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Lane Filtering = Road Rage

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jafu, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Witnessed this morning approx 10am in the North bound lane of the Nepean Hwy. at Brighton.

    A rider filtering through the stopped traffic accidentally bumped a mirror on an F100 truck. The rider stopped and attempted to reset the mirror for the driver. The (expletive deleted) driver then jumped from the cab abusing the rider, who then took off, obviously fearing physical harm. When the lights changed, said FW driver pursued the rider, driving erratically from lane to lane, not indicating and cutting off other road users.
    Even my mother who was with me in the cage at the time, said he was a "Bloody Idiot. The rider was trying fix it for him"

    The Yellow F100 Reg "NITRO?" was last seen by us still racing after said rider at Elsternwick

    Beware people this bloke could be dangerous

  2. NITRO - he of the explosive mind :grin:
  3. Fkn weirdo.
  4. A barge like an F100 nitrous equipped or not isnt going to catch up to ANY bike.
  5. Perhaps he should go back to doing WWF
  6. Well the rider was obviously doing it safely as there was plenty of room. Not.

    No excuse for the driver of car though.

    Should you have reported driver for dangerous driving before he kills someone?
  7. Did you report him for dangerous driving?
  8. The mirrors on that barge probably stick three feet into the next lane anyway, so maybe the rider should have figured that before he made his move.

    That said, there are so many 'ticked-off' people in society these days you have to be real careful, that guy might have had his mirror bumped, but I bet that was just the straw that broke the camel's back for him.

    No excuse, though, the dope.
  9. fark.. I've seen f*ckwit. He's cut me off (in the car) being a shitful driver . I used to live in elsternwick
  10. Arent F1 mirrors quite high? did he hit it with his head or what?
  11. What a knob... I hit a mirror once when lanesplitting right when i started riding, feeling red faced i flicked the mirror back and then went to give the the driver a wave and noticed he was laughing at me, he waved too and I was off...
  12. I might cop some flack for this but .

    IMHO ,if the rider hit my mirror or tyre ,or any thing i would be pissed off ,if their lane filtering {know to car drivers as pushing in} forget that it's a tank the F100 ,with plates like N***O i would say the car was $$$$$ .
    And the guy never got a chance to see if there was any damage before the rider took off ,IMHO it's hit and run.

    If the car hit the bike and then look off ,whats the difference? you guys would be hunting him down on car forums.

    Hey im not banging lane splitting or any thing ,i will do it .

    Peace people! ,and sleddog runs and hides .LOL.
  13. Ohh noez he bumped my mirror and tried to correct it, i better bash him.

    It may not have been the smartest thing trying to squeeze past a big "truck" like that but the driver had little reason to react like that.
  15. :roll: Hit and run my arse,the fella on the bike stopped to fix the mirror,he only took off after the bloke in the F100 started getting abusive and possibly violent,i wouldnt hang round to see what he was gonna do either.
  16. Generally it doesn't occur to a lot of these morons that the bike mirrors (especially on a fully faired bike) are often more expensive than the mirrors on their POS. No one WANTS to scrape a mirror...

    The other thing is that bumping a mirror at low speed normally doesn't even scratch it. I bumped an aging 4WD mirror once and the driver cracked the sh1ts. (no damage anywhere of course)

    I pointed out to him that to replace the mirror on my aging K100RT would be a damn sight more expensive than his. (I know what they cost - someone once decided to show me how they snapped on and off - they snap off OK but tend to break when they hit concrete:evil: )

    I also pointed out that if every bike rider he saw drove a barge like his that he'd be a damn sight longer getting to work... When he calmed down he did concede that there was no harm done and maybe he could have been driving a little far to the left in his lane (I was actually to the left of the white line...)

    I always watch out for smart-ar5e personal plates though. They are invariably driven by short-fused idiots with big egos...

  17. NITRO going nuts because a mirror was disturbed is a clear sign that he's licence plate should probably read TROPPO instead.

    Another !diot to keep an eye out for... thanks for the warning.


  18. We need a list of dangerous plates :LOL:

    I remeber BLOKE was one, now there's NITRO.
    BRENDA is one that I see from time to time in the city - she seems to not know what indicators are for and changes lanes without looking :evil: .
  19. No, thats not my sisters licence plate :LOL: :LOL:

    my sister has the same problem.... its acommon story that any care she gets has indicators as optional extras and she didn't pay for them!
  20. When I riding in Geelong some ute moved a little to the right so I couldn't get through...waited a couple seconds and when there was space the splitting continued.

    I was probably half way to Lorne while he was still in Geelong.