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Lane filtering saves my ass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. The other week I'm on the k3 street fighter coming through Gosford waterfront and I'm heading towards east Gosford. There's a nice right hander at the lights infront of montis seafoods. I doing a wee bit over as I tip into the corner and give it abit of gas on the way out. There are a few cars stopped at the lights going straight into Gosford. I back off as soon as I see the plates on a maroon commy bv94ai, it's on my list of undercover cars. I slow up as I head towards Gosford pool and looking back I see the lights go green and the commy chucks a U turn. He's got no idea I knew who he was the second I saw his plates. My lucks finally run out. Or has it ? I go around the lefty and friggin bingo. The usual arvo peak hour traffic jam is in front of me. I filter straight up the middle of heaps of cars and I see him behind peaking his nose over the double lines looking for a way around. Light goes green and off I go up to 60 and then hit more traffic at next lights. By the time I hit the straight into erina I'm so far ahead he must have just given up. Happy days.

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  2. There's a song for that - its called "Happy".

    Well played sir!
  3. Lucky lucky!! Great corner though that one...but I hate that roundabout at erina though....like herding cockraoches in peak hour- I just absolutely fang through there to get away from it. Watch out on the Ourimbah road as well been some action up near the Uni campus lately as well...:cat:
  4. I thought this was going to be something serious about how you were about to get rear-ended but you filtered and yada-yada, but this is much more entertaining. Well done :)
  5. Better hope they don't monitor this. You have just given them a written confession.
  6. Love it excellent little known benefit of filtering ;-)
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  7. That's okay I'm grateful for the number plate! I'm up that way all the time thanks!
  8. .... Or he got your plate and sent you the bluey in th mail ;)
  9. The bike was leant over too far to read the plate ;-)
  10. Ba ha ha...Nooooo not your's ya wally-the commy plate BV94AI....:cat:
  11. A written confession from an online alias doesn't give them much to play with, the only thing cops could get out of that post without spending more than it's worth on experts to determine what actual human being wrote the post (even tracing an IP to residence gives them nothing if there is more than one person living at the address), is swapping out BV94AI with new plates so he's not as easily recognized.
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  12. Funny to read. I'm not as much concerned about the online confession but rather that this is just the sort of story that the Victorian government needs to not follow the rest of the states lead on legalising filtering. After all, they've shown repeatedly that they'd prefer to jeopardise our safety for another TIN...
  13. what are the rules in vic now? as on the way back from the GOR last week i filtered right in front of a marked car in Torquay...i was getting pretty tired and didn't care...although i did do it responsibly, didnt get any hassles out of it...thought theres maybe been a change in the rules...?
  14. As far as I know (and I'm sure someone will jump in and correct me if I'm wrong) - nothing has changed in Vic yet. It's still one of those 'gray' areas the same as it was in NSW and QLD before they officially legalised it. I believe some people have been fined in the past, others not. Labour said they would implement filtering if voted in, but I don't think they've done anything yet - haven't heard anything since they won the election.
  15. Yep. It's not criminalised, but it's not legalised either, so one can easily break various laws when doing it.
  16. Not possible if rider was not stopped.
  17. Gold @OP.....

    The classic - I saw you before you saw me trick eh?

    One of my favourites - and an integral part of remaining licensed in our fair Mexican state.
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  18. You sneaky mehicans...when I come down south for the tequlia sunrise ride along the GOR I'll have to make sure I get some armadillo evasion lessons...:cat:
  19. You'll need all the armadillo evasion techniques you can muster when way'down'south OldmaidOldmaid
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  20. Wombats, OldmaidOldmaid , wombats. See recent thread on this topic!
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