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Lane Split And Be Happy.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by T2, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. I got squeezed out of a lane on King St last week.I put the Triumph between 2 cars. :shock:
    Traffic at this stage was stationary.As passed the second car the driver opened his car door onto the side of my bike snapping off, the just fitted Oggy knob. Then hitting my leg. :eek:
    My insurers advise as of today is don't worryabout it as they cannot see whereby it is an offence to lane split having studied the Vic Roads site.
    Also the guy who opened his door in traffic, while stationary in the centre lane, is gone for all money...... :D

    I hope this makes things a little clearer to the other Victorians :wink:

  2. YAY! Well done mate, that's a win for us. I hope whatever was in that porsche driver's boot was worth it.

  3. mmmm, that IS interesting. Insurance companies are by nature desparately conservative, so for them to say that.......
  4. I'm assuming your insurance is coving the knobs ? Great day last Sunday to John , thanks . :D
  5. It will be interesting to see how this does play out to the end. Its one thing for YOUR insurance company to say everything is OK. I have a pretty good feeling that the OTHER company may not be so agreeable if you claiming against him/her IMHO.

    Also it must be one hell of a pricey oggy knob if you are claiming on insurance. Obviously it is worth MORE than the premium :shock: lets hope your premium next year does not increase.

    Cheers 8)
  6. It shouldnt affect his premium because he's not 'at fault'

    1. Its an offence to open a vehicle door in traffic
    2. Splitting is not illegal in vic if the cars are stationary and you are overtaking on the right hand side of your lane

    So provided thats how it was the cage is 100% at fault.
  7. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses. Will it be Insurance Coy QCs with pistols at 15 paces at dawn? :LOL:
  8. I lane split and I am happy, does that count
  9. I'd be more inclined to try and sort it out with the driver on a conciliatory basis, rather than confronting it through the insurance process. Insurance companies aren't interested in helping their clients, just in how they can protect their profits and shareholders.
  10. ANYONE who lane splits AND has coffee in his sig is OK!!!
  11. The guy drives a Porsche - he'd likely be up for a hefty bill for any kind of cosmetic damage, that I doubt he'd want to pay for... I think leaving it to the insewerants companies for this one was wise. It is sad though in todays society, everyone wants to wring every last penny out of everyone else, and not take any responsibility for their own actions.
  12. witness the other post about the fool overtaking the group of bikes.
    again, total lack of willingness to accept responsibility, it's always someone else's fault.
  13. Yes Sunday was a really great day with such a variety of bikes and even a scooter out over a big distance.

    The only reason that I contacted the insurers. was the fact that I wacked the door of a Porsche.
    That is, I don't want this guy chasing me for minor damage on an expensive European Car.

    One of the other contributers picked it up apparently correctly and that is lane splitting while stationary is OK.
    Opening a door where ever you are in traffic is not.
    See you tomorrow. Say Hi! to Lou...
  14. I'll be there bright and early :D
  15. Hey T2 I've read and re-read your original post a dozen times and I can't find any mention of a Porsche, yet Dan was first to reply and he says the car was a Porsche. I thought that was strange at the time, and still do. Was the original post edited?
    Anyway, clipping a Porsche IS a lot different to bumping a Datsun Stanza!
  16. I knew i saw Porsche somewhere . I also reread it and thought, no way , im positive it was there :roll: .
  17. Yes, BUT THAT WAS IN ANOTHER THREAD, a week ago. This thread was started 9 o'clock last night. I accept it is the same incident, ok, but in the original post at the top of page 1 there's no mention of a Porsche, dammit!!!!
  18. Dan's just showing off because he can cross-reference threads!
  19. I followed Scumbag into coffee at SouthBank and he definitely was very happy...
    Melbourne traffic on a Friday night is getting a little busy.