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Lane Spliting

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. With the good weather looking like its finally on its way, and seeing a fellow biker almost becoming mince meat this morning. I though i'd open a topic on Lane spliting ( L/S ) do's and dont's for the newbies and the sunny day riders :p
    I'll start but feel free to add more, Im sure we all have tips we can pass on to others ! 8)

    1: Be 100% on the job at hand ( no thinking of the beer or nookie your going to get later )

    2: If in dought ............. dont even try to pass

    3: If your hestating at L/S at traffic lights, dont even think of doing it with moving traffic.

    4: You need to be CONSTANTLY eyeballing every car/truck around you for erratic or quick lane changes.

    5: Always be prepared to twist the throttle more, or brake to avoid a vehical that moves to quick on you ( see No 4 )

    6: Select a gear that has your revs up so you can pwr on easy if you have to. ( the idiot today was in too high a gear and being on a smaller bike, when he did twist the throttle nothing happened )
    Its to late to gear down when you have a car that decides to change lanes just as you start to L/S as well .

    7: Dont think just Bc the bike in front got through you will too, there bike might have been narrower ect.
    Its your life, you judge for yourself if you can fit through as well .

    8: A personal fav and good for bike PR , if a car does move over to give you more room, a nod as you pass or if its a truck a small horn blap goes along way in saying thankyou :)

    I'll add some more as i think of em :)
    till then............. Stay upright
  2. bob, bob, bob. you forgot the cardinal rule of lane splitting *** THINK THIN*** :LOL:

    but on a serious note, all good points, be aware, be very aware of all around you, l/s can be done safely, the most important thing is to be aware of your own limitations, if you dont think you can make it you wont (belive me i had enough close calls couriering in london and environs for 3 years) it isnt worth risking your life for the minor gain in distance when you can gain that distance safely a few minuits later (there is always another gap - set of lights to improve your position on the road)
  3. when you get to the front of the lights , dont stuff around , take off and dont hold thing up

    some will be pissed off that you pushed in , so get out of there and that makes it easier for them to swallow.

    as bob said , give a nod or a awave for being polite , it does go a long way .
  4. Very good points Bob , well done :D . Sometimes i cant lane split as all it takes is 1 to be over the side of their lane to stop me . Maybe with a smaller bike i can make it but not with the beast i have now .
  5. If you are splitting in heavy static traffic and the traffic begins to move off don't go WOT to get to the front if you're a few cars off the lead indicate and blend into the safest lane available( too many times I've seen drivers dive across to fill the gap of the sleeping driver at the front queue). :?
  6. not a big fan of the lane splitting, especially in moving traffic

    if there's a big gap then no worries

    I've personally seen a push bike rider wipe out badly when a car door opened, seen another push bike rider get wiped out by a bus changing lanes, seen a motorbike wipe out on the bonnet of a car (he died).....been hit by a car myself due to a car driver doing something totally unpredictable (driving wrong way in peak hour down 4 lane carrigeway - 2 lanes each way)

    it's your life, you take the risk, not me buddy, when on the bike i'll get there soon enough, what's the bloody hurry.....it's just not worth it

    there's another problem -what if you scrape that merc, bmw, wrx, etc - i scraped a car with one of my indicators once, a very gentle scrape left a nasty groove in the back quarter panel - luckily it was a mates car and he let me off (don't know why - i wouldn't have, sold it a week later and got what he wanted so worked out well)

    don't get me wrong, i like being out in front of the traffic as much as anyone... its all about risk assessment

    was chatting to one of my motorbike riding mates the other day and he quoted a statistic - not sure if it's true or not, but makes you stop and think: 'for motorcyclists that commute daily and have less than 4 years riding experience the risk of dying in a bike crash is 1 in 4' .... wonder how the practice of lane splitting affects the statistics ?

    please ride safe, especially if you are carrying a pillion :)
  7. I dont lane split if the traffic is moving slow , only at lights when all cars are stopped . The only reason i do this is because i have a very big fear of being hit from behind from a car not watching the traffic ahead .
  8. I can answer that one :LOL:

    If you clip the mirror on a unmarked cop car while lane splitting , dont go back and fix the mirror, get out as quick as you can . :LOL:
  9. So what's the exact legalities on lane-splitting??
    Mum, Dad & I all lane-split, but both of them keep telling me it's illegal... :?
  10. good point midnight - i worry about that too - seen lots of people (and done it myself a few times in the car) take their eyes off the road and have to lock it up to stop in time (especially summer time with all the girls walking along the footpath)

    once saw a pileup near the devils elbow (aptly named nasty old corner on the old entry road into Adelaide) - car spun out and stopped, bike slid in sideways and stopped inches from boot of car side on, car behind locked up and stopped half a metre short of the bike - the guy on the bike was pretty lucky
  11. Kez,

    not certain, but I'm pretty sure its illegal in SA,

    then again I see the bike coppers doing it pretty often :?
  12. In Victoria, as far as I know, lane splitting is perfectly legal as long as you stay to the right of the stationary vehicle and to the left of the marked line.

    "While there are no specific statutes against lane splitting in Victoria, there are laws against changing lanes without indicating, passing on the left, and dangerous riding. If a rider pays sufficient regard to these laws, it is likely s/he will not be breaking the law when splitting lanes."
    Taken from the MRAA site
  13. @ flipper

    well we are all supposed to be using the national road rules now - so maybe it is legal here these days as well

    thinks its particular to melbourne city council, but you get to park on the footpaths over there too - wish we could do that here, has always made sense to me
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  15. Na, that's everywhere in Victoria
  16. flipper - had a read of the vic roads thing - seems to be passing in same lane to the right is OK as no specific mention about not doing it, vaguely recall same thing may apply here - just think it's a bit dangerous - also drivers in SA are probably worst in the country (have lived here all my life but drive and ride in Vic / NSW occassionally) - reading safety orientated things like this are good even for those who have been riding for years (i started riding a while ago) - highly recommend the bible that has featured elsewhere on these forums - would be worth putting a link to this on the main home page/ articles page - if there is not one already.

    EvN - that's good news - may be riding over later in the year/beginning of next and would love to be just park out the front of wherever I want to go - can you just park anywhere, presumably has to be so as not to block the flow of pedestrian traffic

    [must get back to work instead of hanging around here - as nice as all you people are :D ]
  17. Yep that's about it.
  18. Legalities of Lane Splitting in Vic....

    Basically the instructor I went to said that its not illegal but it can be seen as dangerous driving (riding).

    So depending on how you do it and if the police want to be a lil narky at you, you can be booked.

    Thats what I've been told anyways.
  19. So if it's a two lane highway/road, with a Left turn lane, and Right turn lane (so therefore 4 lanes total at the lights), WHERE are you allowed to lanesplit? I usually just go between the two "straight ahead" lanes... :?: [/quote]
  20. if i can picture it right
    you can split in any lane on the left of the line except the right and left hand turn lane , so that makes it the 2 straight ahead ones to the left of the line.
    just another tip , if you are travelling and the car your splitting is to close to the line and you have to cross over to the other lane , make sure you indicate , it doesnt make it legal , but its one less thing they can book you for , ie failing to indicate when changing lanes .