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QLD Lane filtering - indicators use?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Markus_15, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Hey when lane filtering in qld, and you move in between cars and crossing over the lane marking, do you get busted if you do not use indicators? I saw one guy just rocket through and another had disco thing going on? I can't see this to be spelt black on white if you need to use indicators? But in that case, wouldn't mister justice see it as lane change? I guess I do not want to be in a position to have to fight that battle because we all know who will win and whose bank account would suffer? Thanks in advance.

  2. no.
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  3. No ... no time for those courtesies ... though I will use indicator at times if I feel inclined as it makes me feel like I'm being polite :)
    From a car driver perspective it can give a warning of intention so may be worthwhile ... and anyone claiming it's too much trouble, or too hard, while filtering probably shouldn't be filtering anyway =D
  4. I would have thought no indicator until you pull into one lane or the other...I don't indicate whilst filtering...
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  5. But you don't filter, what with you being a poob and all ;-)
  6. Moi? Filter...never...;)
  7. There's some would suggest that if Mr Plod is watching then he may not be able to pin the "changing lanes without indicating" thing on you as you cross the center line if you use the blinkers.
  8. If the driver isn't looking in mirrors, wont see bike until it's passed. If they do look in mirrors, it will be rather obvious that bike is splitting. Indicator will just make driver think rider is changing lanes.
  9. I use mine to indicate that i am going to start to filter. I know its unfashionable but indicafors are to be used before you do something not after so the fact that the driver can see the bike splitting is not the time the indicator is for.
  10. 99.8% of the cagers don't even know you are there until you're in front of them so indicating won't matter a jot, legally or otherwise. Concentrate your attention on staying upright and alive rather than indicating.
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  11. I usually couldn't be bothered using them when I'm supposed to, let alone when I'm filtering nobody in a car takes any notice of them anyway :]

    I do however use frequent hand signals :finger:

  12. Is it really that difficult for you, flicking a thumb and staying upright at same time. That must suck

    How do you indicate a corner if you keep crashing when you try flicking your thumb at the same time?
  13. Would you like a serious answer or a parody?
  14. I want a video of you trying to indicate and ride at same time. Sounds like funniest home videos material.
  15. We have youtube and helmet cams for this kind of stuff now, no 90's TV show needed - I'm sure I'm out there somewhere.

    I concur indication is a key principle of correct road craft and best practice. However, in reality I'd rather see a (I'm guessing new) rider stay safe by keeping their concentration on the traffic either side of them instead then worrying about a flashing orange light when the time comes to move back into a lane.
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  16. New riders arent allowed to filter. If you cant use your blinker you might not be ready for filtering, or youe blacks for that matter
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  17. I will normally indicate into the gap, sometimes turn full beams on however my left finger is on the horn.
    The police can pull one of many possible offences should they want to fine you.

    Most importantly,
    - Only filter slow/stopped traffic
    - Don't filter unsettled traffic (aka most of Sydney)
    - Watch the white lines in the rain, debris and uneven surfaces.
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  18. I indicate only at the start when I move into the centre to start filtering, and if traffic starts moving before I get to the front, to indicate back into the lane. Other than that I figure flicking blinkers each way just makes it look like I can't make my mind up ;)

    I don't filter up to roundabouts though as people are just too unpredictable :eek:
  19. On a recent trip to Paris I was in a traffic jam in a taxi and had plenty of time to observe the steady stream of motorbikes and scooters streaming past (literally hundreds from city to CDG airport). Most, perhaps all, had at least one indicator on. Those equipped with hazard lights used them (mainly the scooters) and the others used the overtaking side indicator (left in Europe). Cagers, and even the taxis, were very aware of filtering and made room.
    In the absence of any other law or convention, that is what I intend to do when I work up the courage to filter.
  20. So in the absence of any convention, you intend to do something unconventional and expect people in cars to understand what you are doing?
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