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Lane split right in front of the fuzz [NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lornetkowiec, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Like the title says on my way home from work today on Warringah Rd splitting straight through stationary/slow moving traffic like always when all of a sudden big brown pants moment!!! Marked NB cop car right at the front. Hadn't noticed him at all...FARK! I had no other option other than to continue so I rolled right in front of him, a few metres over the white line. I try to play it cool and try to gauge the reaction from my mirrors, the three cops are just having a chat, no indication yet as to my fate.

    Light goes green, I pull off slowly expecting the disco lights...and...nothing. Not even a second glance. They overtake me on the right and continue on.

    Hell farken yeah!!!=D> Must have got them on a good day.
  2. Re: Lane split right in front of the fuzz

    How does a car overtake you from the lights?
  3. Re: Lane split right in front of the fuzz

    If you do it properly and safely, often they wont pick you up on it.

    The main thing they care about are bikes going around the shoulder and places which are not marked lanes at all.. I once went straight past a cop while on the shoulder of the highway avoiding traffic, but since I was going rather slow with luggage piled up on the back he just yelled to get back in line
    Someone else then proceeded to race up the other shoulder at double the speed I did with a passenger on the back, so they got stopped and questioned about it by that same cop.

    Tis all about the circumstances it seems
  4. Re: Lane split right in front of the fuzz

    I saw one in Mascot the other day, I was walking to the bank and I could see a rider lane splitting, and then I watched him go probably about 50m or so and cops were at the front of the line, rider goes in front and cops did nothing (well the rider took off and the cop car didn't put lights on).

    I should mention that the cop car was a HWP.
  5. I do it all the time, and they never say anything. It's all about whether you are splitting safely and at a reasonable speed. I only (and always) split when the traffic is stopped btw.
  6. This is sydney. Most cops are not yet connected to the cybertron network.
  7. I've filtered past cop cars before. I try not to do it in front of them these days as I am only days away from my full license ... but I've never been pulled up for it.

    I do giggle to myself maniacally when filtering past the federal police cars that go up and down Elizabeth St all the time.
  8. as above if its done safely and at reasonable speed most cops don't care too much about it.
  9. Good outcome, but if you managed to miss a maked car until you'd passed the point of no return, you need to work on your observations.
  10. my understanding is that AFP can't pull you over? Or is it give you an infringement?
  11. AFP cannot enforce State based legislation such as traffic matters.
    (unless you are in the ACT, where the AFP are the local plod as well).
  12. I got pulled up once as I filtered to the front and flew in to wait between the two painted lines that mark the area for pedestrians to cross, which was fair as there was a van at the front of the lights and if someone had been crossing across the van I would not have seen them and ploughed straight into them.

    Got a warning luckily, silly mistake.

    Apart from that, never had any trouble.
  13. Can't speak for interstate, but in Vic, you can often get away with it if they aren't on a particular mission to target bikes and/or splitters at the time.
    Or they aren't bike haters.

    Usually, it's not worth the risk if you see them. What they have got all antsy about lately is the 'going over the line' bit. And freeways at any time.
  14. Got pulled over by a bike cop

    I was splitting, saw him up ahead so i just stopped

    Once traffic started moving again he was waiting on the side for me
  15. I agree, think I was going a bit too quick
  16. I did the same this morning. Filtering through I got up a to an unmarked black commodore and noticed the lights in the back window, it was too late to stop though so I just continued on. Either by luck or because he didn't want to see me he turned towards the passengers seat as I passed his window.
  17. Most cop cars are not going to pull you over unless your doing something seriously wrong. Given there was 3 in the car they certainly wern't out doing road patrol, and the last thing they want to do is pull over a motorbike for splitting. If the cars got one of those radar things sticking out the side, or they are a cycle cop, then brown your pants, but otherwise they are probably not going to pull you over.
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  18. How I wish this was the case, I love your optimism
  19. I ignore divvy vans and AFP vehicles. I'm also fairly relaxed about GD wagons and cars. I will, however, generally avoid drawing attention to myself in front of the Highway Patrol. WA has ditched 99% of its bike cops, so my chances of being caught by one of them are pretty low.

    Incidentally, I should emphasise I wasn't being snarky with my observations comment. I've missed the obvious myself often enough and, after kicking myself, have generally taken it as a sign I've been getting sloppy.
  20. Very true. After 2+ years on the same commute you learn every spot where the lanes get wide enough to split, every pothole, every light sequence etc.

    Had a good lesson though not to split too quickly and always keep an eye out. Complacency will get you undone in the long run