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QLD Lane Filtering In Queensland /fines For Nothing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by euroactivedev, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Hello all bike riders!
    I just wanted to make sure that you are all informed about how our Australian justice works!
    If you do something legal...like lane filtering - documented as perfectly legal and even a safety tip to avoid being rear ended, you can still be fined. I was fined $80.00 for an offence that didnt even describe lane filtering (Travelling between stationary cars at trraffic lights for example). If you try to defend that fine by appearing in court, you need to be ready to pay court costs AND take days off of work. One day to say you are not guilty and another to defend your case in court. My $80.00 is already $158 - just by asking to have my case heard. It will increase further after I plead inncocent and ask for the witness to appear (The traffic officer)

    Basically - none of us have a leg to stand on. The police in Australia think they are never wrong. They can fine us for anything they like and the onus is on US to pay to prove them wrong. In my case the officer stated clearly I was not riding dangerously BUT it was a technical infringement that not many people know about and promptly handed me a fine for $80...and said dont worry there are no demerit points!!!
    The courts back them up and just make us pay more and more! It would cost me around $2000 to defend an $80 ticket... so guys and girls...pay up - its not worth fighting it...next time a cop gives you a ticket for not smiling or wearing a blue helmet - just pay it!!! They are the judges and the Juries as well!

    There should be something that can be done about this. I have always wanted to make a video showing how unreasonable the Traffic police are in Australia. They just love to speed trap on a 3 lane highway at 2am in a 90 zone....and cry road safety! The officer that gave me my ticket went on and on about 2 fatalities he had attended. I was doing 4kph!!!! Safely....Realy we need to find a way to stop this persecution!
    We are supposed to be a free society - how free are we when policemen canb fine us for doing things that are not illegal and then get the courts to push us around till we pay pay pay? I feel better now...but be carefull....and just pay those fines
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  2. That's a pretty strong first post!
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    Welcome anyway.
  3. Welcome, the ettiquette is to post your first message into the welcome lounge.
    But I know where your coming from.. its frustrating and unjust in many ways. A lot of people will just say "thats the way it is". I haven't much tolerance for any apathy myself.
    The worst bit is they don't even spend the revenue on roads or safety... its all a big rort designed appease the ignorant masses while pretending to be doing something positive about the road toll, add revenue streams to the gov coffers and yet does nothing to educate the endless number of road users who just haven't any concept of road rules or traffic flow let alone be aware of motorbikes / scooters.
    Look at buslanes laws here for example, I don't get the absurd logic that pushbikes are allowed to use them and enter intersections when the B light turn on but motorbikes aren't ?. Imagine a pushy being in front of a bus when the B light comes on....compared to a motorbike... which is more dangerous ?. Why are these laws so inconsistent beween states ? If its dangerous then why is it legal other states ?.

    Oh yeah I nearly forgot, watch out the the trolls....
  4. Where is it documented that filtering is perfectly legal? There are a lot of threads on here that suggest it is a 'grey area'. Your example certainly sounds like its at the more legal end of that spectrum. Could be worth fighting perhaps??
  5. welcome forumbot
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    What was the actual offence, and what are your grounds for fighting it?
  7. It will never be legal and it shouldn't be, there is too many accident as it is just imagine if every bike was splitting, the roads are tight as it is without another vehicle in them. I'm totally against it.
  8. Do you also wear fluoro ?
    Bet you do.
  9. Faaark, where do they come from?
  10. Melbourne and Sydney mostly.
  11. You are an idiot.
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  16. Yes, we know.

    Be against it all you want, just STFU & don't speak out against things you know nothing about.
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    What is a constructive reasonable argument that makes you think splitting should be legal? Or is ok

    Besides, from liability point of view, how will insurance company and cops decide who's at fault when you and a cager come together in the same line? I was 2 cm ahead officer so not my fault...
  17. Keep the bile out of your post and out of the topic if all you have is an ignorant opinion about filtering.

    Here is your real challenge if you have any integrity to back up your words - California, the UK and informally Australia, are jurisdictions that allow filtering (as do some 20 other jurisdictions).

    Where is the evidence that filtering is as dangerous as you say it is?
  18. Cancel my membership please, I will not be part of this

    Anyone with half a brain would be able to see the analogy I was getting across, heard of a bird Indian miner? I have, I was referring to the bird
    And I can be called an idiot and that still stands? Just because I have a different view?

    I do not wish to be a member anymore
  19. I don't need to imagine, I've ridden in Asia.

    You've got a pretty sheltered view of the world if you consider the roads anywhere in Australia to be "tight".