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Lane splitting and scraped a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydrider, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I was travelling down a busy road this morning and I was lane splitting.
    I guess I overestimated my clearance because I scraped a car on the right hand side of me with my side mirror.
    When I say 'scraped' my side mirror grazed his with a bump. I was travelling very slowly trying to weave my way in and out and I don't think I did any damage or if so then only very minor cosmetic damage.

    The traffic started moving so I had to ride off swearing under my breath. I didn't know what else to do.

    Now I feel like a guilty school boy. What should I do?
  2. Maybe just learn the lesson? I used to filter traffic with very small clearances until I hit my mirrors on a couple of truck trays and a P platers passenger side mirror, now I just hold back if the room is questionable, instead of trying to slowly squeeze the bike through, it's not worth the hassle.
  3. Do you think I'll be contacted by the police on an issue like this?
  4. When I am splitting if the line gets tight I pull my mirrors in for the extra clearance and then just put them back once out of the tight squeeze. I clipped a few mirrors and felt bad aswell, thats why I now fold them in, less chance of hitting them and maybe gettin your ass kicked by someone!
  5. How about stop at the next lights, go up and apologise, and offer to fix any damage?
    Ok, it's too late to do that now, but next time (if there is one), you'll know.
    If we don't take responsibility in these things, we don't deserve the privilege.
  6. Most car mirrors snap back into place, I wouldn't worry too much. I'd have waved a quick apology to the driver.

    But there's a lessone to be learned here... Only lane split when you're sure you can get through. Remember, the only penalty for not getting through is (gasp) an extra minute or two on the road.
  7. I should have done that and I'm kicking myself for not.
  8. Possibly. There's nothing you can do now though other than wait and see. You were involved in a traffic accident and you left the scene, it's extremely minor so I can't see prison time in your future ( :) ) but it's enough for the police to follow it up if the mirror you hit has been damaged whatsoever.

    If you get a visit, tell them that you looked and saw no damage but that you're prepared to pay if there is mirror damage and you should be fine.

    Correct thing to do: Stop, acknowlewdge to the driver that you're sorry for hitting the mirror, and see what their reaction is. 9/10 if there is no damage they won't care, or won't care enough to want you to pull over anyway.

  9. I can't be assed doing that sort of stuff. As Loz said, just means you might have to wait a tiny bit longer to get through, big deal.
  10. He should've kept to the left of his lane as the law states. So he is as much in the wrong as you. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. True, but if it was one of those mirrors that's painted to match the car then even a small scratch can be expensive to repair properly - and why should the driver have to put up with, or pay to repair, damage to their car caused by someone else. Yes an apology is a good idea, but you should also be willing to pay to repair any damage you cause.
  12. Yep pull over, and agree to pay for damages.

    If i can't see a straight line i wount even consider doing it.
    I have only split maybe 10 times.
    Hubby does it all the time, but no point weaving in and out to get there.
    Straight line or your asking for trouble.
  13. If you get a visit/call from the police deny all knowledge of it happening. Do not admit to anything. While it's the dick thing to do, it's the only way to help if you get an arsehole cop who wants to slap a leaving the scene of an accident charge against you. Or even a lane splitting ticket against you.

    If they care enough, they'll send you a letter of demand. Pay it, with the note that this does not admit guilt, but just to resolve the matter. Some standard clause.

    The right thing to do is to pull over and check, but a mirror to mirror bump is highly unlikely to cause any damage.
  14. I lean the bike left and right easily to get past tight spots. Just a matter of experience. When I started I never did that.
  15. You have confessed, my son!
    Do three stoppies as penitience, and you will be forgiven :)
  16. I've got bar mounted mirrors, whaich make splitting a lot easier. Fairing mounted ones seem much harder to manoeuvre.

  17. hmmm without looking up the exact wording etc, as far as I know, in a multi lane road you keep to the centre of the lane.

    You have no right to demand a car let you through. As some one else said, it is a privledge, not a right.

    Been my mirror, your number would be taken and you would hear more.

    Just shows how dangerous filtering is. You could just as easy come off. Or caused more damage.

    Wonder what the car driver thinks of bikers now?

    What did you save in time? Not much.

    Am I anti splitting and filtering -- yep sure am. No need at all.

    Now before everyone gets into me again, it's all been said before. It's still wrong and should be banned.

    ********creaking sounds here as bomb shelter door is opened. Steps clumping down. door creaking shut.********

    ******Bombs away******* :wink: :wink:
  18. Yet you got caught filtering/splitting yourself a few weeks ago :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I have ridden for 2 and half months, just started doing lane splitting 1 and a half months ago, actualy i consider this as a skill, since i want to be a motorcyclist, lane splitting is one of the basic technics that i need to master.

    That's my opinion. I dont in a rush at all.
  20. Dont bother splitting on parra road, to bloody narrow! ive cliped some guys mirror with my brake lever :oops: :oops: :oops: didnt damage it, but the sound it made when i hit it still gives me the shivers.