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NSW Lane filtering fine amount?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Slovan, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know what the fine for lane filtering in nsw is if your a p-plater?

  2. I know filtering is prohibited if you are on your Ls or Ps. Exactly what the fine is I don't know, but expect it will be down to the issuing officer as to what EXACTLY they charge you for.
  3. Ok, referencing these documents:

    you're looking at up to 4 points and 20 penalty units

    A penalty unit is described HERE as being worth $110 in NSW (at time of writing), so you could be looking at $2200. Worst case scenario, say you SPECTACULARLY fail the attitude test, you get hit for neg driving and anything else the officer can think of.
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  4. fcuk me
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  5. I did say, 'worst case scenario', 'could', and stuff like that. The legislation lists the MAXIMUM fines. There's another note in those links that gives a 2 demerit point penalty for the same offence (not staying in your lane) right before the one that lists the 4 point penalty. Exactly which you'd get hit for I'm not sure and would need to re-read it carefully as the wording is very similar.
  6. yeah the law is always interpreted by people differently....

    Was just wondering cos generally on multi lane roads i move to the front....
  7. I'm looking at those links again and it's all as clear as mud (to this non-legal-educated guy). All I know for sure is it's only legal for riders who have an unrestricted licence, ie not Ls or Ps. If you choose to do it the benefits and penalties are yours to live with.
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  8. You haven't been done yet then?

    I would suggest that it's your choice to filter or not - remembering that it's illegal for L and P riders. If it were me in Sydney, I'd take the risk of getting caught filtering over the risk of getting smashed in the traffic.
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  9. There's no rule preventing L's and P's filtering. There is however no exemption to allow them.

    Standard practice would be rule 146 "Not drive within single marked lane or line of traffic" which I believe is 2 points and $170ish.
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  10. That's the maximum court imposed fine which is rarely if ever imposed, not the TIN monetary amount Slovan was requesting. It has nothing to do with failing an attitude test because the value is pre-determined by Roads & Maritime, not the officer issuing the TIN.

    Rule: 151-1
    Description: Ride motorcycle while lane splitting at speed exceeding 30 km/h
    Fine level: 8
    Fine: $623
    Demerit points: 3
  11. He was asking, very clearly, what the penalty was for FILTERING while on his Ps. Read the question before pretending to answer.
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  12. That's only if you filter at over 30km/h, which is an offence regardless of your license status.

    The OP is asking about filtering on a restricted license. Like smileedudesmileedude said, there's no actual offence for 'filtering', but for restricted licenseholders the exemption for Rule 146 doesn't apply. So as a starting point, you're looking at a breach of Rule 146 which means 2 demerit points and $242.

    The 4-point penalty only applies to Class B and C motor vehicles (broadly: trucks and buses), and then only where the offence is committed within Safe-T-Cam or average speed zones. It also comes with a $1245 fine.
  13. I also would expect that as filtering is now defined as an exemption to Rule 146 that that is the most likely offence if you're not covered by the exemption.

    I'm curious to know whether any L/P players have actually been pulled over for filtering and what the outcome of that interaction was?
  14. cheers guys - was just checking what i'd be up for.... rather risk it than get rammed up the arse...

    almost happened to me last w/e - i managed to take of left and the car behind ran into the car - fcuk close call (wont be tellin the wife - she's already pissed about the bike as it is)
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  15. Nice work avoiding being the meat in a car sandwich! I often wonder whether I could react in time if I were in that situation.
  16. It's been said many times here but it's worth repeating.

    When stopped at traffic lights or a junction, stay in first gear and check your mirrors for other road users who aren't paying attention.

    Think ahead when coming up to a queue and ensure that you have an escape route.

    If someone gets too close for comfort or it looks like they cannot / will not stop in time - use your escape route.

    Always, always do this if you can't filter to the front of a queue or are at the front of a queue that forms behind you.
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  17. I'm a bit disturbed by this car smashing behind ya in traffic scenario, is it a common thing?
  18. Probably no more common than it is if you are driving, BUT it hurts more, AND on a bike, you CAN do something about it, usually, IF you see it coming, whereas in a car, you can watch; the best you can do generally is move forward as much as possible to a try to give them room to stop. This is not the right move on a motorbike. It's simply better to get out of the way.
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  19. Thats the starting point and then you get the extras included, burger with the lot.
  20. Coke and ice as well??
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