moved over to let me passed. When they do that I always give a wave of acknowledgement. I figure that helps to make them feel they hve done a good deed and they are more likely to do it again for the next guy.

    So basically car drivers are like any other group. There is good and bad. Probably even good and bad in Mercedes drivers.
  9. Don't count on it. Plenty of drivers out there forget on a daily basis that in order for the car to remain still, they must continue to depress the brake or clutch. Often they release the brake while looking for the newspaper and other times they actually hit the throttle when the turning arrow (not their light) goes green. Never make the assumption that a driver will avoid doing something really fcuking stupid. You will loose that bet every time.

    On top of that, I remember when egiste was deliberately rammed into an intersection by a hilux because the driver thought he shouldn't have filtered to the front.

    I always go to the front (a bike length forward of the cars) but usually remain between the lines of cars in order to avoid being rear ended by fcukwits. The exception to my rule being when another bike comes up behind me. In that case I move over to let them in. :)
  10. there's worse people on the roads than morons, wankers and dickheads....

    it's the people who dont pay attention to their surroundings whilst in charge of a car. be it on a mobile phone, had a few drinks, or simply lacking the mental capacity to operate a car safely.

    these are the dangerous ones!

    i agree with Vin, you should never share a lane.
  11. Or a $100 pair of gloves.
  12. The more $$$$ the car the more they get peeved off! Just be aware.
  13. The d#ckheads are out there in all walks of life, watch for them and stay away.

    I'm 52 and still riding.

  14. Not hard to do on a 250 either, love showing up the lion crew fags. Who is so dumb they put a HOLDEN sticker over 1/3 of their windscreen. (My guess is they cant find their car in a car park with more then 3 cars in it or remember who makes it when they need to buy parts.. 1 sticker solves these problems).
  15. LMAO lucky it was manly and not dee why. if it were dee why you could guarantee the merc was stolen and they were packing heat haha jokes.

    haha as an ex ex ex ex holden fan... (["EX"]) I find that hilarious and true!!! Never mind, I have since seen the light :]
  16. Maybe he forgot he was in his cage and was trying to lane split? :shock:
  17. Drunk driver??
  18. Yeah whenever i lane split i always pull completly infront, that way they know i am going first. Unless they are a complete maniac they wont ram you not even the normal wackos in Subarus are that dumb.
  19. While it's my normal practice to get clearly out in front, on this occasion I probably would have done the same thing that you did.
    It's rather hard for a car to move sideways into you unless they intended to, so it would be reasonable to assume that you would have been fairly safe there.

    When he moved up and across your path, THEN I probably would have let him go first, and kept my distance (due to the rain). (at times, it's better to keep an idiot ahead of you where you can watch them, than have them behind) :)

    But yeah...it's fair enough to feel a bit exasperated by the idiot.
  20. Sounds like he was changing lanes when the lights changed. Then some smart arse bike rider got up beside him to block him. So he set him straight.

    I would have pulled up on the RHS of him (note: you can legally do this) but made sure I was out of there when the lights changed.