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Lane splitter with a GIANT case of the wobbles.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by T2, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. I saw some "clown" riding onto Westgate this morning on a Suzuki GSXR750, with neglitable riding skills.
    "He" had all the gear on ,OK, but was useless riding at slow speeds.

    The bike was virtually bumping off the sides of other cars.....Terrifying to watch when you understand the consequences of what was actually going on in front of you!

    The other thing that made me feel sick, was the notion of the probable "NEWS" broardcasts in the media, "Another motorcyclist killed on Westagate"

    Who needs this crapp?

    What the hell have we got to do, to make people think?
  2. How come he was so bad yet riding an unrestricted bike??? Unlicenced, perhaps? Closet learner, perhaps? Or just plain dumb???
    What's so galling about this scenario is that these sort of people get away with their foibles, and others who DO know what they are doing, get cleaned up while they're doing everything right; there ain't no justice sometime, that's for sure.
  3. Of course he could have been very sick and he was riding to the nearest hospital!
  4. It's bad when you are riding along and you get that sneezing sensation.... you cant quite sneeze and your eyes are going spaztastical and your looking at the sun trying to sneeze.. and your wobbling around the west gate
  5. Could just be that it was a Suzuki? ;)

    Hmm. Newbies on crazy-sportsbikes like that one is a frightening thought.
  6. upon reading the [Subject:] my first thought was that we had an encountered with the same clown,
    alas your's and mine are quite separate clowns.

    the guy i was thinking about rides a (70-80's) suzuki 250.

    twice now he has split in front of me at the intersection of springvale rd & maroondah hwy.
    last time he did it he nearly fell onto my bonnet,
    not sure if he thinks 'lean steering' works
    or if he was just that unstable.

    both times,
    i have subsequently overtaken him shortly after crossing the intersection and quickly reached the speed limit.
    then further down the road he struggles to catch up to me,
    but not overtake,
    because he is trying desperately to slip stream me.

    both times it has been about 10pm, temperature being brass-monkey cold,
    and the guy wears little more than a puffy jacket, jeans and runners.

    i think he must have been that cold that his brain has frozen!!
  7. what colour is it carver? i use to often turn at that intersection :(
  8. Yep a description of the bike would help AVOID the nutter whilst cage driving! Doesn.t this nut realise that sudden lane changing and weaving cars are a fact at peak hour?? Maybe he expects people to actually indicate before they decide to grab that free spot in the next lane??

    Idiot! I hope vicroads have their traffic camera's on "record" to catch him!
  9. Mind you this sort of strange behavior isn't just restricted to riders.

    How many car & truck drivers make you wonder which cereal packet they got their licence from that morning.................
  10. Maybe he just supersized from a scooter?

    If my wife was a rider, with the way she sneezes, she would crash for sure.
  11. Cereal Packets?? Isn't that where holiday makers get their international driving permits??

  12. OK I own up it was me. It all started this morning when I opened the fridge, found no milk so had to improvise by pouring 3 lime flavoured UDL's on my weeties. Have you ever tried to lane spilit on the westgate in peak hour traffic while pissed boy its difficult 'hic' 'hic' 'hic'
  13. I lane split everyday into town between both moving and stationary traffic. Have done so for years without incident.
    Maybe what you saw was not him not controlling his bike but weaving between the mirrors. If you saw me going down the St Kilda road carpark in the morning, looking from behind you would think that I'm not in control but what I'm actually doing is little swerves to miss peoples mirrors. The closer the cars the more spasmodic looking the little swerves get. I may be wrong in this case but you say virtually bouncing of the bonnets, did he actually hit one?
    And OC1, yeah dude getting a model and color description of any GSXR will narrow it down enough so people know who to avoid.
    Anyone know where Colombo went?
  14. heya cosi,
    not sure about the colour of the bike,
    there isn't much fairing/panel on such an old model bike.
    (it would be considered naked by today's standards)

    if you thought there was a slight chance that it may have been you,
    i seriously doubt it would be anyone on this forum.

    if anyone here thinks they may have seen (or even :shock: know) him,
    he wears a white-helmet, puffy-jacket, jeans, & runners without socks
    {sarcasm} all the right gear for near freezing temperatures {/sarcasm}
    and both times he has been travelling south-bound along Springvale Rd,
    he doesn't turn at Maroondah Hwy, just pulls in front of cars at the lights.

    the main thing to keep in mind,
    (and this could be a reminder for all of us)
    if a bike splits & pulls in front of any vehicle at the lights,
    effectively, through your actions, you are saying that you and your bike
    are faster than the vehicle and driver, under any circumstances.
    that is a big gamble, so you better have the moxy to back it up!
  15. I ride on the white line all day :LOL:
    its my own special little lane , just for me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Heaps of bike lanes around my way. There's a lane each way for the cars and a very narrow lane in between. As its only wide enough for a bike tyre, I guess it must be ours. Still not clear about who has right of way if there's another rider coming toward me.
  17. I can see the side car tilted at 90 degrees going down the white line :LOL: