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Lane filtering is catching!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, but I saw a car filtering this morning!!! He went down the left of everyone in the bike lane, then booted from the lights when they went green!!

  2. You've been driving/riding HOW long? Common occurance here in Melbourne...

    And although I'm shocking when it comes to people taking forever to move, I always get a sense of "ner ner" when I catch up and usually pass those kind of drivers :p
  3. Had a near miss once, filtering thru cars to get left onto the bike lane.. traffic stationary, (this was on the pushy) Look left for bicycles and there aint no bicycles. Just some halfwit in a land crusher, 2 wheels in the bike lane and 2 on the foot path, doing 35 kph past all the stopped cars.

    This was on a BRIDGE. Toronga rd bridge over the freeway actually.

    Several times come on cars driving in the bicycle lane and happily screamed at em to go faster cos they were holding me up ;)
  4. I must have lived a sheltered life here in Canberra! Drivers are generally obedient with that! Bikes, all the time, but not cars!
  5. I witnessed a great one about a year ago. Heading East into the city in the morning during rush hour, the sun is directly in your eyes. I was returning to my office after picking up a client from the airport.

    Traffic was queued quite a distance as we entered the CBD, so we began to crawl between light-changes.

    Anyway, by the third cycle a ute from behind was sick of the delay, so he took off down the parking lane at about 50 km/h. Unfortunately for him, with the sun in his eyes he didn't notice a concrete island seperating "blocks" of parking spots. He hit it, full on, and launched the ute into the air.

    I was too busy laughing as I crawled past, but he must have done some serious damage to his suspension, wheels and undercarriage.
  6. Probably forgot he was in a cage instead of bike :rofl:
  7. They are probably all too stoned. :)
  8. Was driving up to forster from sydney on the easter long weekend there were 2 crashed along the HWY. We were stuck in about 10km worth of traffic crawling along. I see 1 girl in her little peugot driving up the bloody emergency lane passing all the cars stuck in the traffic waiting paitiently. :evil: Then follow her was a done up purple vl turbo. :evil:

    Said to my girlfriend, cant wait to they get near the crash and a cop see them and books them.

    About 20 mins later we reach the crash site and i see the VL turbo being booked by a cop for driving up the emergency lane :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Ive seen cars around here do the same thing all the time in the morning, trying to turn left and all the cars at the lights holding them up :S