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Lane filtering seems ok in Canberra

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rb, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. I know that there is an overabundance of splitting/filtering topics, so I'll keep this short.

    Twice in the past week I've filtered beside stationary cop cars on Belconnen Way, and haven't got anything more than a glance. Both times I had an indicator on, and was using whichever side of the dotted reflector lines had more clearance (I don't like riding over the reflectors so I can't stay in the middle of the lane). I was a bit nervous about getting pulled over before, but not any more!

  2. Interesting. My mate who lives up there reckons it's strictly verboten, so doesn't do it.

    Mind you, he rides an ST1300 which isn't exactly the narrowest bike around...
  3. It's still illegal here, the particular cop/s may have had better things to do and let you go.
  4. I rarely find a need to do it in Canberra, the traffic is henerally pretty good. Might be the big bike your mate is on, but my bike fist just fine , Canberra lanes are usually quite wide.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Where is here?
  6. I do constantly on my way to work if there is a decent amount of traffic. The lanes are so wide it seems a waste not to.
  7. Yeah, i wouldn't go and do it in front of a cop, let's put it that way. Although they do tend to be pretty lax about speeding ie wont get done for around 10 over (unlike you poor bastards in Victoria!)
  8. I've had no issues when I've split past TMU etc. That being said, I'm waiting for a letter. And I'm in Vic!
    I suppose I'm on a small, quiet bike, and I'm either filtering too fast too be caught out, or too slow to be bothered with. Always clearly safe though.

    Well, as safe as a tiny invisible rider can be, amongst big angry trucks.
  9. As long as you're doing it safely and with due care, most cops don't seem to mind. If you're being a tool I can imagine they'd pull you over - or at least grab your number plate.
  10. I was taking it easy as soon as I saw the patrol cars, the little zzr doesn't make a heap of noise at the best of times.
    I don't bother filtering all the time, doesn't seem worth it if there are only a couple of cars ahead of you, but in the morning rush (half) hour I reckon it saves me a good 10mins on the way into the city. Not bad given that most of the time, it's a total trip of about 10mins to the city.
  11. Does that mean if you filtered all the time you'd get to work before you left home?

  12. Hmmm, yes! ZZR250, faster than the spped of light!

    No, really it takes about 20mins when the roads are busy in the car, 10mins when it's quiet, or 12mins if I split through traffic...
  13. Just thought I'd mention that it's more cars trying to block you off or turn in front of you that you need to watch out for, rather than the po po. Had it happen this morning, not as bad as a guy who tryed to get me over his bonnet!
  14. I've had quite a few people move further over into their lanes as I've approached them. Sure they might be more concerned about their paintwork than about being nice, but meh.
  15. rb, I know exactly what you mean. I commute from Charnwood to Barton, and the interchange being in a mess I'm using Belconnen Way/Barry Drive. Last week traffic was at a standstill on Barry Drive so I was filtering up the bike lane, and spotted Inspector Plod too late to pretend I was doing anything different. Didn't get a glance, but under the circumstances, they weren't in any position to chase me!

    Agree about there being more danger in cagers indignantly narrowing the gap. Had a guy do that to me a couple of weeks ago. My scooter was still narrow enough to get through, and I raised my foot to just miss his mirror as I coasted past. That was fun!

    - Guran
  16. lol i can see that happening :D :D
  17. Amen brother :grin:
  18. I've seen police bikes filtering on Barry Drive.
  19. I think cops here seem to be generally realistic with application of the road laws. If you filter right in front of them, they'll most likely do you but it's not like they'd chase you down for it. Same with speeding, if it's no more than 10 over the limit, i've never had problems.