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Lane sharing... whats the go?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gord, May 17, 2012.

  1. On my way to work this morning, (melbourne) 6:45am inbound on the monash at 100kph, i'm just sitting there enjoying being upright, and all of a sudden a middle aged guy on a teal BMW tourer pulls up BESIDE ME in my lane! Surprised the shit out of me, and I was none impressed. Getting buffeted about in the draft of trucks, I want to - and expect - to be able to use my fukkin lane.

    Whats the go with this? Is this a common practice, pulling up beside an L plater and just sitting next to him, not acknowledging any reason why you're there?

  2. I'd wave my right foot at him, and roll off the throttle a little. He'll pass.
  3. He was playing with you ;)

    Although once I was filtering and came out of the filter, pulling up to some old guy on a bike who was already stationary in a traffic queue, next to him in his lane with a car behind and in front - he looked very, very unimpressed and shook his head. Errr, hello that's filtering, you find a place to pull in. I think he didn't like getting filtered upon, rather than doing the filtering.

    Anyway, back to your case. No, no reason at all if traffic is moving. Was he right next to you, or staggered? Did he stay there?

    Although it looks like there was no reason for this, he did sneak up on you so he has done you a favour by pointing out something you haven't been doing enough of: rear mirror observations. Things shouldn't sneak up on you.
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  4. Its been a while, but im sure is legal. my sister and I lane share all the time, and it common on big group rides. I don't do it to strangers out of respect.
  5. It may be legal but if he was right next door to an L-plate stranger then it's (a) pointless (b) stupid
  6. I dont like lane sharing simply because if I need to swerve to avoid something its going to end in tears.
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    I was in the left lane, on the right hand side, and he pulled up to my left. Parallel with me for a good few hundred meters.

    I ended up flicking the indicator on and leaving. What he was trying to achieve or why he was there ON MY LEFT has baffled me.

  8. Do believe this may be the answer you are searching for. :)
  9. I friggin hate sharing anything!
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  10. We get frustrated with cars for being all precious about their lanes and not wanting us to share and filter.

    It doesn't sound like this guy did anything wrong. There was space there and he made use of it.

    I get that it may have made you a little nervous. but I think that's probably because you're a learner rather than because he did anything wrong.

    It'd be worth considering why you were surprised when he appeared.
    okay - you weren't expecting it. But could you have noticed him coming if you'd been keeping a betetr eye on your mirrors?
  11. Sharing at 100kph, in pitch black, with staggered traffic, with an L plater that you don't know.

    That's not filtering.
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  13. Had a girl on an L plate scooter barge in on me last night, happy to make room for her so she didn't get squished by a bus.

    Was massive case of stupidity; she was trying to filter past a bus coming out of a bus lane with an gap that was getting smaller and smaller.

    As other have said, keep an eye on your mirrors, you'll know when its going to happen and won't make you jump.
  14. No.. it's lane sharing and it's legal.

    If it was me.. I'd be far less concerned with what he did and far more concerned with how did I not notice him approaching.
  15. Pretty sure I saw you this morning. This happened just after the Toorak Rd on-ramp in the right hand lane yeah? I was heading outbound to get off at Toorak Rd and it definitely made me go WTF. You guys were really damn close that's for sure ...

    EDIT: Just saw your post saying it was in the left hand lane. He must have done it to someone else as well because in the right hand lane there were two really close riders.
  16. Copper trying to make you do something silly? 'Oh look, a bike in my lane, time to clutch her up and pop a 5kms wheelie...' - then the disco lights come on DOH!
  17. @acidtrip, nah mate I was in-bound.

    Definately should have seen him coming, agreed. I'm still experimenting with mirrors at the moment. The stock mirrors show nothing but my shoulders, so I have to physically move on the bike to see behind me, which is hardly safe. I've got bar-end mirrors on at the moment, which have heaps more visibility, but because of the chin guard on my hemlet, I have to physically look down to see the mirrors.

    Suggestions welcome!
  18. just move your body to see in your mirrors. when you get used to it, it will be one motion.

    If you want to sit there like a sloth, sell the bike get a cage.

  19. So that IS what we're supposed to do? I have the same problem on my 250r - can't see behind me without moving my elbow out of the way, thought I must just be extra-wide or something.
  20. if thats how its supposed to be then how the **** see someone coming.