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Lane Filtering Practice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. 1-3 mths

  2. 3-6mths

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  3. 6-12mths

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  4. Dont Filter

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before.. I searched but couldnt find an answer.
    Ive had my permit 3 months now, and have been commuting to work aprox 1 month. As yet I havent filtered .. Why u ask ? :-k

    Ok .. I'm a lil scared :shock:
    I am afraid I'll hit a car, fall over etc.....
    Is there anyway to practice this slow manuever between tight spots ?
    Was thinking perhaps in a supermarket carpark .. between parked cars .. :eek:hno:

    Maybe not a good idea eh [-X
  2. I think i was splitting at 1-2 months and stunting at 3.

    What i do for learners is take them to those massive lanes on the highways with lights and split up behind them so if something goes wrong there is still room for other cars to get by and the more experianced rider at the back can help keep the newbie in front calm and signal the other road users around.

    Or if your by yourself you can slowly split from lane to lane (space to space) in a zig zag motion before you get up enough confidence to split down the center. You can go slow and keep your feet down if need be (walking pace).

    Don't split if your not comfortable with riding. Also if your still stalling or slow on taking off perhaps you should leave it a bit longer.
  3. One tip, once you start either filter or dont filter. Don't do that crap I see heaps of riders do, dawdle down the dotted line then come to a dead stop still on the dotted line when they're no longer comfortable continuing. Get the hell out of the way, it's on par with traffic sitting in the overtaking lane for days on end right next to another car.
    [/rant] :grin:
  4. ok I have to say I have only done it twice LOL
    once I was like woohoo
    2nd time I clipped a mirror and felt real horrible
    and havent been able to do it since

  5. Isn't it why Salamander Jesus invented motorcycles?

    Well anyway, it's certainly why Canberra has such wide lanes :).
  6. im used to the width of my pushbike, filtering past cars on that, so i can 'sense' how close i am to cars when im on the motorbike. i think i filtered on my 4th ride on the bike lol, first time in heavy traffic. bugger waiting :LOL:

    just take it slow, remember lots of back brake, not front, and steady throttle, use the clutch to control your speed too.

    slap both feet out if u feel u need to, who cares. it sure beats taking an extra 20min home :grin:
  7. slowly

    I vowed to myself I wouldn't filter at all whilst I was on my Ls. I ride to work though in pretty heavy standstill traffic and I got to about the 1 month mark and gave into temptation.
    Now at the 5 month mark, I pretty much filter everything (only stationary traffic).
    I tried to live by the rule of - if I felt totally up for it, I'd have a go. If I wasn't in a hurry or if I was feeling a bit off for any reason, I'd just sit there, in my spot in the queue. I think I ride safer when I think like a car, as opposed to a bike, if that makes sense.
  8. i think the first weeks
  9. I didn't vote 'cos I honestly can't remember.

    Seeing as I cut my biking teeth in English cities where, if you don't filter, you'll spend the rest of your natural life sitting in a traffic jam in the rain, I suspect I learned quite quickly.

    Over there EVERYBODY filters, an has done since time immemorial. It was so routine and accepted that I find the Australian hang-up about it really weird :p.

    There will come a time when you're confident enough with your bike that that 2m gap will be just too tempting to resist. All you need are the abilities to ride at low speed under control and to judge the width of your bike.

    One good rule is that if the whiskers will fit through, the rest of the bike will follow. Seems to work for everything I've ridden, even my great blue whale of a BMW RT with panniers on.
  10. I couldn't remember either, all i know was it was an early time in riding but for poll sake rough guess based on some other facts.
  11. lol just noticed u thought maybe practice IN A SUPERMARKET CARPARK, BETWEEN CARS :shock:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    dont lol. i hope to go your kidding :p carparks are much tighter than ur general lane, ive seen fat people struggle to fit between parked cars, let alone motorbikes :p
  12. you and me both brother, you and me both

    on my test (back in the mists of time when i was 17) almost failed for not filtering (called not making headway or some such bs)
  13. :LOL: :LOL:
    I was waiting for a reaction like that :p
    Dont worry mate .. I was kidding. I did ask a cpl of friends at work If they
    would mind me practicing inbetween their cars in the car park.
    The 'LOOK' on their faces was 'priceless' :shock: :eek:hno: :shock:
  14. VCM, i've filtered from day one. mainly due to following my mates on their big bikes, they all filter like it was nothing, so me on my lil 250 thought i'll do the same. the only time i dont filter is if there's a risk the traffic will start moving and i'm stuck in the middle of 2 cars.

    all i can say is learn the width of your bike, and know how to judge the distance between wing-mirrors on cars. if you dont think you'll fit, dont go!

    to practice, get a few 1.5m pieces of PVC pipe, hammer them into the ground and ride between them. first set them say 50cm wider than your bike, then 40, then 30, then get it down to about 10cm wider and go from there. thats about all i can suggest for practice.
  15. I started filtering once I was confident wit my slow riding (abt 2months in to riding). I still find today that I constantly miss judge the gap between cars either way to large and I dont filter or the gap is just enought to squeese through and I decided to filter.... Some tight spots was when the car mirrors has to go between my handle bar and my mirror for me to get through...
  16. I was a little bit cautious on the tt600. on the vfr400 i will split all day every day.
  17. Thanks Sheppo !!
    found some .. got 2 pieces of PVC that fit snuggly inside a couple of car stands. Will use it to practice with :beer:
  18. bugger that. practice arises when you get to a short queue of cars at the lights, 5 or less. filter through, and if you clip some mirrors, you've only a tiny blat before your at the front of the pack, then ride like theres no tomorrow :p :LOL:
  19. Started filtering after 3 or 4 days i was getting sh!!ty with the traffic and just followed another bike to the front ......then stalled ........lol :LOL: :LOL:

    Now i filter everyday :cool: