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Lane Filtering - Lane Splitting clarification reqd

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NZebra, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Oops I put my query into the Gen. Discussion forum and me thinks it got dumped. Sorry about that folks .... so can the experienced riders out there give me an explanation on this please. I've a vague idea but clarification would help. What states allow or outlaw the practise?

    Di :grin:

  2. Hi Zeb', this topic has been discussed many times and you'll find some good stuff if you use the search engine.

    Just to get the topic rolling: in Oz, filtering is passing through stopped traffic. Splitting is passing through moving traffic. The challenges are legion, and perhaps someone else will expand upon them.

    In the UK filtering and splitting are the same thing, from Not The Blue Book:

    "Filtering is the passing of other vehicles travelling at less than 30mph in a queue(s), which would not be possible in a car. Any faster traffic will be 'overtaken' and dealt with accordingly. The essential ingredient here is 'in a queue'. where traffic is being held up, not where it is moving freely at just under a 30mph limit."
  3. in NSW you can filter and split is not allowed

    depends how you read the text
  4. D³, Tom...,

    Appreciate your responses. As a relatively new rider don't think I'll try the splitting option. When I've been in a car on Bruce H'way have had riders scream up at great rates of knots with very little to spare between me and a neighbouring car. How they've missed us both defies me.

    Will check out your ref. D³ at Not the Blue Book. Cheers for that.

    Di :)
  5. Regarding legality, just remember that if a cop wants to pull you over for it (or is less informed of what is legal or what isn't), they can always cite something else like negligent driving/riding if they want to be an ass about it. Not that all cops will do that, but sometimes people in general have it in for you for no 'apparent' reason.
  6. Ahhh just what the world needs......another lane splitting thread. :LOL:

    Use the search function, it's been covered many times. :wink:
  7. i asked my local copper and he said both are against the law - in NSW........................
  8. we have a unique button on the forum it's called "search", did you try it? :roll:
  9. Could you tell that to the cop who fined me for filtering?
  10. Apologies about not using the "search" facility am finding my way around this terrific site. Gadzooks! there it is - plse excuse my facetiousness one and all. Tks for the guidance.
    Di :)
  11. In Australia neither splitting nor filtering is allowed. Both are illegal. Crystal clear.
  12. ^ +1 No difference about the definition or 'splitting' and 'filtering'. Both are illegal.
  13. They are both perfectly legal as long as there are no cops.
  14. haha I am liking that, its not illegal unless you get caught.
  15. ^ much like the old riddle
    "if a man speaks, and no woman is around to hear, is he still wrong?"
  16. ^ i am married and the answer to that quetion is YES!!!
  17. So am I and you are not wrong!!!
    See, we arent married so I can admit that!
  18. Just a question on filtering. Say there's 100m of cars parked up to a set of lights. You filter down about 50m but then the line starts moving. Would you just signal into the appropriate lane? Or would you push the throttle and speed away?

    From a complete newbies POV a situation like this would make me feel a bit nervous, especially if I had to filter down a long way. I think I'd just stop behind a car, wait till the cars move then when they stop I'd try to get to the front of the pack.
  19. Lane splitting is driving between two moving cars in adjacent lanes.

    Filtering is something to do with coffee.