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N/A | National Lane filtering petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. NSW has got the go ahead - so logically one would assume all states will follow. We all know how much the QLD govenment like motorcyclists! Lets get the ball rolling by signing a petition! Get anyone you know to sign the petition!

    Reduce traffic congestion and make the roads a safer place for motorcyclists!


  2. Signed. But with qld's anti-bike stance, who knows if it will fall on deaf ears. If we could just get melbournes "park on the footpath" laws too, we'd be set!
  3. Hopefully they pass it everywhere
  4. Never know, they might seize it as an opportunity to improve PR with motorcyclists in an attempt to counteract some of the blowback they're copping from the VLAD stuff. They are, after all, trying to portray it as only affecting criminals, so implementing something that justifiable in its own right could be a win-win for them.

    But that depends on someone in their camp realising it and successfully arguing the point, what political value they place on us, etc. :shrug:
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  5. Filtering laws would only serve to make the QLD government part of the "criminal gang machine"! How can they promote themselves as being "tough on bikies" if bikies now get to jump to the front of the traffic queue and move through intersections ahead of honest, law-abiding citizens? ;)

    Less flippantly: I'd love to see QLD do this - the research suggests a net benefit for all road users, by any measure, or at the least a formalisation of a benefitial informal rider practice - but the current government seems so bereft of rational, logical thought that I doubt they'd introduce the new filtering laws unless it served some commercial or political interest of theirs.
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  6. That is the obvious way for things to go. But there is a chance, if they're feeling some heat, that they would try to make it look more like they're not persecuting motorcyclists in general.

    Which is not to say I endorse setting hopes high :p.
  7. Certainly wouldn't have minded filtering through Vulture St this evening. Traffic was a nightmare.
  8. If we could now get this too here in NSW, it'd almost be motorcycling heaven.
  9. This thread should be NAT - not QLD. The petition is for all Australian riders. Bit disappointing to see how slowly the numbers are ticking over on this one....
  10. How do you think NSW got 'Lane Filtering' legalised? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't because of a petition.

    And quite frankly QLD has bigger problems that need solving before you consider tackling road law changes.
  11. Your right - but I cant change the Header?

    A petition might not make a difference, but its better than doing nothing. Sometimes big numbers will raise awareness (although number have stagnated so not looking to flash). I'd offer a bribe to the relevant government departments but I'm not that financially flush at the moment?
  12. Title fixed
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  13. Have a chat with CJ Burns (NSWMCC) and Dave Cooke (NSW Motorcycle Alliance) and I'm sure they'll be happy to give you some suggestions on how to get this moving in QLD and other states.

    Although I'm pretty sure VMC is on the case in Vic.
  14. I believe that filtering or lane splitting should be allowed but due to QLD road rules this action is not allowed hence the fine. You are allowed to have 2 bikes in one lane side by side but a car and a bike is NOT ALLOWED. Lane splitting whilst traffic is moving or not is also NOT ALLOWED. Have a read of the following link. It states motorcycle laws for QLD riders. Another rider recently got booked up here for stretching his legs and taking a foot of the footrest. Funnily enough a facebook picture then did the rounds of a policeman on the Ipswich Motorway doing the exact same thing... anyway..i digress.. the link is.....


    Happy reading. Don't give these pricks anymore of your money. They need to spend time chasing the real crims not bike riders.
  15. I spoke to a policeman today about lane filtering in Sydney and he said it was for the CBD only - is that true ?

    I hope the new law makes it very clear as to what filtering is and isnt.
  16. All the PR has talked about NSW roads.
  17. From what I've read so far it is for the whole of NSW.

    I don't know, how many school zones are there in the CBD?
  18. Haha, good point Mick.
  19. True - and I'll never have a go at someone for trying to make a difference - however I'm also pessimistic in that don't think it would matter if you got 500 signatures, or 50,000 signatures. The reason being - regardless of numbers, it's only one document that they only see once.

    Another suggestion might be to list all the ministers of the relevant states, along with their postal addresses, and maybe a template letter. Then lazy sods like myself can simply copy and paste, print & and post a letter.

    The difference - one petition is only a single document - regardless of signatures. They only have to read and acknowledge it once. Maybe 1 minute of their time... max. If they get a couple of hundred letters coming into their office over the next few weeks - they've got to deal with each one individually. Still might not make a difference, but I'm suspicious that a couple of hundred individual letters would get noticed a little more than a single petition.

    Of course that actually means that there's got to be a few hundred riders that would actually be interested in spending 60c on a stamp to start with in each state - and that might not be likely - not sure, but I'd be willing to bet that snail mail seems to get noticed more than e-mail, and definitely more than e-petitions.

    Just a suggestion - take it, or ignore it. :)
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  20. I signed the petition, but agree. I'd think even 50 letters would have a bigger impact than 50,000 signatures from the internet.
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