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lane split question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by newbie69, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    On the way to work this morning the traffic was a lot worse than normal so I decided to lane split for a small portion of my trip.
    Not that it makes it any safer or legal but I made sure that I was only doing it where I could see that the lights were definitely red and the traffic was stationary.
    As I went past one particular car this morning he stuck his camera phone out the window as I was approaching him I assume with the intention of taking a photo of me. He then had to pull his hand in to avoid me and whether or not he then took a photo of the back of the bike I am unsure.
    I realise that lane splitting is wrong and being still on my L’s it is not something that I normally do however my question is if the person takes the photo to the authorities is it possible for them to then use that as evidence against me in order to fine me or can you only be fined if the proper authorities are the ones that catch you in the act?
    Has anyone had this or something similar happen to them or am I just unlucky?
  2. i thought it was illeagal to use your phone whilst driving, temporarily stationary traffic or not.
  3. Maybe they just thought you were hot :LOL:

    On a serious note a photo could be used against you, just look at that guy that had the BBQ on the bike. However if it was the driver that took the photo then they're breaking the law themselves by using a camera whilst (technically) driving. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  4. Why didn't you just take the phone and say 'thanks mate'! :LOL:
  5. :rofl: :rofl: @PP
    BTW, I think it's called 'filtering' when traffic is stationary
  6. You missed placing a body part outside a vehicle into an ajoining lane of traffic (Or whatever the law covering putting your hand out of a car is)
  7. There is no way a digital image would stand up in court. So even if a cop tried it on and gave you a ticket, it would get thrown out of court.

    The fact that it's a digital image in itself creates reasonable doubt. The fact that it was taken on a camera phone, by a third party only reinforces that.
  8. Which road was that on?
  9. Digital images are acceptable as evidence these days.
  10. Hopefully the guy was just trying to scare me and wont actually pursue it any further. The only reason it worries me is that a guy at work was saying that he gone done for splitting in the past. Someone called up the cops and reported that he was splitting and gave a sob story that they had to swerve out of the way to avoid being hit by the bike. Of course my mate claims that this was not the case. Because it happened on a main road they checked the camera/cctv footage and because they could prove that he was splitting (no evidence to support he went anywhere near the guys car) he lost 3 points and was fined.
  11. I can imagine it is only under very controlled circumstances.
  12. I know of a guy who, whenever some idiot of a driver does something stupid, he rides past and simply smashes their side mirror, and rides away. Apparently a solid punch in a downward motion will do it. The drivers are so shocked looking down at their mirror etc they NEVER EVER think of getting your licence plate.

    I'm not suggesting you do this of course, but what's the world coming to if people don't mind their own business? What's their problem?

    Split and filter away mate; you get past them and out if front where it's safer, and you're not holding anyone up.
  13. My understanding is that only certain formats are acceptable. My camera phone seems to store everything as a .jpeg which, I believe, is not.
  14. The guy who took our ride it right course or what ever it was, said that lane splitting IS legal in NSW. you'd think he would know. and i dont remember anything about it in the RTA L's computer test.

    i couldnt believe it was legal. i wouldnt do it in front of a cop still.

    and re- the sneaker camera bastard: what a bloody nosey parker. some people seriously need to get a life.
  15. Absolutly. Use them all the time. They have to be originals and unmollested. They can be questioned but if original will get through :)
  16. The cops wont accept it, there is too much doubt of the validity of the image.

    if they did, take it to court im sure the magistrate would agree the chance its edited would be too high to just ignore and fine you anyway, and im sure if there is any doubt, your in the clear.

    and what somebody said before, you cant stick arms out the window (ive been stopped in the car for having an elbow sticking out) and if it was the driver on the mobile while driving tisk tisk tisk, im sure he forgot about you 10 mins later anyway.

    no stress mate id say forget about it and worry more about the fixed cameras and ride on..
    As long as you know lane splitting/filtering is illegal and you can be fined and would be solely responsible for and damage done to vehicles do it at your own risk.

    i filter every day , as long as i can see enough space (down the middle and in front of the front car) and know i have plenty of time to get there.
  17. The funny thing is a cop at most stations would have the shits with the guy wasting their time, that he would charge the bloke that was reporting it.
  18. If someone pointed a camera at that way, and it bothered me, I'd stop and ask what he was up to. If I got any lip, I'd sit there and let HIM go first when the lights changed.
    In a less patient moment, I might even let him know that I'll stick the camera up his ar*e if he tries it again.
    Too many busy-bodies in this world today. If they are gonna play that sort of game, they'd better make sure theie own driving is absolutely letter-perfect beforehand - and it won't be.
  19. I was fined for this... in my younger days (long long time ago) while some friends and I were driving in a Holden HQ. I still think that the cops were just bored and trying to find something to book us for because they followed us for awhile before finally pulling us over. After some questioning of "where are you going, what are you doing", they handed over a fine for "limb protrude". With the window down, I had my arm rested on the opened part of the door (elbow on the outside of the car). Anyway, that's what they called it... 'Limb Protrude'
  20. Maybe he wasn't

    Hi All,

    The guy could have been taking a photo of a million other things.

    If he did take a photo best of luck proving time, location.