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Featured QLD Lane Filtering starts Today - some Rules to Know

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Looks like its finally our turn to "trial" lane filtering. Looks like every state has a different set of rules. Here's some that concern us.

    Here is a summary of the Queensland lane-filtering rules:

    • Only riders with an open motorcycle licence can lane filter.
    • Riders and the surrounding traffic must not exceed 30km/h.
    • Lane filtering is banned in school zones during school zone hours.
    • Riders can use the road shoulder or emergency stopping lane on major roads for filtering.
    • Riders cannot filter between a vehicle and the kerb.
    • Riders can enter bicycle storage areas (traffic light waiting areas for cyclists – usually green with white bicycle symbols).
    • Riders are not allowed in bicycle lanes, but all vehicles, including motorcycles, can travel up to 50m in a bicycle lane to stop, park, turn, or avoid an obstruction.
    • Penalties for lane filtering breaches are $341 and 3 demerit points or a maximum of $2277 if the matter goes to court.

    Full story here

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  2. Looks like a sensible set of rules. I'm too lazy to look, so can someone from NSW tell if they are allowed in 'bicycle storage boxes'? If they exist in NSW. Here in VIC I find them a useful place to wait in the contentious zone between being at the front of the cages and not on the pedestrian crossing or entering the intersection.
  3. I don't believe we have bicycle storage boxes in NSW.

    I find it quite ironic that on the day that the LNP carrot to riders becomes legal the LNP lose power.
  4. Cool, about time. Must say that these rules are quite non-restrictive so lets not screw up the trial by abusing them!
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  6. Specifically, roads with speed limits of 90kph and higher. Must be a sealed shoulder, not a soft shoulder.

    And yeah, it's not a trial. :)
  7. Can they change the laws back?
    I'm concerned they may as I see it getting abused every day. Some riders are definitely taking it too far, racing along the shoulders lane splitting at stupid speeds. I'm no saint but I worry every time I have to get out of the way of some rider doing 100kph along the shoulder. Can not be a good look to all the car drivers seeing bikes abusing the laws like that.
    Maybe some will see it as good thing and join our ranks therefore easing the congestion but I am just wanting to say don't bite the hand that feeds.
  8. They could change the laws, but I doubt that they would for this reason. More likely scenario would be if there was a jump in motorbike accident statistics. Of course, different political party in charge now, so no telling what they will do. Lane splitting at 40+ kph over the 30 kph limit is automatic licence suspension so you are tempting fate if you do it.
  9. See what happens I guess.

    In the meantime, take it a bit easy ladies and gents!